Aw yeah! We’re officially one week into our most decadent event of the year! And this year, the Wampus is FULL of Xmaxx loot, as every four days he bestows us with a brand new, super-sweet achievement car to give you guys.

Today's special Xmaxx advent surprise is the mouth-watering Missile Toe. Read on below to find out how to earn it.

If you’ve just joined us, check here to learn more about the Xmaxx 2017 event. You’ll see that we’ve already released the Gingerbread Racer and Gingerbread Racer H&T. Two crunchy speedsters that are bound to leave your competitors in your powdered sugar dust.

See all the Xmaxx event achievements here.

Starting December 1st !!

  1. Go to the Dealership
  2. Buy the Rocket Sleigh
  3. Race using your new sleigh to earn fun prizes!

Any Xmaxx event car will work towards the new achievements and win you 50% extra cash and XP from every race!

How to earn the Missile Toe

Shoot yourself over to the dealership to snag yourself a Rocket Sleigh.

Then test your stamina by racing 100 times in a session with that or any holiday car to score the chewy, gooey Missile Toe racer.

Remember, there are only 3 weeks left to earn it, so get racing!!

And tune in with us December 12th to find out what more sweet goodies we have in store!