It’s around this time of year that I’m reminded of the old fairytale of the car made of gingerbread. Who one day escaped and said, “Drive, drive as fast as a laser! You can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Racer.”

Oh… you know a different version? Oh well. This is the one I’m going with… especially as it comes time to announce our second NEW holiday car for the season: the Gingerbread Racer H&T.

If you don’t have any clue what I’m talking about, click here to read up on our race-a-licious Xmaxx 2017 event!

Starting December 1st !!

  1. Go to the Dealership
  2. Buy the Rocket Sleigh
  3. Race using your new sleigh to earn fun prizes!

Any Xmaxx event car will work towards the new achievements and win you 50% extra cash and XP from every race!

How to earn the Gingerbread Racer H&T

Slide on over to the dealership right now, pick up the Rocket Sleigh, and start racing!

Complete 400 races with that or any holiday car to earn yourself the sweet, crumbly Gingerbread Racer H&T.

But be quick, because you only have until December 31st to rack up those races! Once the new year begins, the opportunity to score that car will be gone for-eh-ver.

Be sure to come back on December 8th, when we reveal the next sweet holiday event car... trust me, this one's even more decadent.

Golden gift

For those who missed it in last week's post, to say thanks to all our loving gold members out there, who support us and allow us to continue to build the most awesome website ever, we've got a special, shiny treat!

This will be available to all gold members until the end of the event, so it's not too late to show Nitro Type some love. Your support is what helps us keep making this game better!