If you hadn’t guessed it yet from last week’s post, this year’s Xmaxx theme is Candy!

Starting with the Gingerbread Racer, we’ve got some super-sweet new cars for you to buy and earn this month!

What is the Xmaxx Event?

The Xmaxx event is our biggest event of the year, where we celebrate everything festive and where you can earn exclusive holiday cars, titles, and extra cash and XP!

We’ve set up a number of limited-time only Xmaxx achievements that can only be earned if you race with one of our Xmaxx cars. Click here to see all the sweet things you can earn.

PLUS, during the Xmaxx event, all races using a holiday car will win you an extra 50% cash and experience from every race!

These will only be achievable between now and January 1st… so once January 1st hits, they’ll be gone forever!

Starting December 1st !!

  1. Go to the Dealership
  2. Buy the Rocket Sleigh
  3. Race using your new sleigh to earn fun prizes!

Any Xmaxx event car will work towards the new achievements and win you 50% extra cash and XP from every race!

The Xmaxx cars -- More coming!

Here are the Xmaxx cars you can currently buy from the dealership or earn through achievements. But stay tuned throughout the event, because we’ll be releasing a new car each week until Christmas! Be sure to check-in Dec 4, 8, 12, and 16 to get the scoop.

The Gingerbread Racer

Complete 125 Races with a holiday car to earn this scrumptious racer

Rocket Sleigh

This starter car is available in the dealership for just $10,000

Kringle 4000

Earn Santa's favorite races by completing 150 Races with a holiday car

Party Sleigh

Complete 500 Races with a holiday car to get this decked out ride

Lamborgotti XMaxx LT

Use 600 Nitros with a holiday car to score this slick ride


Gift for our Gold Members

Every year at this time we like to say a special thank you to our amazing gold members for supporting us as we to continue to build the most awesome website ever. So just for them, we have a special golden treat!

This Gilded train will be available to all gold members during this event, so if you were on the fence about buying Gold Membership, do us a solid and upgrade now!. We know you'll be happy you did. Just ask all the other gold members. ;)

Without you loyal gold members, there would be no Nitro Type for everyone else to enjoy. So again, thank you, you guys are the best!!