It’s not even December yet, but I’ve already got Jingle Bells stuck in my head!

The good thing is, it’s helping hype me up as we plan for our most exciting event of the year: Xmaxx 2017!

I already know that this is going to be the best one yet.

This December, we’ll be releasing 7 awesome holiday cars, a ton of other Xmaxx loot, and some super special gifts for our Nitro Type Gold members.

As you might know, with each Xmaxx event we like to have a new theme.

For those who’ve joined us in the past you’ll remember that last year’s theme was Trains, it was Elves the year prior, and Motorcycles before that.

This year, we thought we’d do things a little differently… and ask YOU for some help picking out this year’s theme.

So tell us—what do you think would be the coolest set of holiday cars possible?

Let us know in the comments and we’ll pick a winner by the end of the week!

And then the Xmaxx fun begins...