Ayeee mateys… are ye’ plunderin’ all the gold ye’ can?

Halloween cat came on board and threatened to make us walk the plank if we didn’t give you guys more opportunities to win some Halloween booty.

So, left with no options, we’ve brought back the all-time favorite Halloween car—the Candy Hauler.

It’s available now in the dealership for a mere 15,000,000 dubloons, but only for a very limited time. So scurry on over to get your hands on it before it disappears.

There’s less than a week left to score as much extra cash as you can during this haunted hallowampus event!

How to join

As a reminder, to join the event, head on down to the dealership and purchase any one of the Halloween event cars you find there.

Until November 1st, every time you race with one of the event cars you'll score 25% more cash and XP! And you’ll also have a chance to snag some spooktacular achievements and titles while you’re at it.

There’s less than a week left to go, so get racing!