There's nothing that sends shivers down my spine like when the grim hallowampus rolls into town... reminding me that it's time for our annual Hallowampus event!

In this haunted mini-event you'll find pumpkins and MOAR pumpkins that have been transformed into cars.

Don't believe me? Just check out the new "Track-o-Lantern" that's just emerged from the cobwebs.

(I've even heard whispers that another car might be unveiled during the event, so stay on the lookout.)

How to Join

To join the event, run screaming to the cemetery dealership and purchase any one of the Halloween event cars you find there.

Every time you race with one of the event cars 'til November 1st, you'll score 25% more cash and XP.

You'll also have a chance to snag some spooktacular achievements and titles.

Keep racing and you might even unearth some more achievements that have been buried...