SUMMER TIME!!!!!! Time for sun, the beach, and feverishly earning limited time only Nitro Type goodies!

How do I join?

If this is your first ever summer event, simply go to the dealership on June 14th and buy the special event car (it's cheap, don't worry). Whenever you race with this car, or any other summer event car past or present, you'll earn special limited time only achievements! You can earn special cars (there's a bunch!), exclusive titles, and oodles of cash!

When does it start?

Flag day! June 14th technically.

Quality of Life Updates

Later this week I'll be putting up a few minor "quality of life" changes. In no particular order: on your stats page, you'll be able to see your current number of session races. When you get a new title, it'll not automatically be set as your current title (just go to your profile and switch to it if you want it). And your "appear offline" setting will persist even after logging out and back in. Little things, but much needed!

Happy racing!