You asked, we listened. You can now keep your team up to date on your status, once every 12 hours!

How it Works

Once every 12 hours, you can set a short status message that only you and your teammates can see.

To update your status, go to your team page, click the Update Status button (it's above your list of teammates), and set your status, such as "Going for 100 races today, wish me luck!". Going away for the weekend? Now your teammates and captain know! Going for a huge session and want some encouragement? Update your status!

These status updates will only show up for your team, those outside of your team cannot see them.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a chat system, nor will we ever have a chat system. Your status updates are still subject to the same rules as news posts, so be civil.

Summer Event 2017!

Although we don't have a start date yet, we will be having a full summer event this year! Earn achievements, 50% more cash and experience, exclusive event titles and cars! We'll put up a post when the start date has been set.

Happy Racing!