Hey guess what, we're still alive! And we've been busy busy busy. We've got a bunch of new team members, and are hard at work on the new track!

New Track

Brent, Guyon, and Anil have been working away on the new race track. We've got large sized friends races working, and it's amazing! Not to mention the new track graphics are suuuuper clean. I'll be talking more about this in a future post, so stay tuned!

New Team Members

I think we can all agree that we've been slow in releasing updates and features for Nitro Type. This certainly isn't for lack of desire, however! Teaching.com has too many products for such a small team. Sooooo we expanded! Please give your warmest welcome to our 3 new developers!


Located in sunny Florida, Vlad is master of all things backend programming. He's currently working on a new test server for us to deeply test new features before putting them live. So yay for less bugs!


Jeff is joining us from beautiful Brasil! Friends with Vlad, he is also a killer backend programmer. He is joining me (Travis) in finally getting through our huge list of new Nitro Type features, bug fixes, improvements, etc. More to come on that!


Please welcome our newest frontend developer, Brent! Living in that mythical rain forest called Washington, Brent is currently working on redoing the Nitro Type track. It looks amazing by the way!

So definitely welcome our newest team members as only you Nitro Typists can!

Upcoming Features

Now that we're properly staffed, I have moved back into working on Nitro Type! My current project is the team communication feature, but you can expect some awesome new goodies over the coming weeks as well! Things like the Thwampus, a revamped achievement system, fixes for our mobile racers, better session tracking, the list goes on!

Happy Racing!