Season Ending Mega Post!

Wow, that was a ridiculously exciting first season! Congratulations to all the winners!


* Season 2 Starts Monday, March 6th!

* Season 1 Winners!

* [NTA]iloveshoes2 gets a new car!

* Teams Are Getting Status Updates!

* Nitro is Huge!

Season 2 Starts March 6th

That's right! Next season will start Monday, March 6th at 4:00am, and will end March 31st. Prizes will be announced next week!

Season 1 Winners

That was a crazy first season, that's for sure! Congratulations to [DOG]❄️Smithy❄️ on the inaugural Season 1 win. An absolutely stunning performance of hard work and dedication brought him flying across the season finish line.

Also congratulations to team [DOG] and a fantastic win! This really shows that positivity and determination really do pay off. Here are the final winners!

Individual Winners

First Place - "Champion" & $10,000,000


Second Place - "Rival" & $5,000,000


Third Place - "Challenger" & $2,000,000


4th - 10th - "Competitor" & $500,000

4. [BVS]Typemefantastic

5. [DOG]∞KarleyJo❤♫

6. [DOG]∞petromax♫

7. [DOG]Alk!


9. [DOG]PhilliesMagic


11th - 50th - "Contestant" & $250,000

11. [STPR]Paulamirada2

12. [SECT]Doc⁣

13. [NTA]iloveshoes2

14. [DOG]✨Fox✨

15. [DOG]RacerRalph

16. [SECT]ChenkangXu[CN]

17. [SECT]the_logan

18. [PONY]Luna_of_the_Moona

19. [SECT]Heracles_Karpusi

20. S_н_α_ι_ℓ

21. [SECT]j1j1o1k1

22. [SECT]Ͼȯƙɇ_Ǐĉȅȅ

23. [SECT]ツSlidツ

24. [SECT]⭐VormX⭐

25. [HYT]AliHasan

26. [DOG]MisterMouse

27. [SECT]⭐Ƶephyr⭐

28. [SECT]ChrisTwee123

29. [DOG]Texans_Cowboy

30. [NTA]food05

31. [RW]Pirc_Pursuer

32. [NTA]✰CrayThePenguin✰

33. [SECT]Λrtemis


35. [SECT]Ⱪryptonic

36. [SECT]ΣmpyreanΛdmiral

37. [NTA]sophophile6

38. [SECT]✨WildFlower✨

39. [NTS]Samsher

40. [NTA]AnxietyTwister

41. [STPR]Candy★Smile


43. [DOG]QueenOfAir&Darkness

44. [NTA]✨Flight!✨

45. [NTA]tracy3808

46. [SECT]x|Tadas1234|x

47. [PON]#Pompi

48. [RW]RONIN80

49. [SECT]ƤrimalⱩnight

50. [UW]Capt._Annihilation

Team Winners

First Place - "Champion Team" & $3,000,000 per player


Second Place - "Rival Team" & $2,000,000 per player

[SECT] Empyrean Conquerors

Third Place - "Challenger Team" & $1,000,000 per player

[NTA] Ambassadors

4th - 10th Place - "Competitor Team" & $500,000 per player

4. [STPR] Switching To Primes

5. [B00M] Quantum's Web

6. [RW] ⚔Road Warriors⚔

7. [HTAT] Hypedtypers

8. [HYT] Hyped Typists!

9. [CCOD] Cranky Crabs of Doom

10. [ISRA] Israel Supporters

Congratulations to all of you! Best of luck in the next season!

[NTA]iloveshoes2 Hit 150,000 Races!

Just wow! Moderator and all around cornerstone of our community, iloveshoes2 has raced her way into the record books, racking up 150,000 races! To celebrate this event, we're awarding her with a sweeeeet new ride! Presenting, the Mercedex McLaro SHS 15.0! Please give her a round of applause everyone!

Team Status Updates (Coming Soon)

This is probably one of the most requested features we ever get. The ability for team members to keep everyone up to date. So coming within the next couple weeks, we've got a great new feature that will allow you to set a short status message on your team profile once every 12 hours. Going for a new record? Let your team know! Not able to race for a couple days due to homework? You can now let everyone on your team know that you're still alive, just busy :)

Nitro is Huge!

Just over 4 months, our fluffy mascot is growing like a weed! You can follow him on Instagram @nitrothegolden

Oh Yeah, Nitro Type Olympics!

Update from Corndog: I've had the list of NT Olympics winners in my inbox for.... a long time. It's a super slow and manual process to give out these rewards, so I've been sitting on it since I'm well, sort of busy. So finally, cash and titles have been distributed! Winners, the titles can be found in your settings page. The olympics have been a fun, community driven event, and big ups to all the organizers and competitors! Due to the very difficult nature of manually giving out awards and reporting on them, this will be the final official sponsorship from us, but as always, community competitions are encouraged!

2016 Olympic Speed Racers

1. Melikepi

2. MediocreTypist

3. FeveredBasilisk

4. Bandito100

5. PrimalKnight

2016 Olympic Accuracy Winners

1. Fireflybee2

2. P!nky


4. Paulamirada2

5. Queenofpugs

2016 Olympic Activity Winners

1. Xtreme|Laser|Strike

2. FeveredBasillisk

3. RacerRalph

4. Petromax

5. Volatile

2016 Committee

Chairman. Asssa123

IOC. Melikepi

IOC. LightningTyper

IOC. Typing-Demon

Happy Racing!