That's right! Season 1 starts February 1st at 4:00am and will end on February 28th at 4:00am.

It's finally happening!

After months of testing, tweaking, and teasing, we're finally ready for Season 1! Starting February 1st (Wednesday in the US) at 4:00am pacific time, you can start competing against the world for exclusive prizes and bragging rights!

What are seasons?

Seasons are short (1-3 month) competitions that all racers and teams can participate in. Top racers and teams will receive exclusive prizes (cash, titles, eventually even cars and skins!) when the season ends, based on their ranking. When a season ends, there will be a few days of rest time before the next season starts up with the board back at 0! As well as the new reseting boards, we’re now moving to a new system called “Points” that takes into account speed and accuracy.

What are points?

Points are earned simply by racing! Points take into account not just how many races you do, but also your racing speed and accuracy. So race as fast as you can, as accurate as you can to score the most points per race! Although we are happy with the current scoring system, please note that it may change if we find it's not fair enough for all racer types. This is always a work in progress!

Season 1 Rewards

We are starting season 1 with cash and title rewards. Future seasons will earn you exclusive cars and other goodies! Here's what you can earn this month:

Individual Rewards

First Place
"Champion" & $10,000,000

Second Place
"Rival" & $5,000,000

Third Place
"Challenger" & $2,000,000

4th - 10th Place
"Competitor" & $500,000

11th - 50th Place
"Contestant" & $250,000

Team Rewards

First Place
"Champion Team" & $3,000,000 per player

Second Place
"Rival Team" & $2,000,000 per player

Third Place
"Challenger Team" & $1,000,000 per player

4th - 10th Place
"Team Competitor" & $500,000 per player

How do I join?

Just race! You can view your place on the Leaderboards Page as soon as the season starts.

Thanks to all of you who had fun competing in Season 0.5 beta. It will be rounding to a close today at some point.

Happy competing!