Ladies and gentleman we'd like to welcome to you, all the way from the kennels of Colorado!
A special unexpected guest, came in through the dog door, it's Nitro!

Born 11/01/16, this silly little playful Golden Retriever puppy has been a handful and a joy! He even joined this morning's virtual meeting! To celebrate his arrival, we've got some goodies!

Limited Time Titles!

From now until January 10th (when Nitro turns 10 weeks old!), you can earn 3 new titles!

"Nitro Pup" for doing 20 races in a session
"Nitro Dog" for doing 100 races in a session
"Top Dog" for doing 150 races in a session

Also, shout out to @[MAUI]EthanJ.S. for the name suggestion of Nitro!

Woofy racing!

I guess you could say... I Dig Dogs!