First Off - What is the Xmaxx Event?

The Xmaxx event is our yearly celebration of everything festive where you can earn exclusive holiday cars, titles, and extra cash and XP!

How do I join?

  1. Go to the Dealership
  2. Buy the Rocket Sleigh
  3. Race using your new sleigh to earn fun prizes!

Any Xmaxx event car will work towards the new achievements!

To learn more, visit our kick-off news post!

Lamborgotti Xmaxx LT

The Wampus is a fan of lights. Right now he's got a ton of cars just absolutely covered in them! Well we decided to join in on the fun and deck out some brand new Lamborgottis, Wampus style! You wanna cruise down the track in style? You can earn this beauty by racing 100 times in a session with any holiday car! So hit the track and get fancy!

A Thank You - The Gilded Xxpress

The holiday season really is about saying thanks, and giving to others. To say thanks to all our loving gold members, who support us and allow us to continue to build the most awesome website ever, we've got a special, shiny treat!

To learn more, visit our Gilded Surprise news post!

Happy light-covered racing!