What's the hardest part of making a train themed holiday event?
Staying on track! (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

What is the Xmaxx Event?

The Xmaxx event is our yearly celebration of everything festive where you can earn exclusive holiday cars, titles, and extra cash and XP! Go to your achievements page and check out the new section of achievements titled "Happy Holidays! (2016)" to see all the sweet things you can earn. These achievements will only be achievable between now and January 1st. Once January 1st hits, any you haven't finished will be gone forever! Or at least as forever as we decide not to bring it back the next year...

During the Xmaxx event, all races using a holiday car snag you an extra 50% cash and experience from every race!

How do I join?

  1. Go to the Dealership
  2. Buy the Rocket Sleigh
  3. Race using your new sleigh to earn fun prizes!

Any Xmaxx event car will work towards the new achievements!

What can I earn?

All races with a holiday car earn you 50% more cash and experience per race! And how about 4 exciting new cars? We're also bringing back three old cars! Titles? Ya we got those! Here's a few examples of achievement rewards:

  • "Well Trained"
  • "Conductor"
  • $5,000,000

More cars coming soon!

December 9th and December 14th will see new super secret super festive cars added! No hints this time, just gotta come back!

Session Achievements

For those of you who've been around since the early years of Nitro Type, you'll remember the crazy session achievements to earn the special cars. Like last year, we are NO LONGER doing cars hidden behind long session achievements. Cash? Hidden titles? Well ya those might be there ;)

♫ Holiday Music! ♫

Don't forget to un-mute the music on the track for some awesome holiday jazz ♫

Festive racing!