Event Starts Thursday!

For those of you who've never participated in a Nitro Type event, you're in for some holly jolly fun! The short version is, starting thursday there'll be a whole bunch of new holiday achievements that can only be earned by racing with any Xmaxx Event car!

How do you get an Xmaxx Event Car?

First timers can head to the dealership thursday and pick one up for $10,000, while those who've joined previous Xmaxx events can also use their older achieved cars! Race with your Xmaxx car to earn exciting new cars (trains?), titles, rewards, etc.

50% Extra Cash and XP

Oh but the festivities don't end there! Race with any Xmaxx Event Car and you'll get 50% extra cash and XP from every race! Simple as that!

Update on Scoreboard Seasons

Season 1 will start January 10th. Why not now? As much as you are all part of our Nitro Type family, we don't want to pull you away from your real life friends and family this holiday season. On the plus side, there's already going to be plenty of fun new toys to achieve in the Xmaxx event!

Festive racing!

Holiday Music!

Edit: For some reason I thought tomorrow was December 1st. Updated to Thursday since it turns out there's a November 30th! Thanks [MAUI]EthanJ.S.