UPDATE: The race server is back up! Happy racing!

Hey everyone! Travis here with another unexpected update!

Travis Pretends He Knows What Happened

Earlier this morning, one of the Wampus' friends ate a little too much turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, and went on a sugar fueled, pre-thanksgiving rampage! In his hilariously high pitch voice, he somehow stumbled on the Wampus' "Shiny Red Button (don't press)... and pressed it!

This discombobulated just about everything and threw Nitro Type into some sort of bizzaro world! It seems many of you are driving pizza cars, and have set new typing world records! At least those of you who aren't averaging 0 WPM!

We're Working On It!

Well as far as I can tell, one of our servers accidentally reverted to an old configuration file, and this is creating all kinds of silly problems. We are looking into this, and will be fixing everything we can. I apologize for the inconvenience, and I'll see about getting the Wampus to send out some kickbacks to those who were affected.

Happy Wonky Racing!