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The Summer Event Is Here!

Posted by Austin 3:34pm on 6/7/13 727 Comments

The Summer Event has ended! Hope you all had fun!

The 2013 Summer Event has begun! New cars, new music, new achievements, and 50% more cash and experience for every race!

'13 Summer Classic - $10,000! Go buy it!

To get started, head to the dealership and purchase the '13 Summer Classic, your first new Summer Event car for only $10,000. Then, race race race! To get the Summer Event achievements and cash/experience bonuses you must be using one of the summer event cars, so be sure to use the '13 Summer Classic or other summer cars the entire time.

The Hang Ten - Check the Achievements page!

And although the actual season of Summer goes all the way until September 21st, this event will not. You only have until the end of July before the event ends!

'41 Woodie Deluxx - Check the Achievements page!

And just to keep things interesting, I'll be adding new achievements randomly throughout the event, and watch out for achievements like "BBQs Every Day", which end on a specific day... That's right, you can only earn that Summer car if you complete the achievement by the expiration! After that, a new version of the car will be added. Can you collect all of them?? You'd better keep at it! Check the Achievements page for more info.

The Hang Eleven - Check the Achievements page!

And for those of you down in the Southern Hemisphere enjoying your cozy winter months... Please don't take offense (I'm looking at you CarriePirc). It's just that 88% of us humans live up north. ;D

Happy Summer typing everyone!

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[FTW]KristenSmith "The Friendly Helper"

Level: 27 Posted: 6/21/13 2:02pm

@[SMB]Speed_Racer and @everyone_going_for_BBQs_Twice_Daily_Achievement: if you have used more than 1500 nitros and have the Hang Ten car in your garage, just put it "in use" and the achievement will register.


pf/ha "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 25 Posted: 6/21/13 2:25pm



melissab "Luxury Car Driver"

Level: 21 Posted: 6/21/13 3:10pm

Can someone help me get them.


[FTW]TheCorndog "The Founder"

Level: 27 Posted: 6/21/13 3:59pm

Yes commenting will be allowed on this section until the Summer Event ends, especially since I put up the notice today in everyone's Garage.


Cabbie "Solid Gold"

Level: 84 Posted: 6/21/13 5:05pm

@(EVM)_anabanana_ Same thing is happening to me. I used 1500+ nitros and own the hang 10 and still not getting the reward


cakewizard "[SKIPWRD]"

Level: 24 Posted: 6/21/13 9:13pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog, I would get the membership if my mom would let me. Too bad I don't have a credit card.


OreoDevil666 "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 36 Posted: 6/21/13 9:37pm

i'm a little confused like what level do you get them :)



Level: 24 Posted: 6/22/13 7:25am



LILRED1 "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 31 Posted: 6/22/13 8:35am

the summer cars are the best


[ЄVM]ÑιɴjãƉՄdȩ~* "Summer Rider"

Level: 104 Posted: 6/22/13 9:42am

I hope I can get all the new cars before the summer event expires!


ape12345 "Olde School"

Level: 33 Posted: 6/22/13 9:44am

i love the summer cars and i hope i get all of them and all the money and achevments


Unlimited_Horsepower "California Dreamin'"

Level: 122 Posted: 6/22/13 1:15pm

@EMMYGIRLBEMYFRIEND First of all you would have to do something really crazy to get a car named after you. F4U_Corsair and CarriePirc are examples. Second capitalizing every letter really won't help either.


sarah8268 "Oppa Sunburn Style!"

Level: 84 Posted: 6/22/13 1:34pm

I had same prob, but got achieve when I changed to hang ten to race


☯☣☠≾ℕ☂♍≿wiレТΛイ6☠☣☯ "Endless Summer"

Level: 122 Posted: 6/22/13 2:29pm

@alt12 Okay debbie downer ;)
@CakeWizard that is exactly what I tell myself.


ELECTRIC$0unD "Epic Nitro User"

Level: 49 Posted: 6/22/13 4:04pm


I love these new cars! It feels like it making things easier my favorite car is the Hang eleven!



Level: 64 Posted: 6/22/13 4:09pm

for who can help

i painted the hang ten car red
but when i finished painting it it was a pink color


RosseauRoss "Summer Hacker"

Level: 63 Posted: 6/22/13 5:35pm

@#MIKETROUT=EPICBEAST Hmmm yeah the hang ten doesn't have a very nice red colour. Best cure: get the hang eleven!!!


[DMK]damon5 "California Dreamin'"

Level: 73 Posted: 6/22/13 8:31pm

does that first "BBQ every day" car/achievement end at the end of the 22nd or the 23rd?


☚N✝♏☛☢☯alol☯☢ "Endless Summer"

Level: 97 Posted: 6/22/13 9:36pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog I have found some cars and I can make some for you for free!


kmarzouq "Filthy Rich"

Level: 29 Posted: 6/22/13 10:04pm



rat77 "My Popsicle Melted"

Level: 38 Posted: 6/22/13 10:34pm

The 41 classic woodie is to hard to get it should be 150 races or 1000 total races


B()55 "Summer Rider"

Level: 37 Posted: 6/23/13 1:10pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog Good job,
i didn't even make it in the 100s


HenrySebastian28 "First Trimester"

Level: 87 Posted: 6/23/13 7:45pm

i love the summer event i'm leveling up faster


Unlimited_Horsepower "California Dreamin'"

Level: 123 Posted: 6/23/13 9:53pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog When does the FTW staff have time for racing? I mean Travis, Kristen and you have each completed a fair amount of races. When do you guys do it?


Ravie9137 "Practice Makes Perfect"

Level: 48 Posted: 6/23/13 11:36pm

wow i am really impressed that nitrotype producers are finally coming out with new cars. personally i don't like these summer cars. they look too bulky. but i like the thought of them being more creative


DESTROYER_X "Used Car Salesman"

Level: 61 Posted: 6/24/13 8:29am

@[FTW]TheCorndog I agree Blood hound SSC is a cool car and Toyota FT-HS Concept and The Ferrari Enzo also check this website and through these cars


{TTL}Gohan "Luxury Car Driver"

Level: 21 Posted: 6/24/13 8:57am

Does the Nitro Type Gold membership last forever? If so, I plan on buying it. O_O


☯☣☠≾ℕ☂♍≿wiレТΛイ6☠☣☯ "Endless Summer"

Level: 123 Posted: 6/24/13 10:52am

@{TTL}Gohan Did you read the description of it?
@EveryoneButEspeciallyFTWIGuess I should be getting the Gold Membership VERY soon! YAY!
@Rat77 No it shouldn't. Some achievements have to be hard...........


PontiacBoy-CouponBoy "Summer Rider"

Level: 48 Posted: 6/24/13 11:23am

If you want a cool car put a Pontiac in there.



Level: 66 Posted: 6/24/13 12:32pm

i am only 50 races away from getting the hang eleven
o yeah


lovenascar "Big Spender"

Level: 15 Posted: 6/24/13 2:13pm

I hope nobody reports me and i lose my a count. It took me forever to get to where i am!


bff14 "Endless Summer"

Level: 119 Posted: 6/24/13 2:56pm

Why not bumble bees car mode which is in Trans Formers It is a 2012 new model yellow camaro concept with 2 black racing stripes in the middle which in real life would be about 6 or 7 inches wide and 6 inches apart And name it (Bumble Bee). and this X-mass are you going to make a new car?


rat77 "My Popsicle Melted"

Level: 39 Posted: 6/24/13 3:15pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog You should make that transformer upgrade in like 3 months

@bff14 I think that Idea is cool. If you get to level 100 you unlock transformer cars.

@B()55 Yeah, I got to like 95, but I can't be on longer than like, an hour and a half a day tops. But I have done almost 400 races total with the summer car so I could get a thousand.


DESTROYER_X "Used Car Salesman"

Level: 62 Posted: 6/24/13 3:50pm

!#@$ yeah I just got the Hang 10........................................Tatter sauce Now I have to get the hang 11 but at least I got 3 out 5 summer cars already .


rat77 "My Popsicle Melted"

Level: 41 Posted: 6/24/13 4:59pm

@Three-Simple-Steps You should change your name fast. I tried to friend you but when I looked up your name nothing showed up.

@[TP]CarriePirc If you want the hot dog or bit trip 8 racer, just make some fake acounts and do twenty races. it's easy.

@EMMYGIRLBEMYFRIEND If they're going to do something like that, make it after the fastest typer.

@lovenascar you know if you say that someone is going to report you.

@DESTROYER_X do you have the 41 woodie classic?

@☯☣☠≾ℕ☂♍≿wiレТΛイ6☠☣☯ but 300 races in a session takes like three hours!


Unlimited_Horsepower "California Dreamin'"

Level: 124 Posted: 6/24/13 6:13pm

@rat77 300 races in a session takes about 6 hours! Where did you get 3 hours from! I did 100 races in a session in a about 2 hours and 15 minutes.


☯☣☠≾ℕ☂♍≿wiレТΛイ6☠☣☯ "Endless Summer"

Level: 123 Posted: 6/24/13 6:46pm

@rat77 3? Uh, how about 5-7 hours! Where did you get 3 from? Do the math! 100 races in 60 minutes? You would have to race nonstop in like 20 second races silly :P


ThomasBettencourt "The ATM Machine"

Level: 16 Posted: 6/24/13 8:07pm

Now now gentleman, lets not fight over who puts more hours in : ) Its what you put INTO THOSE HOURS am i right!!?


podlelover "Word Skipper"

Level: 9 Posted: 6/25/13 10:23am

how do i become a member without a credit card


karissasracer4 "Sports Car Driver"

Level: 17 Posted: 6/25/13 12:28pm

awesome cant wait !!! :)


RosseauRoss "Summer Hacker"

Level: 69 Posted: 6/25/13 3:05pm

@podlelover You are a member. If you want to upgrade to gold membership you need to have a credit card.


cray "California Dreamin'"

Level: 92 Posted: 6/25/13 7:18pm

who has got the million dollars for 500 nitros used besides me


dbabyflower "Mystery Man"

Level: 18 Posted: 6/25/13 7:19pm

Yeah, Buddy!! Im gonna try to get ALL the cars. I probably will, cuz ILOVENITROTYPE!!!!!


RosseauRoss "Summer Hacker"

Level: 69 Posted: 6/25/13 8:01pm

@cray Currently 211 other players (including me). It would be a very long post if someone were to name all of those players, so you'll probably just have to settle for the number.


DESTROYER_X "Used Car Salesman"

Level: 63 Posted: 6/25/13 9:47pm

@dbabyflower It is incredibly hard to get all the cars I almost got all the achievement cars and the summer cars but it takes long dedication even with the Woodie deluxx trust me I had to spend almost ............well let me put it this way I started at 6:00pm and stopped at 4:15am so it takes alot of time and it was the car that I most put my effort in that .


paintdude123 "Muscle Car Driver"

Level: 14 Posted: 6/25/13 10:07pm

can we add more cars like real ones not made up?Remember its just a question.


$ha!in "California Dreamin'"

Level: 34 Posted: 6/26/13 11:09am

I raced like 2 weeks in a row but on my achievement page it says 2/14


◎☉✪E\/Aℕ✪☉◎ "Summer Rider"

Level: 34 Posted: 6/26/13 11:44am

@[FTW]TheCorndog Wil the Gold effect us in school any? I may pay $10 but get in trouble with the billing things and all at scholl. Plus I mean, paying $10 for a TYping Game xD


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Uche★☯☠ "Race Car Driver"

Level: 42 Posted: 6/26/13 6:17pm

@AlexeiD i agree with you full time bro/ girl


rat77 "My Popsicle Melted"

Level: 43 Posted: 6/26/13 7:58pm

I finnaly got the hang ten! aw yeah boy!!!!! I got an achevment that barley over 100 people have! actually, 154 people in the WORLD have it! that's just how epic I am! Just to let you know, I will accept any friend request


rat77 "My Popsicle Melted"

Level: 43 Posted: 6/26/13 10:33pm

What was the bug that tr0n reported and got the achevment nitro type savior? why was it so important? this question goes out to anyone! thanks in advance


☯☣☠≾ℕ☂♍≿ωiレТ∆イ6☠☣☯ "Endless Summer"

Level: 125 Posted: 6/27/13 1:25pm

@rat77 Because that is a BIG bug! Ads are how Nitro Type makes money. No ads=No money and no money=No NITRO TYPE! Now is that what you want!


[DMK]damon5 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 90 Posted: 6/27/13 4:33pm

@rat77 Nitrotype wouldn't have made any money from the advertisements and this would lead to the site to shut down...I think


Unlimited_Horsepower "California Dreamin'"

Level: 125 Posted: 6/27/13 4:38pm

@rat77 You make a good point. I have no idea. I wasn't typing back then!

I am getting closer to the tank. After I get the Hang Eleven I'm saying bye!


"Keyboard Cat"

Level: 108 Posted: 6/27/13 5:04pm

Today is my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MissionAccomplished "Endless Summer"

Level: 52 Posted: 6/27/13 5:33pm



wildcat6 "Endless Summer"

Level: 125 Posted: 6/27/13 5:48pm

@Unlimited_Horsepower NO!!!!!! If you leave, who will be my best friend?!?! ;)
Listen, you leave, I may leave too! PLEASE DONT LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldm leave if you did most likely. You are the only person that I have to compete with it both speed, and amount of races. Please dont leave after you get the tank! And Hang Eleven! How about you leave when you get 9999999999999999999999999999999 races XD
But seriously, dont leave. I really want to tell you a chat site right now but I cant :( I wish you were a gold member so you could go to the forums! I am getting it soon, and then I could give you a chate site and believe me, you would NEVER, guess the name. It is just like 25 numbers. Anyways, just dont leave, PLEASE!!


rat77 "My Popsicle Melted"

Level: 43 Posted: 6/27/13 6:14pm

@☯☣☠≾ℕ☂♍≿ωiレТ∆イ6☠☣☯ well, sorry! i didn't know! i didn't play nitro type until like may, so I didn't know. That is HUGE! but people who report bugs should get that achevment


cccollen "I Have Friends"

Level: 16 Posted: 6/27/13 6:17pm



cray "Box Collector"

Level: 95 Posted: 6/28/13 12:28am

okay I finally got it


#[NTM]new22 "California Dreamin'"

Level: 56 Posted: 6/28/13 8:58am

I can't do enough races for the hang 10 or hang 11 so can you make the races go down alittle


rat77 "Summer Hacker"

Level: 47 Posted: 6/28/13 11:47am

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday I got the achevment summer hacker! 1000 nitros! I am also super close to the 41 woodie sunshune! i accept all friend requests, just fyi


[FTW]KristenSmith "The Friendly Helper"

Level: 28 Posted: 6/28/13 12:53pm

@Unlimited_Horsepower We rarely have time to race! If I'm on the site to test a bug I can get a few races in that way. Other than that, I'm too busy answering emails and doing other super important Nitro type stuff to race.


rat77 "Summer Hacker"

Level: 50 Posted: 6/28/13 2:12pm

I almost used 1500 nitros! 50 more to go!


TheKing999 "Millionaire"

Level: 44 Posted: 6/28/13 3:11pm

Why is using 500 nitros with the summer car so hard??? Aggggggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!


rat77 "Summer Hacker"

Level: 51 Posted: 6/28/13 4:26pm

@TheKing999 it is not! that is so easy!


rat77 "Endless Summer"

Level: 52 Posted: 6/28/13 4:51pm

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the 41 woodie sunshine! i still accept all friend requests, even though i am so epic and got an achievement that only 61 people in the WORLD HAVE! thats just how epic i am.


rat77 "Endless Summer"

Level: 53 Posted: 6/28/13 6:43pm

I changed my woodie sunshine color! it is awesome!


[N™]XxshiftThePr0xX "Solid Gold"

Level: 134 Posted: 6/28/13 10:50pm

@rat77 You copied my paint job!! Just kidding its fine.


Ben_Boy "Endless Summer"

Level: 54 Posted: 6/29/13 1:17pm

@rat77 I have it too...............


dm15809 "California Dreamin'"

Level: 47 Posted: 6/29/13 4:24pm

400 races!!!!!!!!!1
I still can't get the Hang Ten.
Imagine how impossible it is for me to get the Hang Eleven.
I feel so sad for myself :(
I can't get the Woodie Sunshine too...
I hate and like this summer event, grrrrrrrrrrrrr
But $3,300 for winning a race, SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


rat77 "Endless Summer"

Level: 55 Posted: 6/29/13 4:43pm

@dm15809 dude, you must not type fast enough! I only am on like 1 hour a day (except sunday, because I'm a mormon) and i am 19 races away from the hang 11! IT'S NOT THAT HARD!


rat77 "Endless Summer"

Level: 55 Posted: 6/29/13 5:30pm

YES! I got the hang 11! I have all the summer cars except the 41 woodie deluxx! I would paint the hang 11 blue like the rest of my cars, but to paint it it costs 300,000 DOLLERS! I still haven't bought some cars that cost less then that! it costs to much!


Stormblade-Viper "Millionaire"

Level: 27 Posted: 6/29/13 5:59pm

Me neither...I started the summer car thing yesterday.June 28.And I wanted-no, I still want-the Woodie.But that's, of course, impossible.


dm15809 "California Dreamin'"

Level: 48 Posted: 6/29/13 7:36pm

@rat77 I play only 10 minutes a day.
At least I have 310 races.


rat77 "Endless Summer"

Level: 56 Posted: 6/29/13 9:43pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog and @[FTW]KristenSmith: Can you give us any hint on what the next summer car will be? I think you should either have to use 3000 nitros w/summer car and own the hang 11, or You should have to have on or the other. either the 41 deluxx or sunshine in addition to Either the hang eleven and/or 2500 nitros w/summer car


rat77 "Endless Summer"

Level: 56 Posted: 6/29/13 10:24pm

@Stormblade-Viper dude, its not impossible! just try a little harder!


prototyper "Summer Rider"

Level: 33 Posted: 6/30/13 12:08am

i am a kinda good racer i don't type fast. I type medium speed i make lots of mistakes n i like the summer event but i'm don't know if i want to sign up i might later.u guys r really cool though and that's all i have to say thank u for listing to me


rat77 "Endless Summer"

Level: 57 Posted: 6/30/13 12:35am

I just got the rocket car! I have so many cars, i am going for all the cars i can get, because i can't get any christmas cars, or the 41 woodie deluxe, because all those cars expired. But I am going for all the other cars, because i have all the summer cars and most of the achievement cars. I have not purchased alot of the cars because i use alot of money because i paint all my cars blue! To paint just the rocket car and the hang 11 it costs like 525,000 thousand dollars!!!!! I am blowin my money!


catgal2 "Race Car Driver"

Level: 40 Posted: 6/30/13 6:24am

Almost out of time..don't see how I can continue to type all day/all night over 24 hours until midnight 6/30 for cars, Keep typing but my internet is too slow & it takes forever for each race. Would love Nitro Gold. Good luck everyone.


I_suck_at_racing!!! "Endless Summer"

Level: 82 Posted: 6/30/13 4:07pm

What will the new car be tomorrow cant wait can you give me a heads up please


catgal2 "Unstoppable"

Level: 41 Posted: 6/30/13 5:28pm

Can't get '41 Woodie after midnight 6/30/13.. right? Still trying to get it!


Endeavour "God Mode"

Level: 103 Posted: 6/30/13 5:55pm

@catgal2 you have to get it by 11:59 p.m. 59 seconds and 999 milliseconds. If you don't those rays of sunshine will not come.


DESTROYER_X "Unstoppable"

Level: 64 Posted: 6/30/13 7:41pm

CornDog hey I am almost have all the good cars please make new cars I don't have any thing to do or to accomplish


catgal2 "Pilot"

Level: 45 Posted: 6/30/13 8:03pm

@Endeavour Thanks for the reply. Won't make it, but enjoy Nitro anyway & got Hang Ten, so that's good.


Endeavour "God Mode"

Level: 103 Posted: 6/30/13 10:29pm

@catgal2 You're welcome. I see you made it into the Top 3 which means you must have really tried to get it. Oh well not everyone can accomplish everything, but at least you know you made an honest effort. But none of that matters since you can cruise around and show off your hang ten when you blow by everyone you're racing:) Anyway I believe there will be one more achievement coming out very soon so you can get a head start on that...


catgal2 "Pilot"

Level: 47 Posted: 7/01/13 12:01am

@Endeavour Thanks again. Taking a Mtn Dew break. Just can't give up. Should have seen your kind words sooner. Guess I should quit. What's Hang Eleven..?


Endeavour "God Mode"

Level: 103 Posted: 7/01/13 9:07am

@catgal2 The Hang Eleven is basically a step up from the Hang Ten (hence eleven is one more than ten). You must have 700 races with the summer car to get it, which makes it hard to get. I was actually wrong, you have all of today to get the sunshine, but only today!!


rat77 "Endless Summer"

Level: 58 Posted: 7/01/13 5:43pm

@Endeavour yeah, i thought that the chance to get the sunshine ended today, but it stinks that it doesn't. I already have the sunshine and i wanted to see the next car and earn it.

@Endeavour Also, the hang 11 is not that hard to get, because we all have until JUNE ENDS, and I ALREADY HAVE IT! And just FYI, it is more than a step up! It has awesome flames on it!


☯☣☠≾ℕ☂♍≿ωiレТ∆イ6☠☣☯ "Endless Summer"

Level: 127 Posted: 7/02/13 6:50am

@[FTW]TheCorndog Where is th new car? It is 7:50 and you said at mindight to early morning, so where is it? ARG! Now I won't be able to see it until WAY laer >=(
And I should be getting NTG tomorrow morning :D


Endeavour "God Mode"

Level: 105 Posted: 7/02/13 10:36am

@rat77 The chance to get the sunshine still hasn't ended yet! I'm with you all the way, I really want to see the next car and earn it. And yes the hang 11 has some pretty beast flames.


likeabawws "Summer Rider"

Level: 32 Posted: 7/02/13 9:38pm

@melissab how


Endeavour "I'm Friendly!"

Level: 105 Posted: 7/03/13 9:20am

@[FTW]TheCorndog On my achievements page the woodie sunshine is still there. Have you guys not taken it off yet?


ooooooyourintrouble "The ATM Machine"

Level: 21 Posted: 7/03/13 10:21am

@OreoDevil666 so am i


maddie121 "Summer Rider"

Level: 21 Posted: 7/03/13 6:56pm

im confused. do we just get all this new stuff?


GREENBEACH2003 "California Dreamin'"

Level: 43 Posted: 7/04/13 1:08am

basicalyy all of you who want to get these just need to chillax and read your acheivements page and then you will understand how to get these things. And i want all of them too. BUt i do not have all of the acheivmenats


timber12 "First Trimester"

Level: 42 Posted: 7/05/13 12:33pm

how do i get summer cars


HotCocoa03 "Under Achiever"

Level: 21 Posted: 7/06/13 5:38pm

I can't wait to get started! Sounds exciting.
(Actually already started, just wanna type the comment.) ;)


20rmaheu "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 35 Posted: 7/06/13 10:19pm

i am really confused about all the cars that are coming out and all the cars that are not going to be able to get. this is the first time i have been on nitro type since the summer started and school ended. i am really confused. can anyone help? in all these comments people talk about the sunshine and woodie or whatever and i just don't get it. can someone please help me? thanks for whoever does. :)


NEYMAR-is-the-boss "Olde School"

Level: 52 Posted: 7/08/13 11:02am

@☚N✝♏☛☢☯alol☯☢ that would be great


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