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Where's TheCorndog Going??

Posted by Austin 12:34pm on 4/10/13 1403 Comments

Your fearless leader, [FTW]TheCorndog (that's me!) is leaving tomorrow for a very long trip on the other side of the world... And since I know how much you'll all miss me, I decided to leave you a few parting gifts..

Gifts you have to pay for!

This time around I'm just releasing 3 new vehicles - a SWEET Lamborghotti and two RADICAL motorcycles. These are the first motorcycles to hit Nitro Type (but not the last??), so hopefully they look good on the track.

Also, just because I love all my typists so much, and because I know sometimes you become frustrated and just want to blow up my whole website... Well now you can. At any point, type "destroynitrotype" into your keyboard, and have at it. Control your little destructor with the arrow keys and the Space Bar to shoot. What's the purpose, you ask? Nothing! Except complete annihilation of everything!

I hope you all enjoy, and I will check in on the blogs and forum occasionally (and maybe post some pics from my travels!), and my trusty staff and excellent moderators will be keeping everyone in check as always.

So long!

Edit: Also, I just went ahead and added "All Time" to the Site Stats in the scoreboard so you all can see as we grow. Remember, tell all your friends! Help Nitro Type take over the internet!


F4U-Corsair "Astronaut"

Level: 217 Posted: 4/10/13 12:42pm

Have a wonderful trip and thank you for all the help!


I_love_Bruce_Willis! "Mystery Man"

Level: 42 Posted: 4/10/13 12:49pm

I dont think this cars are the right for the people in nitro type...


[FTW]TheCorndog "The Founder"

Level: 25 Posted: 4/10/13 12:49pm

@I_love_Bruce_Willis! Why's that?


TheRace-ist "Under Achiever"

Level: 18 Posted: 4/10/13 12:51pm

this is so cool! i have been wanting motorcycles for awhile now...and have a nice trip!


[NTM]andrew1167 "Box Collector"

Level: 208 Posted: 4/10/13 12:54pm

As Corsair said, have a wonderful trip! Love the new cars and motorcycles, and I've already destroyed the news! I should try destroying the price tags on cars...

Also, now that the new cars are released, I'm officially buying the Flux Capacitator next. The question is when I'll buy it.


Zombie_X_1999 "People Love Me"

Level: 44 Posted: 4/10/13 12:57pm

so fun to detroy nitro type and awesome cars. Good luck with the trip


DestroyNitroType "Millionaire"

Level: 43 Posted: 4/10/13 12:58pm

The bikes are GREAT but when you type in destroynitrotype, a thing pops up that says Press ESC to quit and there is a 0 along with a white triangle, but the arrows keys and spacebar do nothing.


GHOSTriley "The Mad Hatter"

Level: 23 Posted: 4/10/13 12:59pm

hey thx for the cars but it would be better if they were a lower lvl but other than that have a nice trip


F4U-Corsair "Astronaut"

Level: 217 Posted: 4/10/13 1:01pm

The destroynitrotype works fantastically. It reminds me of the old video space games.

You guys are very creative.

Keep up the excellent work!!

By the way as the title states Where are you going exactly?

See you on the track!!


[FTW]TheCorndog "The Founder"

Level: 25 Posted: 4/10/13 1:01pm

@DestroyNitroType What browser are you using? You might want to try a different one if you can. Odd that the arrow keys don't work for you... That little ship should be able to fly around and destroy things.

@GHOSTriley That's why you have to keep leveling up!


[TP]AnnePirc "Empress"

Level: 160 Posted: 4/10/13 1:02pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog If you are going to the other side of the world are you coming to Australia to visit me in Sydney?
Have a great trip.


[ЄƝM]NinjaDude "God Mode"

Level: 61 Posted: 4/10/13 1:02pm

Have a nice trip and thanks for the destroynitrotype thing it's epic oh and so are the cars XD


[MT]♦☻mariotyper☻♦ "Pilot"

Level: 47 Posted: 4/10/13 1:03pm



[ЄƝM]NinjaDude "God Mode"

Level: 61 Posted: 4/10/13 1:13pm

There should be new achievements where you have to destroy certain sites and all the sites then get a car that destroys others a monster truck ....hint hint


[FTW]KristenSmith "The Friendly Helper"

Level: 25 Posted: 4/10/13 1:20pm

@F4U-Corsair I agree! I felt like I was dropped into a game of Asteroids!


I[TAKE_YOUR]GIRL "First Trimester"

Level: 63 Posted: 4/10/13 1:27pm

i love the new cars they are awsome !! :) there should be another one. i just got the new lambo . its pretty bad


gagster "Millionaire"

Level: 47 Posted: 4/10/13 1:38pm

the new lambo is the best car i think nitro type has made thank you all for all you have done.


rephracer "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 35 Posted: 4/10/13 1:47pm

I so want to get those new cars


[FTW]TheCorndog "The Founder"

Level: 25 Posted: 4/10/13 1:56pm

@[TP]AnnePirc Not quite but ill be close! Still on the wrong side of the equator, though I was next door just a few months back in Bali.


rephracer "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 35 Posted: 4/10/13 2:10pm

These are some of the coolest cars yet. The last set of cars was super cool and these are even cooler. Thanks [FTW]TheCorndog, thanks a bunch!!!


MarioSonic "Celebrity"

Level: 57 Posted: 4/10/13 2:11pm

This is cool


[AC]Africon_☼♀§ "Mystery Man"

Level: 35 Posted: 4/10/13 2:16pm

I really like nitro type, and was looking forward to blowing it up. But for me it doesn't work. It is just like @DestroyNitroType said, the same thing happens to me. You should try to make it (Better?? i guess) work.
huge fan of Nitro Type!!!!!!


rephracer "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 35 Posted: 4/10/13 2:21pm

So were are you heading.


BLACK-VIPER "Filthy Rich"

Level: 25 Posted: 4/10/13 2:32pm

the cars look awsome and have a great trip


[FTW]TheCorndog "The Founder"

Level: 25 Posted: 4/10/13 2:39pm

@rephracer Backpacking my way around South East Asia and China.


firebaby_fire "The Practicer"

Level: 29 Posted: 4/10/13 2:44pm

I think that it is a great idea to have new cars


Native1 "Big Spender"

Level: 21 Posted: 4/10/13 2:47pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog this is kinda cool dont you think??


TR0N "Nitro Type Savior"

Level: 60 Posted: 4/10/13 2:57pm

I destroyed Corndogs car with that destructor thing...
Then, I go to type this, and it destroyed the comment box. O.O
love it!


[ƝϮℱ]LegolasG. "Box Collector"

Level: 63 Posted: 4/10/13 2:57pm

I destroyed Nitrotype until I couldn't destroy anymore......7400 points!!!


BLACK-VIPER "Filthy Rich"

Level: 25 Posted: 4/10/13 3:11pm

@I[TAKE_YOUR]GIRL the cars are not bad just really expience i would love to have them but i'm no at the right level and don't have anough money but i wan't to have evey car


[ZK]TheBountyHunter "Unstoppable"

Level: 31 Posted: 4/10/13 3:17pm

That's awesome [FTW] Corndog, Btw I lost to you in a race :3 We shall meet again young one.


Luclℑn "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 41 Posted: 4/10/13 3:20pm

Ah ha ha I'm so sad I will never achieve these cars.


Icewing "Big Spender"

Level: 10 Posted: 4/10/13 3:35pm

Good Luck on the Trip!


☣⚠⚡RetroPanda⚡⚠☣ "God Mode"

Level: 57 Posted: 4/10/13 3:47pm

thank you for the new cars


Nickiesix891 "I Like Friends"

Level: 28 Posted: 4/10/13 3:49pm

Yay new vechicles. Also good luck on your trip.


classen11 "Unstoppable"

Level: 71 Posted: 4/10/13 4:11pm

I love the new cars.


I[TAKE_YOUR]GIRL "First Trimester"

Level: 63 Posted: 4/10/13 4:15pm

@BLACK-VIPER i think that they are all right kind bad but good luck to get them i have one of them, i could gett all of them but i guess its cause i have the money to but i do not want to


charmelo "God Mode"

Level: 63 Posted: 4/10/13 4:22pm

I love the new cars they are awesome. After I purchase the Gotham I will buy the other motorcycle and the Lamborgotti AdventX. This means I am buying all of the cars and look good on the track


[ATL]Did-You-Beat-Me "Box Collector"

Level: 89 Posted: 4/10/13 4:30pm

Look what i'm driving. I bought all of the new cars and i am so happy! Congradulations to the Corndog for going somewhere. THanks for the new cars and the new car that i'm driving is the best! i like the motorcycles to. I told my friends that there would be new cars today but they didn't believe me! so now they all owe me five dollars!


[FTW]TheCorndog "The Founder"

Level: 25 Posted: 4/10/13 5:30pm

@[ZK]TheBountyHunter Good race! Told you I'd win though ;P


[SMB]⇜♛❉King-Boo❉♛⇝ "God Mode"

Level: 88 Posted: 4/10/13 5:31pm

The new lambo is sweetttt but still saving for the gothem but it sure is nice that the EZ-Rider is a good price and you can still save but have a good looking motorcycle!


Hot_Wheels "Box Collector"

Level: 68 Posted: 4/10/13 5:42pm

OMG Thanks you so much for these cars! I think the Lambo is AMAZING! I think I'll buy it as my own personal birthday present on Friday! :D Yay my birthday's on Friday! The DestroyNitroType thing is great and fun XD


yolobro265 "I Love Nitros"

Level: 32 Posted: 4/10/13 5:50pm

this cars are so freakin cool


theNitroKiller "Under Achiever"

Level: 26 Posted: 4/10/13 6:00pm

I love the features of "destroynitrotype"


[ZK]TheBountyHunter "Unstoppable"

Level: 31 Posted: 4/10/13 6:04pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog Lol,I got scared and started messing up,Besides you would've beat me anyhow :D


rephracer "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 35 Posted: 4/10/13 6:05pm

Well have a good time [FTW]TheCorndog.


[NTM]XxshiftThePr0xX "Heri za Kwanzaa!"

Level: 93 Posted: 4/10/13 6:12pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog Will their be anymore releases to you come back?? And how long exactly like months, years0.0, hopefully not but please let me no if you can.


Daveycakes99 "[SKIPWRD]"

Level: 13 Posted: 4/10/13 6:13pm

the cars are boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P


rephracer "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 35 Posted: 4/10/13 6:14pm

I am sure you will have a nice trip Asia and china are really cool.


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 197 Posted: 4/10/13 6:16pm

omg destroynitrotype is the most creative ive seen to this site please keep it cause this is so fun to kill them bots and the suzuki leg placement and its like highlighted and incorrect in a way.


[SMB]WhiteThunder "Olde School"

Level: 55 Posted: 4/10/13 6:25pm

The new cars are awsome just like this game


[SMB]boom-boom "Luxury Car Driver"

Level: 51 Posted: 4/10/13 6:29pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ This game is beast just like the new cars you made.

PS:The people who made this game is awsome.


rephracer "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 35 Posted: 4/10/13 6:30pm

I never thought that [FTW]TheCorndog would make somthing like that on nitro type.


NorCal™ "God Mode"

Level: 45 Posted: 4/10/13 6:50pm

Who ever came up with the idea for the "DestroyNitroType" thing is amazing. Also the new cars are sick as well. I noticed one thing though why doesn't the EZ Rider have a front tire?


[ⓐⓣⓛ]ⓖⓔⓔ⑧②④™ "Box Collector"

Level: 67 Posted: 4/10/13 7:12pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ Im lost with the destroynitrotype thing where is it?


dr_awsomeness "Word Skipper"

Level: 8 Posted: 4/10/13 7:23pm

whre do u typ destroynitrotype


XxthehackerxX "Box Collector"

Level: 69 Posted: 4/10/13 7:33pm

@[ⓐⓣⓛ]ⓖⓔⓔ⑧②④™ you have to type in destroynitrotyoe then you'll see how it works with the arrow keys and spacebar. These cars are EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 197 Posted: 4/10/13 7:41pm

Wheres the famous car u promiused us corndog >:(


[NTM]andy5692 "Box Collector"

Level: 110 Posted: 4/10/13 7:44pm

Nice! Lovin the minigame, and bought myself yet another lambo, now i have the full collection... AGAIN :D


[NTM]XxshiftThePr0xX "Heri za Kwanzaa!"

Level: 93 Posted: 4/10/13 7:46pm

I just got the hotdog 1 step further for the 8 bit!! Thnx all who helped and supported me in getting this!



[SMB]Sasquatch "Olde School"

Level: 94 Posted: 4/10/13 9:09pm

I bought two new cars I love them! Have a good time at your trip


[FTW]TheCorndog "The Founder"

Level: 25 Posted: 4/10/13 10:17pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ I did not promise a famous car, in fact I said specifically that I won't release one this round. When I do release it.... You'd better have your money saved up...

@[NTM]XxshiftThePr0xX Less than two months, but more than one month. I don't actually know how long. And there will most likely not be updates but who knows?? I might be bored somewhere in the middle of nowhere and put up some new achievements or something. I can easily do that from my phone. And I'll most likely post random pics to the forum.


Lewster "Used Car Salesman"

Level: 10 Posted: 4/10/13 10:44pm

Thats AWESOME so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ZenRacer "Box Collector"

Level: 50 Posted: 4/10/13 10:51pm

These cars are SWEET!!! I've been waiting for a while!


awesomeFace_IZAYA😝★ "First Trimester"

Level: 32 Posted: 4/10/13 10:53pm

how do i do the destroy thing?????????


ZenRacer "Box Collector"

Level: 50 Posted: 4/10/13 11:11pm

AND the blowupnitrotype feature is awesome :)


Nevermore "Under Achiever"

Level: 23 Posted: 4/11/13 3:01am

thanks! the new feature is cool :D


srbalbushol "Millionaire"

Level: 31 Posted: 4/11/13 6:01am

I'm on level 31 2 levels till i unlock the motorcycles one thing please add the ferrari FXX,
Pagini Zonda F and Koinsegg CCR


≾ℵ♅ጠ≿ ✡☣John☣✡ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 123 Posted: 4/11/13 6:27am

When Corndog first said he was going to asia i was hopping he was coming to japan. Oh well, i guess he's not. Any way, thank you for the cars. I plan on reaching 15-20mil in cash before i purchase anything. I want to spend my money wisely ;). can someone tell me if i am double posting cause my comment is not showing up, and i can't tell when it is going to. I hope you have a great trip Corndog! P.S. can't wait after the two months you are gone... cause there's gonna be a summer update!


[NTM]TimeTraveler "Time Traveler"

Level: 74 Posted: 4/11/13 7:05am

@srbalbushol they already have a zonda tricolore...

does that count as a pagini zonda?


Get_On_My_Level_ "God Mode"

Level: 43 Posted: 4/11/13 7:06am

OMG!!!!!!! I cant wait to get these hip cars, dogs. They are sick. I'm only a level 42 so I still need to wait.!? That's whack yo


Sorrybutyoulost. "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 28 Posted: 4/11/13 8:30am

Where are you going? I hope you have a great trip! Anyhow, these motorcycles are totally fab!


Ben_the_master "Millionaire"

Level: 34 Posted: 4/11/13 8:59am

cool beans


-DUCK-COMMANDER- "Olde School"

Level: 37 Posted: 4/11/13 9:13am

these features and cars are awesome


Brodie_Smith21 "Olde School"

Level: 50 Posted: 4/11/13 9:22am

So Awesome!!!!!!


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 197 Posted: 4/11/13 9:24am

@[FTW]TheCorndog oops then i misunderstood and i have more then 14 mil enough to purchase almost any car ;)


streetking12345 "Millionaire"

Level: 21 Posted: 4/11/13 9:30am

we'll all miss you


jellybiscuit "Millionaire"

Level: 32 Posted: 4/11/13 9:38am

You should add a battle mode between players on destroynitrotype.


greatyper "Endurance Racer"

Level: 53 Posted: 4/11/13 9:43am

First time bikes on Nitro type ..
I think you could introduce a Royal Enfield bike and a Yamaha bike
all the cars are good
Hope you enjoy your trip


bringthebacon83 "The ATM Machine"

Level: 19 Posted: 4/11/13 10:21am

@[FTW]TheCorndog I'm from China! Have fun and be safe. I hope you don't get any diseases. :)


kaycee8 "Millionaire"

Level: 34 Posted: 4/11/13 10:40am

sweet cars and bikes for nitro type!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kaycee8 "Millionaire"

Level: 34 Posted: 4/11/13 10:52am

i hope you have a good trip, cool veichles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I[TAKE_YOUR]GIRL "First Trimester"

Level: 63 Posted: 4/11/13 10:53am

@Sorrybutyoulost. he is going back packing i forgot where though


rephracer "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 35 Posted: 4/11/13 11:06am

I have always liked motorcycles and now we have some on nitro type.Thanks a bunch.


Wee_I_won "Mega Winner"

Level: 14 Posted: 4/11/13 11:31am

Awesome. Good idea. Can you release some Harley Davidson motorcycles please??? That would be super awesome.


amracer "Race Car Driver"

Level: 40 Posted: 4/11/13 11:47am

Nice cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~Karlee~ "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 25 Posted: 4/11/13 11:51am

Oooooo, motorcycles. Niiccee :3


rephracer "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 35 Posted: 4/11/13 12:03pm

Not nice cars super duper cool cars and bikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jackda "Mega Winner"

Level: 17 Posted: 4/11/13 12:32pm

i wish i could get them but got no money


urlckyimonlygoing.2% "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 74 Posted: 4/11/13 1:03pm

Can you please make the next one really expensive, I have too much cash saved up I thought the next car would cost a fortune. ^^'


gime "Olde School"

Level: 35 Posted: 4/11/13 1:08pm

thanks and have a nice trip :)


bumblebee3000 "Raw Racing Recruit"

Level: 37 Posted: 4/11/13 1:36pm

these are the coolest!!!!!!!!


Chalibay.12.12.12 "Filthy Rich"

Level: 18 Posted: 4/11/13 1:39pm

These cars are so COOL! I want the one that looks like a transformer :3


YOLO_16 "Luxury Car Driver"

Level: 20 Posted: 4/11/13 2:20pm

I want all of em!!!! lol :D


amracer "Race Car Driver"

Level: 41 Posted: 4/11/13 2:23pm



rephracer "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 35 Posted: 4/11/13 2:25pm

Totally right. @amracer


I[TAKE_YOUR]GIRL "First Trimester"

Level: 64 Posted: 4/11/13 2:31pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ @bumblebee3000 oh my gosh lol how do you destroy nirtotype idk how??


≾IAPB≿☠☯★NHLNick13  "Olde School"

Level: 65 Posted: 4/11/13 2:36pm

wow awesome cars can't wait to get them when i have enough you know what i will get one right now once i have enough $45,000 to go


[ENM "Unstoppable"

Level: 31 Posted: 4/11/13 3:06pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog I was changing my name and accidently clicked enter Help? c;


martincobb "Millionaire"

Level: 41 Posted: 4/11/13 3:07pm

I just bought one so I am sitting in the hot seat


[FTW]TheCorndog "The Founder"

Level: 25 Posted: 4/11/13 3:45pm

@≾ℵ♅ጠ≿✡☣John☣✡ Nope not Japan this trip. Been there twice though. Sitting in Korea right now waiting for my connection to China now.

@bringthebacon83 Haha ya I hope I don't catch anything... I got all my shots at least.

@everyone Nice to see you are all enjoying the new vehicles and the little destroy nitro type thing. Makes me think maybe I should add some mini games into this site... And as I've mentioned before, you all have the summer update to look forward to when I get back. New cars, new achievements, new logo... But only for the summer, and then they go away forever!


Bryce_Rosenberg_12 "Millionaire"

Level: 21 Posted: 4/11/13 4:04pm

Thats awesome


[NTM]TimeTraveler "Time Traveler"

Level: 74 Posted: 4/11/13 4:25pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog why do they go away forever?


[ENT]8_Bit_Racer "Celebrity"

Level: 50 Posted: 4/11/13 4:37pm

Thanks corndog


[NTM]andrew1167 "Box Collector"

Level: 209 Posted: 4/11/13 4:48pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog Wait, so do you mean we'll lose our summer cars and achievements when the event ends?! Or am I just misinterpreting and the event will work the same as the holiday event?

@[MT]♦☻mariotyper☻♦ Your post was deleted because it was off-topic. Yes 67% accuracy is odd, but you have to remember that lots of people can type much faster than 50 WPM and because of that they can get lower speeds with terrible accuracy if that's what they try to do. [NTM]andy5692 has gotten speeds in the 50+ range while getting accuracy below 40%!

@[ENM I doubt he'd go manually fix it, just wait until the 8 hours are up.


XxthehackerxX "Box Collector"

Level: 69 Posted: 4/11/13 5:05pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog I have an idea Corndog how about you put in a new contest like the facebook one that Chronic Death won


lilykinz "I Love Nitros"

Level: 29 Posted: 4/11/13 5:09pm

The cars are sooo awesome!!!


✇♠♧☠Sebastian☠♧♠✇ "Race Car Driver"

Level: 43 Posted: 4/11/13 5:41pm

Now, many of you won't believe this, but on destroynitrotype I scored 24560 points!!!!!!! Reply if you can beat this!!!!


RPM "Unstoppable"

Level: 41 Posted: 4/11/13 5:47pm

These Cars are Sweet! Just sold my Buggani so u could get the lambogotti!
But we need more achievment cars not like super Hard to get like the Pirc or the F4U-Crosair
but like the Gator something in that difficulty. :)


rephracer "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 35 Posted: 4/11/13 5:51pm

So are we just going to get are cars in sumer and then lose them after sumer because that would be a bumer


[SOLO]TrifectaWanta "Endurance Racer"

Level: 45 Posted: 4/11/13 6:07pm

How do you get to destroy nitrotype


speedo007 "The ATM Machine"

Level: 22 Posted: 4/11/13 6:27pm

Just randomly type "destroynitrotype" it worked while i was reading this page!


[ⓐⓣⓛ]ⓖⓔⓔ⑧②④™ "Box Collector"

Level: 68 Posted: 4/11/13 6:27pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog I still don't understand how u get to destroynitrotype where do u type it in? PLEASE RESPOND


≾₪♆ጠ≿ ✡☣John☣✡ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 123 Posted: 4/11/13 6:38pm

@rephracer Probably we are going to have to buy the first car (for the summer update), and then we will have to use that car to get achievements, such as titles and cars. I'm guessing like the Christmas update, we are going to be able to keep the cars after the update. I think we will also have the ability to sell the achievement cars and buy them back... BUT YOU HAVE TO EARN THEM TO SELL THEM AND BUY THEM BACK. Many people got confused about that after the Christmas update. People were like "wow, how do you buy the Party Sleigh", and i was like you had to earn it in the Christmas update.
Oh, and use your money wisely;) i sold my macro like 5 times, and wasted LOTS of money... don't do that!

@[SOLO]TrifectaWanta On any page on NitroType, type "destroynitrotype" and a little gun thing will appear. Then you control it by using the arrow keys, and you shoot by hitting the space bar. THEN YOU DESTROY EVERYTHING! LOL

@RPM *gasp* why did you do that! well, i guess if you like the AvendX better than the Buggani, that's fine to do that, but if I were you, i wouldn't have done that because the Buggani almost costs twice as much as the AvendX. But i guess that's your choice, kinda like how i sold most of my achievement cars to get the Gotham.

@XxthehackerxX There is probably going to be another contest... at least i hope :D There's been quite a bit of talk about it on the forums. i don't know if you know about the forums, so here's a link: search around in the suggestions sections of the forums, and you will see topics about contests. There are lots of ideas for contests, so if you want to suggest one, you will have to be creative ;)

@[NTM]Andrew1167 I can type 16WPM with -168% accuracy! Did you know it was possible to have negative percent accuracy? haha I usually type in the 110-120 range, and usually with 97-100 percent accuracy. i don't pay much attention to accuracy though. But I'm guessing it's good cause i get very good scores on typing tests.

@FTW_Innovations how dare you threaten the Mighty Corndog by saying you will "destroynitrotype" on his profile... jk


[NTM]Adog(BOSS)Folds "Race Car Driver"

Level: 41 Posted: 4/11/13 6:44pm

Love the new motorcycles, have the EZ-Rider and Lambogotti Advent how is the mighty corndog level 25 but has the gotham and has over 100,000,000 dollars in cash?


███████☯★☠THATGUY "I Have Friends"

Level: 59 Posted: 4/11/13 8:13pm

I was just racing and I have a average of 50+ range WPM. But I just raced with Vielle who has a average of 100+. Do you know why??


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 197 Posted: 4/11/13 8:13pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog ooo you should visit teh dmz that place rules!

and i find the destroynitrotype really useful for destroying those annoying currently in a race really helpful!


christianrock55 "Unstoppable"

Level: 36 Posted: 4/11/13 8:29pm

i love the new cars there awesome! i can't what until new cars come out


[FTW]TheCorndog "The Founder"

Level: 25 Posted: 4/11/13 11:36pm

@[NTM]andrew1167 same as holiday event. Limited time to earn them.


SwimmingLaxBro:-) "Epic Word Skippage"

Level: 42 Posted: 4/12/13 5:12am

i think you should take the people out of the cars. i feel like they take away from the epicness of the cars. all the new cars have this. plse change! :-)


Mrs.JamyaKaepernick "Celebrity"

Level: 50 Posted: 4/12/13 6:32am

@[FTW]TheCorndog ,
I want to race with you! Even though I will lose I would like to try. Can we set up a race time?


Ari_is_awsome "Epic Nitro User"

Level: 46 Posted: 4/12/13 6:49am

on destroynitrotype i got 30340!


rawalj "Luxury Car Driver"

Level: 20 Posted: 4/12/13 7:38am

rawalj@TR0N I destroyed nitrotype and got 47799


mattler "First Trimester"

Level: 47 Posted: 4/12/13 8:08am

@amracer Isn't this beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 197 Posted: 4/12/13 8:15am

@[FTW]TheCorndog hmmm will i take everything first like last event ;) and about how manny tracks do u play on making for the event?


[ATL]AwesomeNinja "Olde School"

Level: 70 Posted: 4/12/13 8:59am

@[FTW]TheCorndog These new cars are awesome.


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 197 Posted: 4/12/13 9:23am

i gotta say the adventador car is my favorite so far and the suzuki umm the guys legs are like wierd and i think the suzuki couldve had more work put into it and the ezrider is awesome i have no idea what that is based off of but its nicely done especially the racer.


rjones "Filthy Rich"

Level: 15 Posted: 4/12/13 9:39am

@[SMB]⇜♛❉King-Boo❉♛⇝ that is a cool bike


Type-4ever-nonestop "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 31 Posted: 4/12/13 9:56am

I like it.


crazybabypants "Word Skipper"

Level: 8 Posted: 4/12/13 10:15am

@[ZK]TheBountyHunter i like your car


apolosuperlightgt "First Trimester"

Level: 16 Posted: 4/12/13 10:16am

new cars I Need


Caitlyn+Hayden "Epic Word Skippage"

Level: 23 Posted: 4/12/13 10:29am

this is awsome Austin this cool


kartkiller13 "Sports Car Driver"

Level: 15 Posted: 4/12/13 10:30am

that awsome got to get me one of those bad looking bikes!!!


iimagic "I Love Nitros"

Level: 15 Posted: 4/12/13 10:30am

I can't figure out how to destroy nitro type


D1R3CT10N3R4L1F3 "Millionaire"

Level: 28 Posted: 4/12/13 10:37am

the new car and motorcycles are totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM JUST LOVE


kidsosa123 "Muscle Car Driver"

Level: 13 Posted: 4/12/13 10:49am



[007]TheOriginalBond "Olde School"

Level: 43 Posted: 4/12/13 11:00am

I got ALL THREE!!!!


rephracer "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 35 Posted: 4/12/13 11:08am

I've wasted money buy selling cars a long time ago. I've had that experience.@≾₪♆ጠ≿✡☣John☣✡


Pokemon_master#1 "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 17 Posted: 4/12/13 11:18am

@[FTW]TheCorndog this is the most coolest wesite eva! keep doing new stuff


eddie$ "Millionaire"

Level: 29 Posted: 4/12/13 11:30am

thanks for creating nitro type it is the best racing and typing game i ever played so i am just glad that you invented nitro type


aidan$ "Under Achiever"

Level: 15 Posted: 4/12/13 11:31am

new cars are great!!! and any one who sees this please be my friend.


Mexicaninja "I Love Nitros"

Level: 19 Posted: 4/12/13 11:35am

Yay new cars


The-Awesomest "Olde School"

Level: 47 Posted: 4/12/13 11:49am

The new cars are cool. but i am wondering how everyone gets the special cars i have seen like shadow xmas tree and neon christmas slay.


[ENT]#Lob_city_kidd™ "Endurance Racer"

Level: 49 Posted: 4/12/13 11:54am

how the heck does the whole destroynitrotype thing work i cant see to shhot anything


Boobookitt3n101 "Epic Word Skippage"

Level: 22 Posted: 4/12/13 1:21pm

@The-Awesomest I agree! :)


[FTW]KristenSmith "The Friendly Helper"

Level: 25 Posted: 4/12/13 1:34pm

@everyone It seems like many of you are having trouble "destroying" Nitro Type. To activate this secret game simply type destroynitrotype (without any spaces or extra punctuation marks) and a small blaster will appear (looks like a white triangle). Hit the spacebar to shoot and use the arrow keys to move around the page. Enjoy!


Sibster "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 35 Posted: 4/12/13 2:08pm

I did not even think before buying the new convertible.


[TP]AnnePirc "Empress"

Level: 163 Posted: 4/12/13 2:15pm

For those having problems with "destroynitrotype"
You don't need to have a place to type it. Just type on you keyboard on any page.


F4U-Corsair "Astronaut"

Level: 217 Posted: 4/12/13 2:42pm

You can get them during the Christmas season only.

But once you get it you can play with it anytime.

See you on the track!!@The-Awesomest


DirectionerForever27 "Pilot"

Level: 45 Posted: 4/12/13 3:45pm

I love the new motorcycles and car you put in the Dealership :D


[TP]AnnePirc "Empress"

Level: 163 Posted: 4/12/13 3:50pm

@F4U-Corsair Still love that plane no matter how often I see it. :-)


☢★äçê1234★☢ "Millionaire"

Level: 34 Posted: 4/12/13 3:51pm

thx man


tdpop "I Love Nitros"

Level: 25 Posted: 4/12/13 4:05pm

I want one


boss4444 "I Love Nitros"

Level: 60 Posted: 4/12/13 5:04pm

@dr_awsomeness you can type it anywhere!!!! It's awesome. You just have to spell it right.


Branden1054(single) "Pilot"

Level: 45 Posted: 4/12/13 5:10pm

Where are all these new cars people have acheivements? Cause there not in the Dealership


{ƝϮℱ}☔☕♈J-W-♈☔☕ "People Love Me"

Level: 69 Posted: 4/12/13 5:21pm

@Branden1054(single) Yes they are..... Motorcycles are under "Motorcycles" and you have to be a level 33 and i think the Lambo is under the exotic cars which is i think is level 35


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 197 Posted: 4/12/13 6:10pm

@[TP]AnnePirc ok ill have a plane too :P since world war 2 and korean planes rule!

@{ƝϮℱ}☔☕♈J-W-♈☔☕ its super sport not exotic and yup ur right lvl 35 exotic is 30


≾₪♆ጠ≿ ✡☣John☣✡ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 124 Posted: 4/12/13 6:15pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ so... what are you gonna do with all the money you have?? maybe save up for some new cars?... any way, im gonna REALLY DROP MY SPEED DOWN ALOT!!! so i can reach 15 mil in cash faster.... i really want that AdevntX, so im gonna "cheat" to get more money :D
that was so random LOL


Native1 "The Mad Hatter"

Level: 22 Posted: 4/12/13 6:33pm

This is good why didn't they think of this before!!??


[TP]AnnePirc "Empress"

Level: 164 Posted: 4/12/13 7:35pm



≾₪♆ጠ≿ ✡☣John☣✡ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 124 Posted: 4/12/13 7:56pm

@[TP]AnnePirc crazyiness... since your retired your gonna dominate EVERYONE! you should try getting 2 of your accuonts ont he top three scoreboard! are you gonna stop racing on that accoutn?


theawesometimothy "I'm Friendly!"

Level: 24 Posted: 4/12/13 8:04pm

Im not even at that level


olivialovescats "Filthy Rich"

Level: 20 Posted: 4/12/13 8:38pm

@ZenRacer me too! Awesome cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


F4U-Corsair "Astronaut"

Level: 217 Posted: 4/12/13 9:00pm


If feel the same way!!@[TP]AnnePirc See you on the track!!


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 238 Posted: 4/12/13 10:09pm

@≾₪♆ጠ≿✡☣John☣✡ I'm not retired yet. But because I am so close it is hard to get work they mostly want younger employees than those of us near retirement.
Not sure what I plan yet. I will not use AnnePirc again for a few months except for the holiday achievements.


[FTW]TheCorndog "The Founder"

Level: 25 Posted: 4/12/13 11:30pm

@[TP]CarriePirc Well hopefully your improved typing speed helps you find work. Nitro Type is more than just dominating scoreboards after all!


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 197 Posted: 4/12/13 11:34pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog dominating with improvement!


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 238 Posted: 4/12/13 11:48pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog It can do me no harm. Perhaps it might improve my chances of getting more work.
Edit : I mostly get work driving a forklift in warehouses and factories but with my age I might start ending up in the office side of warehousing as I do have some skills in that area. So Ntiro Type will certainly be an asset along those lines.
I got a fair bit of work for two weeks and was only able to get on here a little bit but found when I was typing less every day my typing speed and accuracy improved a great deal.


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 198 Posted: 4/13/13 12:39am

@≾₪♆ጠ≿✡☣John☣✡ took your position and you were like "i took myself down" and i was like dude you have no position [maybe turd palce]


ndhillon "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 17 Posted: 4/13/13 8:28am

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is just so cool i really want to get those awesome looking motorcycles!!!!!!!!!!!


Branden1054(best) "Millionaire"

Level: 46 Posted: 4/13/13 8:37am

Hi im Branden1054 and I really want the Lamborgotti AdventX i sold my other lambergotti s and my valent performo i just need $30,000 grrrrrr.....

Any ideas how to get the money please reply it will really help and if you race me you'll get you butt kicked by Branden1054(best)....


The_unstoppable_man "Unstoppable"

Level: 21 Posted: 4/13/13 9:43am

Got like 15,000 points and stopped. That was fun!!


Gi-o-ltimate "Unstoppable"

Level: 40 Posted: 4/13/13 11:11am



CLH13 "I Like Friends"

Level: 32 Posted: 4/13/13 12:58pm

Admin why don't you just make some forewheelers and other new vehicles??????????????


OILERS52 "Endurance Racer"

Level: 49 Posted: 4/13/13 3:40pm

can you make them cheaper


[NTM]BaseballPro21 "Olde School"

Level: 31 Posted: 4/13/13 4:15pm

awesome new lambo!!!!!!!!!!


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 198 Posted: 4/13/13 4:31pm

@OILERS52 what!!!! they are cheap enough the motorcycles are unbelievably cheap costing 150k! and the adventx looks cheap for its type costing 700k!


boss4444 "I Love Nitros"

Level: 62 Posted: 4/13/13 4:56pm

@✇♠♧☠Sebastian☠♧♠✇ I'm so good on destroynitrotype that I got 25110!!!!! Try to beat that!


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 198 Posted: 4/13/13 9:13pm

i have a question is the total words typed counted even when u disqualify a race?
@boss4444 i got 900,300 by repeatedly destroying the stuff that pop up when u scroll over a player name.


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 239 Posted: 4/13/13 9:22pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ If you disqualify in a race the the race is cancelled and counts for nothing as it has not registered as a race.


olivialovescats "Filthy Rich"

Level: 21 Posted: 4/13/13 9:27pm

@amracer Yes they are!!!!


Jed-master "The Practicer"

Level: 26 Posted: 4/13/13 11:46pm



rephman "Word Skipper"

Level: 8 Posted: 4/14/13 12:25am

nitro type wont let me sign in as my other account rephracer It is not working


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 198 Posted: 4/14/13 1:08am

@rephman you can reset password through the email click forgot password and then it will send a password thingy to ur email and the rest is on hte email link thingy.


yolobro265 "Unstoppable"

Level: 33 Posted: 4/14/13 10:09am

i love this motorcycle


{ƝϮℱ}☔☕♈J-W-♈☔☕ "People Love Me"

Level: 69 Posted: 4/14/13 10:18am

Anyways... These cars are amazing!!!! I made a mistake of selling cars so i could by them but either way..... DEM CARS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10024585 "Big Spender"

Level: 11 Posted: 4/14/13 11:45am

I am saving up to buy a motorcycle.


[ENT]#Lob_city_kidd™ "Endurance Racer"

Level: 49 Posted: 4/14/13 1:02pm



Bananacakes,Alexis "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 36 Posted: 4/14/13 1:25pm

I'm trying to get a motorcycle now, they look awsome! So


master999999 "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 35 Posted: 4/14/13 1:38pm

This cars is so cool


beast44 "Filthy Rich"

Level: 18 Posted: 4/14/13 1:38pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog you should lower the levels for the cars and give more money each race because 2000 does not seem like enough.


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 198 Posted: 4/14/13 2:01pm

@[ENT]#Lob_city_kidd™ what do u mean the judge is already in the game?


boss4444 "I Love Nitros"

Level: 64 Posted: 4/14/13 2:14pm

destroynitrotype is great!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


¤†‡ĐϋгЇп΄ŝ_Вап准¤ "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 45 Posted: 4/14/13 2:25pm

I'm loving the motorcycles!


★[SNAKE]michen16★ "Unstoppable"

Level: 45 Posted: 4/14/13 2:36pm

@everyone I can't wait until I get the new cars matter a fact I got a idea.


boss4444 "I Love Nitros"

Level: 64 Posted: 4/14/13 4:02pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ impossible!!!!!!!!!!!


☣⚠⚡Retro-Panda⚡⚠☣ "God Mode"

Level: 61 Posted: 4/14/13 6:01pm

@rephman you may have been hacked if you had your password the same as your user name


███████☯★☠THATGUY "I Like Friends"

Level: 59 Posted: 4/14/13 7:54pm

An Australian won the Masters. Another thing that the Australians are good at.


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 198 Posted: 4/14/13 9:10pm

i cant tell but did the pirc have a little darkening? like on the old blog the picture of the pirc compared to the pic now is a litlte oddly differnt looks like it had a saturation change and the corners look darker.


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 239 Posted: 4/15/13 2:45am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ Not as far as I know.


BO$$_2.O "Big Spender"

Level: 51 Posted: 4/15/13 7:09am

@[NTM]andrew1167 So did you guys make this website because i know that [FTW] TheCorndog is the admin but what about [NTM]andrew1167 why is he a moderator? is he the one who makes the new cars and attachments? Just wondering.

201 "Mystery Man"

Level: 29 Posted: 4/15/13 8:47am

@[NTM]BaseballPro21 it take a lot of races to get that car right?/// lol


swagleader94 "Muscle Car Driver"

Level: 10 Posted: 4/15/13 9:17am

wow im so excited theres new cars


lisslelay "Olde School"

Level: 15 Posted: 4/15/13 9:40am

Yay..... Happy Happy Joy Joy!!! :D


xXDemonspeedXx "Pilot"

Level: 46 Posted: 4/15/13 10:25am

type destroynitrotype at anytime, anywhere!


☠[ATL]9ʇɐɔplıʍ☠ "Box Collector"

Level: 91 Posted: 4/15/13 10:36am

@someoneHELP The destroy nitro type thing isn't working, HELP!!!! D:


_annabanana_ "I'm Friendly!"

Level: 53 Posted: 4/15/13 11:00am

@☠[ATL]9ʇɐɔplıʍ☠ are you sure you spelled it right? you have to make sure that you spell it right and there are no spaces.


☠[ATL]9ʇɐɔplıʍ☠ "Box Collector"

Level: 91 Posted: 4/15/13 11:01am

@Re:someoneHELP Never mind, I figured itout :P
Sorry, I was bored


jefferyd1018 "Olde School"

Level: 34 Posted: 4/15/13 11:26am

I bot the GXR 1200 its not the best but its still awesome.


[MT]♦☻mariotyper☻♦ "Pilot"

Level: 47 Posted: 4/15/13 12:49pm

Congrats on the corsair @[TP]AnnePirc! Its real cool to see exactly 10,000 races for you!


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 239 Posted: 4/15/13 2:01pm

@[MT]♦☻mariotyper☻♦ Thanks AnnePirc will stay on 10,000 races until the holiday achievements come out.


Girl&Panzer!!!! "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 35 Posted: 4/15/13 2:02pm

You (the nitro type people) have to make some more tank car for GuP fans.


Brooklynn_Cunningham "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 26 Posted: 4/15/13 2:11pm

@iimagic just type in destroynitrotype, make sure there are no spaces, move up and around with the arrow keys, and use space bar to shoot and destroy.


kittycat1368 "I Love Nitros"

Level: 27 Posted: 4/15/13 2:33pm

the motorcycles are awsome i want one really bad i really mean REALLY BAd I WANT ONE geeez there so awsome i got to get one now but i need to get to thet level give us a free one please i think people will agree so please put one so people can at least get one motorcycle and i think that more people will join with a cool free motoercycle . . . . . who agrees with me


*BlackAngel* "Sports Car Driver"

Level: 15 Posted: 4/15/13 2:38pm

okay this may be arocking awesome game but during the friends chat we should be able to type our own words not yall pick what yall want us to say and who would wan to say mmmmm....pie!?


kittycat1368 "I Love Nitros"

Level: 27 Posted: 4/15/13 2:44pm

hey there is something new in nitrotype welli will report something everyday when im on so the new news is they have now made some brand new motorcycles the first two and also u can get one i am not at the level yet but i will get there soon but read this if u get one i bet u will use it for a long time and i have more news the news is that they will make more cars and all that and congrats to the people who are in first second and third place in the game good luck and next time on the news will come again tomorrow well see ya bye.


imthedragonking "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 35 Posted: 4/15/13 3:10pm

you guys need to create enemies to kill after everything is destroyed!!! that would be cool!!!


Baller(u_kno)!! "The Mad Hatter"

Level: 22 Posted: 4/15/13 5:39pm

This is wicked enit??!!!!!!!!!


shanontang4804034591 "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 27 Posted: 4/15/13 6:38pm

They should give some more xp and money on every race. And one more nitro for the winner of each race would be better.


Twiggytwig "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 27 Posted: 4/15/13 6:59pm

That was fun destroying nitro type!


I-love-puppies-:3 "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 76 Posted: 4/15/13 7:10pm

I really like doing the destroynitrotype thing. It's really fun!


[Ⓐ☂Ḽ]Impossible "People Love Me"

Level: 110 Posted: 4/15/13 7:28pm

@[TP]MrMagicMonkies If you don't know how to do that then either copy and paste from someone else's.


charmelo "God Mode"

Level: 72 Posted: 4/15/13 8:02pm

I like the cars and motorcycle and i wish i can have some money like a million dollars because we all did a million races so everybody that logged on last week get a million


monkeyboy984 "Mystery Man"

Level: 32 Posted: 4/15/13 8:04pm

@[TP]CarriePirc you are one of my favorite typers i hope one day i will to be as high in races as you I am determimined and I will not give up until I pass you


☣♛💀₲®ƐƐȠ~ƒi®Ɛ💀♛☣ "Epic Nitro User"

Level: 66 Posted: 4/15/13 8:44pm

This is awesome! Thanks man love the cars and site!

p.s Check out my car :]


DmanX "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 38 Posted: 4/15/13 9:35pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog: Hey when you get back you should give out discounts,and we should have weekly raffles and the lucky typist could win cars,money,etc.

P.S. could you make a motorcycle called the X Speed


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 198 Posted: 4/15/13 9:51pm

@DmanX X speed? sounds like a name that would fit an experimental car like the macro :P


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 240 Posted: 4/16/13 1:39am

@monkeyboy984 I always like to see competition so I wish you all the luck in the world.
The reason I can get so many races in is because I am semi retired so have a lot of time on my hands. Though I'm going to start spending more time playing chess in the near future.


Kobie_Ulmer "Pilot"

Level: 45 Posted: 4/16/13 8:37am

Nice Cars Bro!Awesome

229 "The Practicer"

Level: 30 Posted: 4/16/13 8:53am

@kartkiller13 that right you should get one those bad looking bikes


JESUS127 "Filthy Rich"

Level: 42 Posted: 4/16/13 9:49am

i will get the new cars


maryvalencia;) "Millionaire"

Level: 11 Posted: 4/16/13 10:00am

cool cars:)


ArayaSunshineGoss;) "Millionaire"

Level: 23 Posted: 4/16/13 10:08am

dude...i love the little destroyer thing.... i destroyed all yalls comments lol


3HZA "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 35 Posted: 4/16/13 10:54am

Yeah! This is awesome. I was wondering why we didnt have any motorcycles! (:
Its really cool. We should have more cars, like off road cars. Like Toyota LandCruisers, or Jeeps. Thats cool. Maybe we should have a place in the the dealership where we can add accessories!!!!!! :D


clearari000 "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 31 Posted: 4/16/13 10:56am

you should make it so people can trade and gift cars. that would be cool


dollar1 "Mega Winner"

Level: 33 Posted: 4/16/13 11:20am

Hey yo corndog, can you make more holiday cars like ones for easter and thanksgiving or other holidays plz, cuz that would be cool

THX, in advance u are Uber cool


jay_swagg_24 "Race Car Driver"

Level: 40 Posted: 4/16/13 11:20am

so dope you gotta buy one of these
sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i sold my buggati thught but this is dope


sonicboom1203 "[SKIPWRD]"

Level: 16 Posted: 4/16/13 12:24pm

@[FTW]KristenSmith Are there any other cute games like "destroynitrotype?"


kittycat1368 "I Love Nitros"

Level: 27 Posted: 4/16/13 12:34pm

hey i am back today with some news but there is a pizza car well some of u might have the car but it seems u have to complete an achivement first which is hard for me to complete caus ei can't stay on that long but any way lets see what i have oh thats it . . . . . . . well today u know about the brand new cars well u should also tell corndog good luck on the trip and this is to corndog . . . .. good luck corndog on your trip . . . . . . well i hope yall read this cause exiting news now so lets see what it is well there is ne wcars like yesterday so ill write back so buy a brand new motorcycle so bye write back later see ya. good luck corndog.


I[TAKE_YOUR]GIRL "Celebrity"

Level: 65 Posted: 4/16/13 3:57pm

@sonicboom1203 no there isn't it would be cool if there were though :?


Beka_is_the_Winna "Race Car Driver"

Level: 40 Posted: 4/16/13 4:04pm



☣⚠⚡Retro-Panda⚡⚠☣ "God Mode"

Level: 61 Posted: 4/16/13 4:07pm

@kittycat1368 please stop putting all these comments up its getting anoying


Lhill_Bhitty_$haad "Celebrity"

Level: 57 Posted: 4/16/13 5:31pm

How do you get the cars like the Party Sleigh and the X-ShadowMaxxTree or something like that .???


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 198 Posted: 4/16/13 6:25pm

@kittycat1368 please stop triple posting combine all your posts into one ;) thanks!


minecraft1368 "Filthy Rich"

Level: 27 Posted: 4/16/13 7:26pm

thank you for telling me that and i am sorry about that i didn't think at all but sorry. i will do that now. . . . . hello i am the news reporter and i have some news for you so if you know about the new cars and you already got one well good for you well so you should know now if you didn't well soon ill have to leave so i am doing it now if you like nitro type then say yes or i do like nitro type so and i don't have an @ at my username this is how you spell it{ kittycat1368 } so now if you got one then you should be proud of yourself and people who don't have one yet should also be proud of themselves too cause you have been working really hard to get to the level your at so keep going you guys and girls well i will post again tomorrow but first any comments about what the news is please post now


o_Dark_Beast "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 38 Posted: 4/16/13 7:29pm

Give the riders something they want. Like monster trucks


yolobro265 "Unstoppable"

Level: 34 Posted: 4/16/13 7:48pm

get to the level@tdpop


[N™]j3whets® "Olde School"

Level: 88 Posted: 4/16/13 9:44pm

@everyone i'm gonna try to get the covenant on saturday might be easy if my mom don't tell me to get off the computer


[NTM]andrew1167 "Box Collector"

Level: 212 Posted: 4/16/13 9:53pm

@minecraft1368 As multiple people have said, please stop posting so many times in a row. I have had to delete many of your posts because they simply weren't necessary and worth a place on this news. Also, not to rain on your parade or anything, but if you are going to "report news" everyday then please make your posts more than just a copy of this news page. We already know that three new cars are released, and we don't need comments reminding us. After all, we all saw the picture before reading the news!

@Lhill_Bhitty_$haad Those cars were only achieveable during the Holiday Event during December. You can go read through the old news pages if you want, but basically those cars had to be gotten during the event in December. The four cars were the Rocket Sleigh, the Xmaxx Tree Racer, the Party Sleigh, and the Shadow Xmaxx Tree. You can look at my profile if you don't know what some of them look like; I am one of the few to own all four of them :)

@clearari000 This idea has been mentioned countless times in the past, but it will never ever happen because this opens up the possibility of people hacking each other's accounts to give themselves free cars and money. I'm mainly just responding because of the hope that people will read this and not suggest it themselves!

@[NTM]TimeTraveler Try logging onto the forums from a different computer with a different IP. Also, please work this out with Vielle somewhere other than the news: you could email each other or maybe catch each other on the NTM chat.


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 198 Posted: 4/16/13 9:54pm

I think nitrotype needs a big update im getting tired of word races i want a math race! do math questions like
5 * 2 =
and stuff like that cause im getting tired of words time for nitrotype to expand and strengthen and enhance the learning!


gavdude334 "Used Car Salesman"

Level: 20 Posted: 4/16/13 10:09pm

i like those cars, cant wait until i can get 'em!
thanks, and please make holiday cars more often.
other people, enjoy those cars and keep racing!



≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 198 Posted: 4/16/13 10:17pm

@gavdude334 its been said millions of times only on decembers they are holiday cars so holidays only and it will happen next december so be ready in 3/4 of a year ;)


dollar1 "Mega Winner"

Level: 33 Posted: 4/17/13 5:37am

we need more than just december holiday cars,we need easter and halloween!!!


minecraft1368 "Filthy Rich"

Level: 27 Posted: 4/17/13 7:13am

i will stop then but i don't know what you are talking about on the last three note things but i am not doing anything wrong to other people so i guess that it is just you so i will try to stop and put all i have to say in one whole thing. . . . . . news reporter here and good morning and that's all i got for this morning but any who guess what this is fact or opinion {i love nitro type} so thats all i have for right now but bye


USMCisbest "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 30 Posted: 4/17/13 7:30am

are you the real founder of this game


AngelBaby101 "The Practicer"

Level: 13 Posted: 4/17/13 7:35am

This is the best typing game out there. I love it. Love all the cars too.


YoFace16 "Epic Word Skippage"

Level: 21 Posted: 4/17/13 8:13am

Are these achievement cars or do you have to get to a certain level to unlock them? If so, what level do you have to get to to unlock them?


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 198 Posted: 4/17/13 9:06am

@minecraft1368 *facepalm* you did it again... please stop double posting! or triple posting!


Hi!!!!!!!!!! "Sports Car Driver"

Level: 15 Posted: 4/17/13 9:20am

@I-love-puppies-:3 how do you do the destroy nitro type thing


-DUCK-COMMANDER- "Olde School"

Level: 37 Posted: 4/17/13 9:22am

@YoFace16 -level 33 for motorcycles
level 35 for the car


hebermessi "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 17 Posted: 4/17/13 9:23am

i want one of those


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 198 Posted: 4/17/13 10:00am

ive organized myself a session plan that will take me to 3rd of all time and get pirc 2nd! hehehe ive also came up with my own tactics to keep me racing wihout knowing it!


YoFace16 "Epic Word Skippage"

Level: 21 Posted: 4/17/13 10:01am



I[TAKE_YOUR]GIRL "The Practicer"

Level: 65 Posted: 4/17/13 10:16am

@☣⚠⚡Retro-Panda⚡⚠☣ haha i know right please stop


LONG_LIVE_KING "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 35 Posted: 4/17/13 11:44am

How are you supposed to destroy nitrotype using the "destroynitrotype" phrase and when do you use it? Is it in the middle of a race or just whenever?


monie123 "Millionaire"

Level: 19 Posted: 4/17/13 12:05pm

I can't wait to get some action on the new cars! Man I am a car FANATIC!!!


_annabanana_ "I'm Friendly!"

Level: 53 Posted: 4/17/13 12:18pm

I really like these motorcycles! maybe you could make a water track with boats!


I_hate_this_game "I Hate Words"

Level: 16 Posted: 4/17/13 12:22pm

Nice Idea with the destroyer and motorcycles but I cant seem to get the "destroynitrotype" to work. The score thing pops up but it doesnt do anything


streetking12345 "Olde School"

Level: 21 Posted: 4/17/13 12:26pm

who are you @[TP]CarriePirc


Swagerboy123 "First Trimester"

Level: 17 Posted: 4/17/13 12:26pm

@streetking12345 ey i hope he comes back early cause i want him to make more sick cars


streetking12345 "Olde School"

Level: 21 Posted: 4/17/13 12:37pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog can you make a customized lamborgotti


SwimmingLaxBroΩ™ "Epic Word Skippage"

Level: 43 Posted: 4/17/13 3:01pm

@☣⚠⚡Retro-Panda⚡⚠☣ I can't agree enough


ltg13 "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 30 Posted: 4/17/13 3:46pm

those are some nice cars can i buy one


jesusistheone "Millionaire"

Level: 33 Posted: 4/17/13 3:52pm

PLEASE MAKE WATER TRACKS WITH BOATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JOSIAHKING


birthday_girl_12 "The Mad Hatter"

Level: 17 Posted: 4/17/13 3:53pm

do they do cars for birthday girls (p.s. it's my 12th birthday today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


charmelo "God Mode"

Level: 72 Posted: 4/17/13 4:15pm

Now that i got The Gotham i will buy all the cars and then i will look good on the track with The Gotham, bikes, Lamborgotti Aventx and last but not least The Pirc


☠[ATL]9ʇɐɔplıʍ☠ "Box Collector"

Level: 92 Posted: 4/17/13 4:36pm

@jesusistheone I kinda' like this idea but you would have to wait for 5 people with boats. That would take a really long time to start a race. :l
Other than that I like this idea :)


Awsome^_^ "Millionaire"

Level: 42 Posted: 4/17/13 5:10pm

i think this is a great idea by all the people that lie the this plan that you or we are doing


3456CreeperHouse "I Like Friends"

Level: 46 Posted: 4/17/13 6:42pm

Cool trip. Just asking, if my account gets hacked will I have to wait 2 months for you to get it back for me


miguel4567 "The Mad Hatter"

Level: 11 Posted: 4/17/13 8:47pm

what is inside a mystery box?


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 199 Posted: 4/17/13 9:24pm

@3456CreeperHouse no hes on while on his trip


☣⚠⚡Retro-Panda⚡⚠☣ "God Mode"

Level: 62 Posted: 4/17/13 11:03pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ how did you learn to be so fast


carlaveloso96 "I Love Nitros"

Level: 16 Posted: 4/18/13 6:57am

@miguel4567 it depends, I got 20 nitros one time and the next time I got 10,000 dollars!



҈№ĤȁɔkᴇŕX∆☼۞۩¶ت……€Ѽ� "Celebrity"

Level: 52 Posted: 4/18/13 7:08am

Hey CornDog would you make more achevements that have a reward of money instead of the titles but you can still make the titles just more achevements with the award of money!



^^__^^ "Celebrity"

Level: 50 Posted: 4/18/13 7:56am

hope you have fun on your trip!!


YoFace16 "Epic Word Skippage"

Level: 21 Posted: 4/18/13 9:21am

@monie123 Neiter can i!!! q212


Pan "The ATM Machine"

Level: 18 Posted: 4/18/13 9:51am



I[TAKE_YOUR]GIRL "The Practicer"

Level: 66 Posted: 4/18/13 10:26am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ how did you get the achievement the EMPEROR. i looked and i cant find it.


iwillbanyou "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 35 Posted: 4/18/13 10:28am



[N™]XxshiftThePr0xX "Heri za Kwanzaa!"

Level: 94 Posted: 4/18/13 11:00am

@I[TAKE_YOUR]GIRL It is a secret achievement you will only see it if you have gotten it…

I wonder were the corn dog is we haven't heard from him in days?!?! lol


≾N¥⨊≿☠☯★Paco★☯☠ "Raw Racing Recruit"

Level: 66 Posted: 4/18/13 11:04am

@☣⚠⚡Retro-Panda⚡⚠☣ he is pretty fast lol i bet when i'm as old as him i will prob be as fast as him. right now i only do like 70 wpm on average


Mr_munchkin "I Hate Words"

Level: 16 Posted: 4/18/13 11:08am

@o_Dark_Beast Thats what the monster is


$$$MONEY_MAN$$$ "Millionaire"

Level: 35 Posted: 4/18/13 11:17am



JAVERT "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 32 Posted: 4/18/13 11:24am



guns_n_roses "First Trimester"

Level: 40 Posted: 4/18/13 11:42am

this is so cool enjoy your trip austin ps destroy nitro type is cool this is cool
ps send me request and i will hapily accept


[MT]♦☻mariotyper☻♦ "Pilot"

Level: 48 Posted: 4/18/13 12:00pm

We need an average accuracy stat in the garage.


SuperCoolNAme "Millionaire"

Level: 37 Posted: 4/18/13 12:09pm

you should add a bumper car mode where you can blow up and the winner should get 2,000$ and the loser gets 1000$ will you think about this plz


GuestRacer1234 "Mega Winner"

Level: 21 Posted: 4/18/13 12:16pm

hey corndog we need more cars and


VictoriaDAnobleh-owo "Unstoppable"

Level: 25 Posted: 4/18/13 12:21pm

@$$$MONEY_MAN$$$ - why blow up this place.. this is freedom on my Thursdays... unless it's an expression.. my bad :(


Awsomeash "I Love Nitros"

Level: 19 Posted: 4/18/13 12:43pm

I know that would be totally awesome, by the way those are some pretty TIGHT new cars!:)


21dparsons "Millionaire"

Level: 20 Posted: 4/18/13 12:59pm

I want to have a cool car that can skip 5 words but make it 100,000,000 OK. :)


oscarvaldez1 "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 33 Posted: 4/18/13 1:41pm

You should make nitros that skip 2 words at once that will be aswsome


amracer "Race Car Driver"

Level: 43 Posted: 4/18/13 1:42pm

@mattler Yes it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 241 Posted: 4/18/13 2:33pm

@[MT]♦☻mariotyper☻♦ There is an average accuracy in the garage. Under your cars you will find the stats click on last 30 races change it to last 30 days then on the right side click on view logs and it will you your daily accuracy stats and speeds stats and a few other statistics.


SwimmingLaxBroΩ™ "Epic Word Skippage"

Level: 43 Posted: 4/18/13 3:18pm

Have you ever thought of giving out awards for best colored cars because i would win:-) LOOK AT MY GARAGE. NOW!


rephman "Muscle Car Driver"

Level: 10 Posted: 4/18/13 3:54pm

green 18 times I think you should have at least one different colored car


carlaveloso96 "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 17 Posted: 4/18/13 4:17pm

yeah @$$$MONEY_MAN$$$. victoriaDAnobleh-owo is right WHY WOULD YOU BLOW UP THIS PLACE!!!!??????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????? it is not nice


[ⓐⓣⓛ]💰ⓖⓔⓔ⑧②④💰™ "Box Collector"

Level: 70 Posted: 4/18/13 9:30pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ Hey and one question, how long do you think it will take you to get "The Pirc"?

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ How much does the rocket man cost when you sell it?


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 199 Posted: 4/18/13 10:20pm

@[ⓐⓣⓛ]💰ⓖⓔⓔ⑧②④💰™ @10987654321 are you that much of an idiot threatning? if you truly would hack then give yourself the stuff you moron xD

@☯Ɏ☼☆★Xisco★☆☼Ɏ☯ how is it distracting? the blog is
distracting enough! simple technique to counteract it... forget about it!

@[ⓐⓣⓛ]💰ⓖⓔⓔ⑧②④💰™ 1.5 mil for hte rocket man when u sell it and the pirc probably i think in 1-2 months. most likely in june or may depedning on when i session. most likely june....

Yes 145 wpm! and i beat alexid and john to the 140 wpm highest range!


_*DYLAN*_ "Race Car Driver"

Level: 43 Posted: 4/18/13 11:03pm

You guys should make enimies that you have to kill in order to get 25,000 dollars after you destroy every thing. That would be awesome.


∞ΣΩḎΞЯ_ŁΘβΰϛсΰϛ№ "[SKIPWRD]"

Level: 42 Posted: 4/19/13 7:38am

@*BlackAngel* I TOTALY AGREEE!!!!!!


Triple_H_DX! "Mega Winner"

Level: 22 Posted: 4/19/13 8:09am

what is happening?!!! My nitro type login works but every time i want to log out it doesn't let me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


williamconnors "First Trimester"

Level: 10 Posted: 4/19/13 8:49am

@∞ΣΩḎΞЯ_ŁΘβΰϛсΰϛ№ @*BlackAngel* wow nice cars


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 199 Posted: 4/19/13 9:15am

@Triple_H_DX! please send a support to the and give the browser you are using and what you were doing and what exactly happens when you click log out.


$$$MONEY_MAN$$$ "Millionaire"

Level: 35 Posted: 4/19/13 10:53am

that would make an easy way to make money@SuperCoolNAme


ctaylor "People Like Me"

Level: 58 Posted: 4/19/13 11:10am

I love the new cars


krysta1 "Word Skipper"

Level: 8 Posted: 4/19/13 11:19am

i am loving nitro type no typing game has ever been this fun


Pokemon_master#1 "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 17 Posted: 4/19/13 11:47am

hey. there needs to be a quicker way to make $ in this game


Lollypop2000 "Millionaire"

Level: 24 Posted: 4/19/13 1:03pm

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee we will miss you enjoy your trip thks for the aswome gifts


XxJUGGER_NAUTxX "Millionaire"

Level: 16 Posted: 4/19/13 1:26pm

@ArayaSunshineGoss;) yay right


Scorcher "Epic Word Skippage"

Level: 42 Posted: 4/19/13 1:27pm

can u paint the motorcycles kind of weiry to buy one


§ÆËÐ "Mystery Man"

Level: 25 Posted: 4/19/13 2:51pm

@Pokemon_master#1 Yeah, I agree.


Triple_H_DX! "Mega Winner"

Level: 23 Posted: 4/19/13 3:03pm

I think you shopuld have the cars only ciost 5 dollars.


☠[ATL]9ʇɐɔplıʍ☠ "Box Collector"

Level: 92 Posted: 4/19/13 4:51pm

@[ⓐⓣⓛ]💰ⓖⓔⓔ⑧②④💰™ The second questions answer is 1,500,000 :)


[MT]♦☻mariotyper☻♦ "Pilot"

Level: 48 Posted: 4/19/13 5:52pm

@[TP]CarriePirc I know dut other people can't see that


rainbowpuppy "Big Spender"

Level: 8 Posted: 4/19/13 6:40pm

HI! I love Nitro Type! It's so fun! Sometimes I get really mad when it's not typing, but then I realize that it's because I accidentally hit something else. I also love beating my classmates to the death! Yeah Nitro Type!


[₦₮]$£βa$₮ιA₦ "Practice Makes Perfect"

Level: 54 Posted: 4/19/13 6:55pm

Okay, this is totally irrelevant, but I am now in the top 1000 racers of all time!!!!!!(979 to be exact)
Edit: Most Active, not Fastest.


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 199 Posted: 4/19/13 6:59pm

@☯Ɏ☼☆★Xisco★☆☼Ɏ☯ so its a waste? cars in nitrotype are a waste too we add them to make it entertaining! not cause its a stupid waste and your leaving just cause of a little thing? what kinda idiocracy is this? just ignore it!


DylanH22 "First Trimester"

Level: 22 Posted: 4/19/13 7:09pm

These cars are so cool.


Ilovelexus2013 "Millionaire"

Level: 15 Posted: 4/19/13 7:15pm

not cool, not awesome, but BOSS cars! ^_^


piepiepiepiepiepie "First Trimester"

Level: 27 Posted: 4/19/13 7:15pm

sweet in know a person KESHAWN+IESHA who has the new lamborgotti im saving up but i only have 115,000 dollars or i wish i can get the lamborgotti mephisto but im on level 27 or 25


krysta1 "[SKIPWRD]"

Level: 9 Posted: 4/19/13 7:43pm

Could you guys just be a bit nicer when you tell people like my friend minecraft1368 that they need to stop posting things. Not to be mean but what would you do if you liked to post stuff what if that was your dream to be a reporter. so please just be a bit nicer


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 199 Posted: 4/19/13 7:54pm

@krysta1 the person is arguing to double and triple post ssaying that we are ruining him we he should really be combining the posts and next he tried to send a big spammessage on the blog that got deleted.


GOKUvsV3GETA "Practice Makes Perfect"

Level: 68 Posted: 4/19/13 8:12pm

they should make a Speed Racer car


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 199 Posted: 4/20/13 1:52am

I figure I need to improve my accuracy wow last highest race (142 wpm) was just a 91.82 accuracy that's bizarre so I'm going to try what Carrie does and improve it!
Maybe cause I eat too much candy and drink lots of soda explains why I'm so inaccurate xD
Now with my accuracy plan in effect this will give me a more better reason to do more NitroType!

WARNING: Andrew I plan on be doing MASSIVE sessions in the next 3 weeks and weekdays don't be surprised if pass you soon enough ;) and then pass Corsair hehe.


douglas02 "Race Car Driver"

Level: 41 Posted: 4/20/13 2:16am

yes new cars


⋨₪♆ᘻ⋩ ✡☣John☣✡ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 127 Posted: 4/20/13 2:39am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ Same here. sometimes i quit races if i get under 90% accuracy. When i go fast.. i mean realy fast i get low accuracy


[squad] "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 27 Posted: 4/20/13 10:08am

this website is the best typing training in all time well at least that's what I believe


StMichael "Filthy Rich"

Level: 39 Posted: 4/20/13 12:50pm

This is so sweet!!!!!!!! I just love destroying everything!! The motorcycles also look pretty cool so hopefully I can get one soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 200 Posted: 4/20/13 3:27pm

@☯Ɏ☼☆★Xisco★☆☼Ɏ☯ and everyone is talking about it but where? through the blog and the forums you must be distracted enough to go there.


[NTF]LegolasG. "Box Collector"

Level: 65 Posted: 4/20/13 5:17pm

@TheCorndog. Yesterday, Friday the 19, we did 230,000 races. Didn't you say that when we did 200,000 in a day you would reward us?
(Guys I'm just working off of memory here, but I distinctly remember Corndog saying that when we got the million.)


bocaj78 "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 17 Posted: 4/20/13 5:26pm

they need p-55 sherman tank, panther tand, tiger tank, a battleship and a bowing B17 flying fortress airplane to buy.


olivialovescats "Mystery Man"

Level: 23 Posted: 4/20/13 5:57pm

Awesome new cars!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone else think these are great cars?


웃♚☪✪Ѵ∀ℙϋℛ∃✪☪♚웃 "God Mode"

Level: 42 Posted: 4/20/13 7:03pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ What is NTM


⋨₪♆ᘻ⋩ ✡☣John☣✡ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 127 Posted: 4/20/13 7:26pm

@[NTM]Vielle why did you sell all those cars? i just realized that you sold them after i saw that you all the sudden had 2 more mil in cash than a couple minutes ago.


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 200 Posted: 4/20/13 7:27pm

@웃♚☪✪Ѵ∀ℙϋℛ∃✪☪♚웃 It's an clan that isin't an official feature in NitroType and let me give you some history to clans it started on December 2nd with the first official NitroType clan called [NTM] and I created it as then later on the forums Corndog made a forum and added a section just dedicated to clans and later clans like [NTN] and [ZIO] and stuff started rising and then now there is this big clan battle for clans I'd be glad to discuss more about clans on the nitrotypeforums where clans mostly hang out unlike [NTM] with its own chat and stuff.


Mr.BeastlyNitro "Mystery Man"

Level: 29 Posted: 4/20/13 7:28pm

Yo Vielle was up how do yo you get those symbols in your name?


[NTF]LegolasG. "Box Collector"

Level: 65 Posted: 4/20/13 7:30pm

@웃♚☪✪Ѵ∀ℙϋℛ∃✪☪♚웃 Nitro Type Masters. It is a clan that he started. To learn more click on the link at the top of the page, nitrotypeforums.


RareMadness "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 30 Posted: 4/21/13 8:25am

It would be awesome for you guys to give everyone a car of their choice for once in nitro type!


amazing_guy "Lucky Number 7"

Level: 29 Posted: 4/21/13 1:53pm



≾NUKE≿☠☯★NHLNick13  "Box Collector"

Level: 67 Posted: 4/21/13 4:40pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog when it's christmas are we still able to get the party sleigh and the shadow xmaxx


[99th]Xero "Endurance Racer"

Level: 52 Posted: 4/21/13 5:54pm

Love the motorcycles! :D


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 201 Posted: 4/21/13 6:15pm

@≾NUKE≿☠☯★NHLNick13 most likely next december and a little extra more features most likely ;)


MatrixGaming "Mystery Man"

Level: 30 Posted: 4/21/13 6:42pm

YOOOOOO Vielle how'd you get those symbols?


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 201 Posted: 4/21/13 7:14pm

@MatrixGaming alt and the numpad u can find tons more on a unicode sheet on the internet.


Awesome:) "Millionaire"

Level: 23 Posted: 4/21/13 7:43pm

this is WICKED


MatrixGaming "Mystery Man"

Level: 30 Posted: 4/21/13 9:17pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ thnks vielle


[FTW]TheCorndog "The Founder"

Level: 25 Posted: 4/22/13 12:07am

Hello from Bangkok, Thailand everyone! Hope you're all having a great time with the new cars and destroying Nitro Type!


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 201 Posted: 4/22/13 12:25am

@[FTW]TheCorndog bangkok the capitol of thailand i see and thailand is a crazy place ive heard of tourists coming to that place and getting killed!


⋨₪♆ᘻ⋩ ✡☣John☣✡ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 128 Posted: 4/22/13 1:08am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ Wow, what i nice way to let him enjoy his trip xD keeping hiim worried about people killing him...


xreacer5678904 "Endurance Racer"

Level: 46 Posted: 4/22/13 6:27am

@[FTW]TheCorndog if you are level 25 than how do you have the gotham


dollar1 "Unstoppable"

Level: 36 Posted: 4/22/13 6:30am



xreacer5678904 "Endurance Racer"

Level: 47 Posted: 4/22/13 7:24am

how can you get in 100 for wpm


kendrick_knight "Millionaire"

Level: 44 Posted: 4/22/13 8:37am

got that lambo


[SMS]Mr.Extreme "Race Car Driver"

Level: 41 Posted: 4/22/13 8:37am

Have a wonderful trip!!!


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 201 Posted: 4/22/13 9:05am

@xreacer5678904 he got the gotham by giving himself it cause of his lil admin panel he has :P

@xreacer5678904 practicing!


[SMS]Mr.Extreme "Race Car Driver"

Level: 42 Posted: 4/22/13 9:13am

≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ I always practice, but I still can't get to 100 WPM


fly-guy "I Love Nitros"

Level: 19 Posted: 4/22/13 9:30am

@Pan be at level 33 or somewhere higher


👿👿👿👿👿👿👿 "Race Car Driver"

Level: 41 Posted: 4/22/13 9:39am

yay i destroyed ≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ 's account haha this is so fun and your next corndog ;-)


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 201 Posted: 4/22/13 9:47am

@👿👿👿👿👿👿👿 ahh murderer!

370 "Big Spender"

Level: 9 Posted: 4/22/13 10:37am

cool stuff that you got here.


bluemustanglover1967 "[SKIPWRD]"

Level: 24 Posted: 4/22/13 10:53am

Nitro Type needs to add a make your own car thing in the dealership.


joeljr9 "Olde School"

Level: 19 Posted: 4/22/13 12:20pm

you need to make more new cares ///


Awsomeash "I Love Nitros"

Level: 19 Posted: 4/22/13 12:37pm

Who has the new cars yet?!?!?!?!?!


[ATL]Awe$omeBro "Box Collector"

Level: 85 Posted: 4/22/13 12:50pm

@👿👿👿👿👿👿👿 how do you do that???!!!


Metallica500 "Luxury Car Driver"

Level: 21 Posted: 4/22/13 12:50pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog totes these are sweet cars


firebreather2 "Millionaire"

Level: 12 Posted: 4/22/13 12:51pm

nitor rock


greifer "Mystery Man"

Level: 9 Posted: 4/22/13 1:06pm

I wonder when he comes back? Anyone know?



[ATL]AwesomeNinja "Box Collector"

Level: 70 Posted: 4/22/13 1:30pm

the rocket (destroynitrotype) is awesome.


creeper_299 "Pilot"

Level: 45 Posted: 4/22/13 1:57pm

@≾N¥⨊≿☠☯★Paco★☯☠ good job with the 70 wmp


justin906 "Millionaire"

Level: 31 Posted: 4/22/13 2:14pm

yah the do


[TMB]⚠☠☣eminem☠☣⚠ "First Trimester"

Level: 36 Posted: 4/22/13 2:51pm

hey i just think that the destroy nitrotype is cool and how do you make a clan?


kaliladams1 "Race Car Driver"

Level: 40 Posted: 4/22/13 3:24pm

the new cars are awsome I don't care what any body says nitro type is gett'n hype


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "First Trimester"

Level: 67 Posted: 4/22/13 4:16pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ lol why don't we destroy his account Vielle XD we should race sometime i;m your friend and i do 70 wpm i want to see if i can keep up with you lol and then you can train me to be faster please............


StealthyNinja "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 25 Posted: 4/22/13 4:19pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog I've got some suggestions of cars I'd like to share with you. First there's the smart car which is a little weird but ya. This isn't a car but a chariot. Lightning McQueen and Mator from the movie cars. A ford Van, a truck, monster truck, and maybe a perade float. And maybe a comvertable. Or some sport stuff like, a soccer ball, or a football, baseball. Or Maybe some instruments, like a guitar, or a violin, drums, piano, microphone. But ya just trying to give you a few ideas about some cars.


stunts "Olde School"

Level: 27 Posted: 4/22/13 4:58pm

I think a UFO should be put on nitro type as a car


[ⓐⓣⓛ]💰ⓖⓔⓔ⑧②④💰™ "Box Collector"

Level: 71 Posted: 4/22/13 5:24pm



fastestgymnast13 "Used Car Salesman"

Level: 14 Posted: 4/22/13 5:30pm



[Ⓐ☦Ⓛ]💰Ⓖⓔⓔ➑➋➍💰™ "Box Collector"

Level: 71 Posted: 4/22/13 5:53pm

█░█░░░█ █▀▀ █░░ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █▀▄▀█ █▀▀ ░█
█░█▄█▄█ █▀▀ █░░ █░░ █░░█ █░▀░█ █▀▀ ░█
█░░▀░▀░ ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀ ▀░░░▀ ▀▀▀ ░█


adrianabest:P "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 36 Posted: 4/22/13 6:54pm

oh very pretty i want to get to that level so i can get those cars


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 201 Posted: 4/22/13 7:12pm

@[Ⓐ☦Ⓛ]💰Ⓖⓔⓔ➑➋➍💰™ is that a boat or a train? or a tank?


allanteprice(BOOG) "The ATM Machine"

Level: 34 Posted: 4/22/13 7:18pm

dude they should give 4,000 dollars to people in first place, in second place they should give 3,000 dollrs to second place, in thired place it should be 2,000 dollars two, so if u need me just post me


kitcatlover "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 34 Posted: 4/22/13 7:36pm

I love the motorcycles! They are so cool! BTW, this is the best website ever! When I play this game I get carried away with it. Awesome!


hulkbuster56 "Filthy Rich"

Level: 17 Posted: 4/22/13 7:42pm

We need more ways to earn money and get more acheivement points on holidays like a gift for nitrotype users or celebrations for how long nitrotype has existed and get a mystery box for that.


§ÆÊÐ "Mystery Man"

Level: 27 Posted: 4/22/13 8:07pm

The motorcycles are new, right?


✨💗💔Fluttershy💔💗✨ "I Have Friends"

Level: 24 Posted: 4/22/13 9:36pm

Nitro Type should add competition. Where everybody who has made 1st place on the leader board at any time, will race to see who is best Nitro Typer. That would be amazing.


xreacer5678904 "Endurance Racer"

Level: 47 Posted: 4/23/13 2:13am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ how do you become a admin


xreacer5678904 "Endurance Racer"

Level: 47 Posted: 4/23/13 2:22am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ how did you get to level 201


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 242 Posted: 4/23/13 4:14am

@xreacer5678904 1) You can't become an admin as that is reserved for the founder of this site and his staff.
2) You race lots and lots and lots if you want to go over level 200 and that takes time.


{ƝϮℱ}☔☕♈J-W-♈☔☕ "People Love Me"

Level: 70 Posted: 4/23/13 6:11am

@hulkbuster56 He is most likely going to add way more achivements... You can also get during the summer holloween and witner because their will be holiday updates where you can only get those achievements during a certain period of time

@✨💗💔Fluttershy💔💗✨ If they were to schedule a race they would just friend each other and then when they see each other online they would have to invite that person to a friends race... .Maybe corndog would add that but people on the top of the scoreboard are not always online when others are

@§ÆÊÐ Yes the motorcycles are new they came out about 2 weeks ago



kitcatlover "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 34 Posted: 4/23/13 6:27am

@hulkbuster56 I agree!


hulkbuster56 "Filthy Rich"

Level: 17 Posted: 4/23/13 7:16am

@kitcatlover Maybe he might even maybe give us a reward for being a nitrotype racer for such a long time. So we would be getting acheivement points or something for being a member so long.


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 202 Posted: 4/23/13 9:34am

@xreacer5678904 to become admin you must be a known friednly helper to ftw and u dont just know how to level 200 u do!


HyperTyper40 "Millionaire"

Level: 26 Posted: 4/23/13 10:04am

The 'destroynitrotype' command has failed to work for me, and I think that it was hastily completed.


djkb "Sports Car Driver"

Level: 15 Posted: 4/23/13 10:11am

it looks awsome


awesomenesswinner "Millionaire"

Level: 20 Posted: 4/23/13 10:30am

@[FTW]TheCorndog WHY U LEAVE?


kikass "First Trimester"

Level: 18 Posted: 4/23/13 10:40am



≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "The Practicer"

Level: 67 Posted: 4/23/13 11:06am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ we should race sometime i really want to race you i'm retro panda's friend in real life i'm faster than him and i want to race you to see if i can keep up with you and you should train me to be faster


JAVERT "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 34 Posted: 4/23/13 11:08am

Ok where is he going and "destroynitrotype" is awesome i even destroyed the scoreboard. man it was fun.


[Ⓐ☦Ⓛ]💰Ⓖⓔⓔ➑➋➍💰™ "Box Collector"

Level: 71 Posted: 4/23/13 11:09am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ Its a city that says WELCOME


$$$MONEY_MAN$$$ "Millionaire"

Level: 35 Posted: 4/23/13 11:20am

On the next update could u allow destroying nitrotype to give members money according to their score? Please and thank you.@[FTW]TheCorndog


[SMB]boom-boom "Filthy Rich"

Level: 58 Posted: 4/23/13 11:36am

@[FTW]TheCorndog This is [SMB[boom-bomm you made a awsome game and you should make a car that is semi


SEan.Burke "Millionaire"

Level: 17 Posted: 4/23/13 12:09pm

@Pokemon_master#1 yes there does


[SMB]boom-boom "Filthy Rich"

Level: 58 Posted: 4/23/13 12:21pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog What does FTW mean


【NTM】Needsmedicine "Raw Racing Recruit"

Level: 97 Posted: 4/23/13 3:49pm

@[SMB]boom-boom It means For the win.


itmaya "Sports Car Driver"

Level: 15 Posted: 4/23/13 3:59pm

hey don't go and can we have a prize at level 100


[MT]♦☻mariotyper☻♦ "Pilot"

Level: 49 Posted: 4/23/13 4:01pm

@[SMB]boom-boom His company's name is FTW Innovations


mostmostwanted "Millionaire"

Level: 23 Posted: 4/23/13 4:57pm

man i want one


pinkypie1234 "Under Achiever"

Level: 15 Posted: 4/23/13 5:09pm

i'm Pinkie
Pie and all of the cars i unlocked are awesome new cars!


StealthyNinja "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 26 Posted: 4/23/13 6:00pm

@[Ⓐ☦Ⓛ]💰Ⓖⓔⓔ➑➋➍💰™ nice job
@[ⓐⓣⓛ]💰ⓖⓔⓔ⑧②④💰™ and good job to you to
@stunts I agree with you.


StealthyNinja "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 26 Posted: 4/23/13 6:12pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog I was thinking if you could put more backgrounds while racing.


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 202 Posted: 4/23/13 6:36pm

@StealthyNinjayou know you just complimented the same person twice in a row xD
@$$$MONEY_MAN$$$ this site is mostly made to honour those who are typers!
@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ I cant really train you to be faster and most of time when i race imposters i give em no mercy ;)
@[SMB]boom-boom it means For The Wind


███████☯★☠THATGUY "I'm Friendly!"

Level: 60 Posted: 4/23/13 6:57pm

Hey Vielle, how old are you?


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 202 Posted: 4/23/13 7:12pm

@███████☯★☠THATGUY I don't give that information here.


{ƝϮℱ}☔☕♈J-W-♈☔☕ "People Love Me"

Level: 70 Posted: 4/23/13 7:20pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ You are the most secreative person i have ever met.... Or at least virtually met...... Seriously u said you were a stick figure and then posted a picture of one!!!!

At least you want to keep your identity hidden or whatever but you cant even tell us your age!!!!


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 202 Posted: 4/23/13 7:42pm

@{ƝϮℱ}☔☕♈J-W-♈☔☕ Cause i won't! Figure that info on your own! Nothing wrong with being secreative.


[NTM]jacobhan "Epic Nitro User"

Level: 43 Posted: 4/23/13 7:56pm

I love the new cars f\that they put on there There cool there really good


harrylee "The Mad Hatter"

Level: 9 Posted: 4/24/13 6:00am

I really love the new cars.they are very cool.


[Ⓐ☦Ⓛ]💰Ⓖⓔⓔ➑➋➍💰™ "Box Collector"

Level: 71 Posted: 4/24/13 6:33am

@StealthyNinja Im the same person I just changed the name


xreacer5678904 "Endurance Racer"

Level: 48 Posted: 4/24/13 7:18am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ how did you get that cool tree car


Maradona1982(Callum) "Celebrity"

Level: 63 Posted: 4/24/13 7:56am

Yah I still don't know how to exactly get these cool new cars, can someone answer me because.... yah i don't know but it would still be nice to see yah, G'day mates!


[N™]XxshiftThePr0xX "Box Collector"

Level: 96 Posted: 4/24/13 8:31am

400 races in a session at the Christmas update last year, you will still be able to get those cars in the new Christmas one that is coming...

Please stop posting 3 times In a row! just combine posts

I had a dream of an ice car lol


StealthyNinja "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 26 Posted: 4/24/13 8:40am

@xreacer5678904 I think it's a Christmas achievement.


StealthyNinja "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 26 Posted: 4/24/13 8:46am

@dollar1 I like the idea of helicopters.


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 202 Posted: 4/24/13 9:14am

@xreacer5678904 its a holiday car it was limited exclusive ;) there are 2 of them
party sleigh: do 700 races
shadow xmaxx tree: do 300 races in a row

all in december you had to do those PLEASE NOTE you cannot do those achievments any more!


Naruto,Saske,&Sakura "The ATM Machine"

Level: 19 Posted: 4/24/13 9:38am

@fly-guy you must be on level 33 or more and enough cash you know


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "The Practicer"

Level: 67 Posted: 4/24/13 11:03am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ okay lol i'm ready and i know u cant train me i was just kidding around and i'm not a imposter XD we really need to race sometime like really


[MT]♦☻mariotyper☻♦ "Pilot"

Level: 49 Posted: 4/24/13 11:23am

We need a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, It's AWESOME!!!


_annabanana_ "I'm Friendly!"

Level: 54 Posted: 4/24/13 11:23am

@✨💗💔Fluttershy💔💗✨ do you mean that every one who wants to can join the competition and like five people race the person who gets first place enters the next race and so on? i agree, that would be so cool!!!


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "The Practicer"

Level: 67 Posted: 4/24/13 11:43am

@[MT]♦☻mariotyper☻♦ i think we need like a corvette or like a commaro a 2013 one or mustang lol


[007]Mr.Lee "Olde School"

Level: 43 Posted: 4/24/13 11:51am

What is up with sometimes when I go to get the new cars and race with them, I get a message saying that I do not own that car.


ShayBear♥SYooh "The Practicer"

Level: 10 Posted: 4/24/13 11:58am

@[FTW]TheCorndog I hope you have fun too lol hey this is pretty epic id like to race u sometime(wink,wink) friend me


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "The Practicer"

Level: 68 Posted: 4/24/13 1:41pm

@[007]Mr.Lee you might want to go to support that sounds weird or its a bug....


dollar1 "People Like Me"

Level: 36 Posted: 4/24/13 1:43pm



_cookies_ "Mega Winner"

Level: 8 Posted: 4/24/13 4:10pm



Prayagpatel "Millionaire"

Level: 26 Posted: 4/24/13 5:08pm

I destroyed, so much there was nothing left on the page.


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 202 Posted: 4/24/13 6:31pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ YOU ARE an imposter you had no authorization to impose a ntm (≾ℕɎ♍≿) in your name.

@Hot_Wheels & @[NTF]DrWh☯ You were both banned on the forums for the following reasons
Inappropriate Language such as Cussing and Threatening.

Turning topics into Flame Zones and mentioning a topic that was directly stated by me (Vielle) not to bring it up again in any non-off-topic sections.

So don't be complaining that you have gotten banned you will be unbanned in 3 days. You have been banned by Andrew for these reasons listed above.


🇺🇸A®©-§ni₱£®752🏆 "God Mode"

Level: 73 Posted: 4/24/13 8:57pm

Got the 8 bit racer!

@✨💗💔Fluttershy💔💗✨ Good idea, but how would it work? I mean would it be all of the top scorers for all of the categories or just in the same category? Know what I mean….


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 202 Posted: 4/24/13 11:19pm

@Dr.Corndog When will u be back and what country are you travelling to next? India, Russia, Pakistan???


⋨₪✟ᘻ⋩ ✡☣John☣✡ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 129 Posted: 4/25/13 12:40am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ he's travelling to north korea... jk haha


🇺🇸A®©-§ni₱£®752🏆 "God Mode"

Level: 73 Posted: 4/25/13 7:47am

Lol, wish I could travel like that. It would be cool.


willhill "[SKIPWRD]"

Level: 13 Posted: 4/25/13 9:40am

you need a dodge viper @[FTW]TheCorndog


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "The Practicer"

Level: 68 Posted: 4/25/13 10:13am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ dang dude you get all serious taking this game like its not a joke XD and i only coppied your name because its really cool just take it as a complement


G.A.T.s_Girl "Word Skipper"

Level: 9 Posted: 4/25/13 10:49am

@[FTW]TheCorndog yes we are


air500 "Millionaire"

Level: 29 Posted: 4/25/13 10:55am

@[FTW]TheCorndog someone is reporting you just saying.


gold/better.com99900 "Under Achiever"

Level: 12 Posted: 4/25/13 11:01am

@Awesome:) till me about it


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "Unstoppable"

Level: 68 Posted: 4/25/13 11:01am

@xreacer5678904 he can put money on his account and have what ever he wants. He is the creator of nitro type :/ and he has like 100,000,000 and has only raced like about 60 times -.-


beastMODE[ON] "Epic Word Skippage"

Level: 23 Posted: 4/25/13 11:25am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ that's wright you tell him


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "Unstoppable"

Level: 68 Posted: 4/25/13 11:50am

nitro type needs to like make something like make your own car thing in the dealership. Or at least like add the color black or white in the colors. And they should like make it expensive or cheap idk witch one is better. Who ever wants this to happen should tell them to make this


KD#35:D "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 37 Posted: 4/25/13 11:53am

How do you destroy the nitro type?:?? It doesnt work


[MT]♦☻mariotyper☻♦ "Pilot"

Level: 49 Posted: 4/25/13 12:06pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ corvette, camaro, a newer mustang...


Mexicaninja "Luxury Car Driver"

Level: 21 Posted: 4/25/13 12:28pm

There should make your car in the dealership that would be soo cool


Faster-than-you "The Practicer"

Level: 25 Posted: 4/25/13 12:29pm

cool!!!!!! :)



Level: 49 Posted: 4/25/13 12:31pm

we also need a sorry or and oops in the race chat


Brooklynn_Cunningham "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 26 Posted: 4/25/13 2:21pm

I love the new cars! I can't wait until I get to the level were I can have the motorcycles! Oh and can someone send me a friend request because I need friends Thanks in advance!


danielnutter20 "Unstoppable"

Level: 18 Posted: 4/25/13 2:42pm

I hope you have a good time corndog


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "Unstoppable"

Level: 68 Posted: 4/25/13 3:45pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ Vielle you should come to my races sometime and i'm not an imposter i am a nitro type master ntm


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "Unstoppable"

Level: 68 Posted: 4/25/13 4:18pm

@Brooklynn_Cunningham Yeah the new cars are pretty cool lol well keep racing to get to that level :) And i can't request you because we are already friends and people friend me too i need more friends i only have like 302 thanks and when we are friends maybe we can race and Vielle come to my races dude i want to race with you.......


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 202 Posted: 4/25/13 6:34pm

@Mexicaninja what you say?
@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ ok its just that many ntm members dont like ntm in others peoples name it means that you like imposter you can keep it and stuff.


traveler17(69,25) "Epic Word Skippage"

Level: 27 Posted: 4/25/13 6:50pm

Maybe if you made Ferraris and Corvettes Nitro Type would get more popular.


fauma25 "Endurance Racer"

Level: 47 Posted: 4/25/13 7:12pm

im your friedn d wats ur staratgey


[RP]☣⚠⚡Panda⚡⚠☣ "Box Collector"

Level: 64 Posted: 4/25/13 7:30pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ how do you get to have the NTM in your name or is it ok to just do it


⋨₪✟ᘻ⋩ ✡☣JΩhn☣✡ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 129 Posted: 4/25/13 7:38pm

@[RP]☣⚠⚡Panda⚡⚠☣ Take your qusetion to the forums, and i'll answer it. We're not aloud to talk about on nitrotype


spartanoverlord "Under Achiever"

Level: 27 Posted: 4/25/13 8:57pm

The destructo thingamajig is really cool


🇺🇸A®©-§ni₱£®752🏆 "God Mode"

Level: 73 Posted: 4/25/13 10:39pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ I like your idea.


FastortheNitroist "The Mad Hatter"

Level: 12 Posted: 4/26/13 8:17am



POTATO_____MAAAAN "Mega Winner"

Level: 42 Posted: 4/26/13 9:03am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ Dude when i look at you on my friends list it says level 202 118 wpm and since they are close together it looks like you have 202118 wpm imagine if you did have that speed


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 202 Posted: 4/26/13 9:06am

@traveler17(69,25) thats not how sites go you need more gameplay to increase play time and popularity.

@[RP]☣⚠⚡Panda⚡⚠☣ go to the forums and i can tell you


Logan_The_Person "Muscle Car Driver"

Level: 47 Posted: 4/26/13 9:08am

I honestly think that they should add the 1971 Camaro Z28 or the 2014 Camaro Z28 just call it something different. Put this into mind please.


U_R_2_E_Z_ "First Trimester"

Level: 28 Posted: 4/26/13 9:32am

@Logan_The_Person, Yes your right!


grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr "Sports Car Driver"

Level: 15 Posted: 4/26/13 9:34am

wtf i want that car


ONE-HOT-CHICK "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 27 Posted: 4/26/13 9:41am

@StealthyNinja i think ure right those all sound so cool expecsialy the chariot


🇺🇸A®©-§ni₱£®752🏆 "God Mode"

Level: 74 Posted: 4/26/13 10:07am

Mustangs people Mustangs….BEST CARS EVER! Add the Mustang Boss 302 :D


[RP]☣⚠⚡Panda⚡⚠☣ "Box Collector"

Level: 64 Posted: 4/26/13 10:22am

@🇺🇸A®©-§ni₱£®752🏆 i love the boss mustangs great idea


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "Unstoppable"

Level: 68 Posted: 4/26/13 10:28am

@🇺🇸A®©-§ni₱£®752🏆 thanks i think that they are pretty cool...... and yours are too..


1056508 "I Hate Words"

Level: 18 Posted: 4/26/13 11:42am

I love your cars. They are so handsome.


Mister_lagit "I Love Nitros"

Level: 48 Posted: 4/26/13 11:51am

Ju$t L!KE i said they should put motor cycle :^)


Mr122474 "Unstoppable"

Level: 33 Posted: 4/26/13 11:52am

I want this car so bad I'm level 33 and i just need more money and two more levels to unlock that car.


Mrs.JamyaHayes "Celebrity"

Level: 53 Posted: 4/26/13 12:53pm

I LOVE this car but I don't like the color it comes in. I can fix that.


PhantomR "I Like Friends"

Level: 16 Posted: 4/26/13 1:45pm

I love the new Lamborgotti


the_merk_aholic "Big Spender"

Level: 16 Posted: 4/26/13 1:54pm

Next Update please fix the bug where i Hit enter, but i cannot skip that word. Insanely aggrevating. Thanks:) Verry good game, this is my only complaint.


Speedpiercer631 "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 25 Posted: 4/26/13 3:18pm

I'm going to level up to lvl 33 to get the Ez Rider and also enough money to


amazing_guy "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 30 Posted: 4/26/13 3:43pm



🇺🇸A®©-§ni₱£®752🏆 "God Mode"

Level: 74 Posted: 4/26/13 3:56pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ Thanks

@[RP]☣⚠⚡Panda⚡⚠☣ Then you have good taste in cars my friend


[NTM]⇜❉☃☸Alaskan☸☃❉⇝ "God Mode"

Level: 98 Posted: 4/26/13 5:11pm

@the_merk_aholic Are you using less then 3 when you cant skip?


Randomness???_XP "The Practicer"

Level: 21 Posted: 4/26/13 6:59pm

The car and the thingy. What level do you have to be to get it? Cause I want it!


americaba "Sports Coupe Driver"

Level: 8 Posted: 4/26/13 7:20pm

I really like this awesome and pretty car more if it was the color everybody will want.


StMichael "Filthy Rich"

Level: 42 Posted: 4/26/13 9:08pm

I Would Like To Know how I can Become a Nitro Type Administer- ILUVNITROTYPE!


[NTM]andrew1167 "Box Collector"

Level: 215 Posted: 4/27/13 12:31am

Guys, no more talk about NTM on this news page. It's been said many times before, this news page is not for talking about so-called "clans." Nothing about NTM being in someone's name and nothing asking about joining will be allowed on the news. From now on, any posts mentioning NTM will be deleted. If you want to talk about NTM, do it on . Lots of people would happily give you answers over there, but nobody is going to reply on this news page.

@StMichael You can't become an administrator, as that position is reserved for the FTW employees; FTW is the company that built NitroType. Your news comments were not showing up because your posts had to be approved by an administrator or moderator ([NTM]andy5692 and myself are the only moderators) before they would show up. At some point one of your comments was deleted, which sent you back onto the list of people whose comments have to be approved.

@xreacer5678904 I have deleted your three most recent comments because they were related to NTM. Go check out the forums at, where you can talk about NTM freely.

@the_merk_alcoholic As [NTM]⇜❉☃☸Alaskan☸☃❉⇝ said, are you sure that you have any nitros left when you press enter? Look at the nitro bottles to the right of the text you type: if they are all empty, then you don't have any nitros to use. Keep in mind you can only use up to 3 per race.


TheSpeedGuy "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 36 Posted: 4/27/13 7:28am

I think the car is great


classen11 "Unstoppable"

Level: 76 Posted: 4/27/13 8:54am

When is [FTW]TheCorndog getting back?


Unicorn_killer "Mystery Man"

Level: 57 Posted: 4/27/13 11:08am

@HyperTyper40 same here it didn't work


☠[ATL]9ʇɐɔplıʍ☠ "Box Collector"

Level: 93 Posted: 4/27/13 1:54pm

@awesomenesswinner He just went on a vacation I guess. II don't know if it is for work or just for a vacation. I beleive he is in China.


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "Unstoppable"

Level: 69 Posted: 4/27/13 4:05pm

@☠[ATL]9ʇɐɔplıʍ☠ he went to go backpacking in bangcock and other places around the world .....


piepiepiepiepiepie "First Trimester"

Level: 28 Posted: 4/27/13 5:41pm

sweet i have like 280,000 saving up for the valent performo on level 28 right now got it level 30 baby my name is imbetterthanyou


mysteryracer12345 "Mystery Man"

Level: 17 Posted: 4/27/13 6:14pm

@awesomenesswinner right why leave


Rusty-Jr. "Olde School"

Level: 25 Posted: 4/27/13 7:40pm


If anyone wants to race I will just send me a request and I will get back to you.



≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 202 Posted: 4/27/13 7:48pm

I have no determined by signature car the GT 40 because it is the best car known to mankind and don't even try to argue it's better then any car I've seen.


T-A-R-D-I-S "Mystery Man"

Level: 27 Posted: 4/27/13 8:08pm

i know@JAVERT


{ƝϮℱ}☔☕♈J-W-♈☔☕ "People Love Me"

Level: 70 Posted: 4/27/13 9:54pm

@🇺🇸A®©-§ni₱£®752🏆 They have a car named the Stallion. Its obviously another horse so it must be the remake of the mustang..... You have to have 250 races i think to unlock it.


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 202 Posted: 4/27/13 11:30pm

@CarriePirc It would be nice to race u in ur The Pirc car.


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 243 Posted: 4/27/13 11:53pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ We will do that very soon. :-)
Edit :- I did try sending some invites today but apparently the friends races are not working for me.


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 202 Posted: 4/28/13 2:08am

@[TP]CarriePirc For some reason somehow you are not showing up in the friends thingy don't know why or how and its been doing it earlier!


⋨₪✟ᘻ⋩ ✡☣JΩhn☣✡ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 132 Posted: 4/28/13 3:43am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ Hehe i raced her in her pirc car right after she got it :D
@[NTM]Andrew1167 are you going for nitrotype master? your doing a huge session today.


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 244 Posted: 4/28/13 4:06am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ If I am just racing then I use offline in for friends as I have too many friends on this name. I only race on-line when I want to do friends races.
@[NTM]andrew1167 Congrats on the Nitro Type Master. Good luck if you go for Emperor. As John said it is a big effort.
Edit :- Congrats on going all the way that was a great effort and you speed at the end was still good! You might want to change it to Emperor though?


⋨₪✟ᘻ⋩ ✡☣JΩhn☣✡ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 132 Posted: 4/28/13 6:09am

Yeah, i think andrew is going for nitrotype master... he's at 790 races. go andrew! :D
Edit: Andrew, congrats on nitrotype master. it is a very hard achievement to get. Your lucky for having parents that will even let you play nitrotype for over 2 hours. On weekdays, i get to play 30 minutes, weekends 1 hour. Rarely i get to do a 100 race session. I usually do those when my parents are out, and i can do what i want. my parents also wont let me stay up later than 9pm, so ur luck for that to. good luck on emperor... don't stop! i made that mistake when i stoped and covenant, and did keyboard cat the next day.


gymnastics02 "Race Car Driver"

Level: 40 Posted: 4/28/13 8:07am

I love Nitro Type sooooooooooooooooo much. It is really fun to go on. I go on it almost every day and I use it for my typing minutes for school. We have to do 100 a month but now I do way more than that


🇺🇸A®©-§ni₱£®752🏆 "God Mode"

Level: 74 Posted: 4/28/13 9:11am

@{ƝϮℱ}☔☕♈J-W-♈☔☕ I know already, but thanks though :D


[NTM]TimeTraveler "Time Traveler"

Level: 75 Posted: 4/28/13 10:45am

@⋨₪✟ᘻ⋩✡☣JΩhn☣✡ he just got the emperor achievement



Imbetterthanyou! "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 30 Posted: 4/28/13 12:47pm

hey carrie are you an adult or kid and id like to see the pirc as a green color but its your choice and how much is it to paint the pirc


[N™]XxshiftThePr0xX "Box Collector"

Level: 97 Posted: 4/28/13 1:12pm

@Imbetterthanyou! She will not paint her Pirc, and she is an adult.

P.S i would change my name because people will report that your name is offensive, which will then lead to your account getting banned!


Imbetterthanyou! "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 30 Posted: 4/28/13 3:19pm

thanks for the advice but why is there a guy called beat-u


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 244 Posted: 4/28/13 6:19pm

@Imbetterthanyou! Yes I am an adult. I painted the Pirc the same day that I earned it.
It cost 1 million and 50 thousand.


[N™]XxshiftThePr0xX "Box Collector"

Level: 98 Posted: 4/28/13 8:17pm

@[TP]CarriePirc Carrie that is how much the MP cost to paint it so that means that these cars are both 8 mill to buy.


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 204 Posted: 4/28/13 8:23pm

@[N™]XxshiftThePr0xX yup both 7 mil


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 244 Posted: 4/28/13 9:50pm

@[N™]XxshiftThePr0xX That would be about right.


boss4444 "Lucky Number 7"

Level: 71 Posted: 4/28/13 10:09pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle impossible how do you do it. :(★☯☠


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 205 Posted: 4/28/13 10:12pm

@boss4444 i make symbols with unicode :D


[N™]j3whets® "Olde School"

Level: 92 Posted: 4/28/13 11:17pm

@[N™]XxshiftThePr0xX its 7 million


cray "I'm Friendly!"

Level: 82 Posted: 4/28/13 11:17pm

Oh come on where are you the corn dog you have been gone for 6 days.


xreacer5678904 "Celebrity"

Level: 50 Posted: 4/29/13 2:42am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ how did you get the name "Emperor"


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 244 Posted: 4/29/13 5:48am

@xreacer5678904 He got it by doing 1,000 races in a session.


oz_wizard "Lucky Number 7"

Level: 39 Posted: 4/29/13 6:14am

We need a UFO!!!!


xreacer5678904 "Celebrity"

Level: 50 Posted: 4/29/13 6:23am

@[TP]CarriePirc if you can do 1,000 races in a session then he would have to play all day right because how can you play 1,000 in a session.


[NTM]andrew1167 "Emperor"

Level: 222 Posted: 4/29/13 6:26am

@xreacer5678904 You have to do 1,000 races in one session, which takes about 22 hours if you barely take breaks. In fact, I just got this achievement yesterday!

And so I have to give a big thanks to those who congratulated me on the news and forum or maybe just sent a friend request when they saw me on the last 24 hours scoreboard. It really means a lot to know that people appreciate it!

The whole session took me 22 hours, 12 minutes, and 47 seconds, which is very fast considering how much time I lost due to internet problems. However I didn't just stop at 1,000 races, I kept going to break the all-time record for most races in 24 hours! Vielle had the old record with 1,005, but I managed to do 1,080, which is exactly 45 races per hour! By the end of the session my average had dropped about 25 WPM which was very frustrating, but I just didn't think about that! By the end of the session I had earned $3 million and the hardest title in the game, which is pretty good I'd say :)

And this might be the first time I've woken up at 12 P.M. (noon), stayed awake until 3 P.M. the next day, and then went to sleep and didn't wake up until 5 A.M! Doing this session on a weekend was too crazy...I have to go to school in about an hour. I don't need a vacation to Asia, I just want an off-day!


xreacer5678904 "Celebrity"

Level: 50 Posted: 4/29/13 6:44am

@[NTM]andrew1167 good job for getting "Emperor" and good job getting on the scoreboard i saw you coming first keep up the good work


F4U-Corsair "Astronaut"

Level: 219 Posted: 4/29/13 6:49am

Congratulations @[NTM]andrew1167 That is a lot of hard work.

Keep it up and you will soon be in second place for all time score in races.

Again congrats.

See you on the track!!


Red_Hot_Trow_Riots_ "The Practicer"

Level: 28 Posted: 4/29/13 8:13am

i think we should be able to modle our own car


SeanZing "Millionaire"

Level: 10 Posted: 4/29/13 8:39am

I think you guys at Nitrotype need to add a troctor or a troctor. And make it so you

Sincerly: SeanZing


zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwe "Muscle Car Driver"

Level: 48 Posted: 4/29/13 9:21am

@[MT]♦☻mariotyper☻♦ Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees we do need a Corvette Stingray


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 205 Posted: 4/29/13 9:26am

@F4U-Corsair that means there is room for me to be first hahaaha


Heat_All_The_Way6 "Celebrity"

Level: 50 Posted: 4/29/13 9:31am

You should really put the Camaro in this i would definitely buy that also add a f-150 and the newer model of the Mustang


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "Unstoppable"

Level: 69 Posted: 4/29/13 9:39am

@Rusty-Jr. i want to race :) i do 70 wpm


U_R_2_E_Z_ "First Trimester"

Level: 28 Posted: 4/29/13 9:43am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠,yes we should


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "Unstoppable"

Level: 69 Posted: 4/29/13 9:50am

@[NTM]andrew1167 WOW congratulations on getting that achievement it seems really hard to get :) it looks like i'm goona have to try an beat it but it's goona be hard and long i'm goona plan on getting up at like 6 am and race till i get it and also try and beat the 1080 record and get more.. Sry Vielle he broke your old record but dang even your record is long 1,007 i think well i'm goona try to beat it


josiahking "Millionaire"

Level: 34 Posted: 4/29/13 9:57am



≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 205 Posted: 4/29/13 10:03am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ haha beat it i dont think so xD


[007]Mr.Lee "Olde School"

Level: 43 Posted: 4/29/13 10:03am

On the score board, is 6,307,802 the total number of active accounts at one time, or the total number of accounts?


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "Unstoppable"

Level: 69 Posted: 4/29/13 10:12am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ watch me vielle XD wish me luck my friend and when i do i'm going to get emperor and you are going to tell me something deal jk lol but i really am going to get it....


MinecraftDiamonds "Mystery Man"

Level: 27 Posted: 4/29/13 10:19am

Woo! I love this site! I finally have something to do when i finish my typing lessons in Computer class. I'm not to good, though...........-_-


[RP]☣⚠⚡Panda⚡⚠☣ "God Mode"

Level: 65 Posted: 4/29/13 10:25am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ haha ive raced him and you haven't


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "Unstoppable"

Level: 69 Posted: 4/29/13 10:32am

@[RP]☣⚠⚡Panda⚡⚠☣ lol well you do like 45 i do 70 panda i can keep up with him and i'm in iss so i won't see you 3 hour but come to my races dude


_annabanana_ "Epic Word Skippage"

Level: 54 Posted: 4/29/13 10:37am

@[FTW]TheCorndog you know how i got a false warning? if I got two of those false warnings would i still get banned? or do they not effect me?


≾[ℕTM]≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "Unstoppable"

Level: 69 Posted: 4/29/13 11:37am

@[N™]XxshiftThePr0xX i agree he should and he is not better than me or you on wpm XD jk lol but yeah dude i would change that its a little anoying and disturbing for me and I'm pretty sure for others


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★VielleJR★☯☠ "Celebrity"

Level: 52 Posted: 4/29/13 12:05pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ Vielle can you check my races i just hit 1,00 2 days ago. Am 14 by the way trying to get the pirc car.


FaZe-quickscope "Luxury Car Driver"

Level: 24 Posted: 4/29/13 12:24pm

how did u create this web site creator


[TMB]⚠☠☣eminem☠☣⚠ "First Trimester"

Level: 37 Posted: 4/29/13 2:45pm

U really need add something that u can type your own reply witho;ut badwords


≾[ℕTM]≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "God Mode"

Level: 70 Posted: 4/29/13 3:51pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ i dropped down on the score board and it kinda sucks i'm goona try and get back up and congratulations to you vielle you got 1st place i'm in 20th lol


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 244 Posted: 4/29/13 4:11pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ First? That you would have to earn. :-)


[ATL]Awe$omeBro "Box Collector"

Level: 86 Posted: 4/29/13 5:04pm

@[TMB]⚠☠☣eminem☠☣⚠ ya i know! I had suggested that before! u should do it [FTW]TheCorndog


ExplodyGuy "Millionaire"

Level: 26 Posted: 4/29/13 5:24pm

these cars might just bkla;dfklcn... oh sorry i fell asleep on my keyboard. Anyway this is awesome.


MountOlympus "Mystery Man"

Level: 24 Posted: 4/29/13 5:35pm

How do you get the exp go up fast to get to another level?


gogreygo "Luxury Car Driver"

Level: 20 Posted: 4/29/13 6:16pm

OMG I wonder where he is going. Asia,China, even Greenland


THE_H4MBURGLER "Unstoppable"

Level: 23 Posted: 4/29/13 7:29pm

Can't Wait Till I get Those Motorcycles. Almost There!


[NTF]LegolasG. "Box Collector"

Level: 67 Posted: 4/29/13 9:51pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★VielleJR★☯☠ you don't go around telling people how old you are.........


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 206 Posted: 4/29/13 10:35pm

I think that instead of stupid steering wheels in cars why not KEYBOARDS! Instead of steering wheels bleh!
Also math in NitroType would be awesome we need another form of racing to make it more interesting and to interest more teachers and impress the dedicated hardcore NitroTypists!
Corndog why you so inactive why you gone for such a long time you became boring now :( :( :( also Kristen and Travis do more stuff on the blog you are boring too!!!!

@[NTF]LegolasG. lol i dont tell people any personal info

ATTENTION @NTM: NTF AND ATL AND NTM WILL BE MERGING sorry corndog and andrew but this is some MAJOR MAJOR clash! So atl and ntf and ntm there will be tiers and next of all change ur names to ntm [NTM] or ≾ℕɎ♍≿ and about 5 people have been invited so check the forums and change! OK!


Mr.Floppy "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 156 Posted: 4/29/13 11:41pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ that about Math could be some kind of mix between basic 3x15-2 operations, having to give the result in the fastest time possible, so a good management of the numeric keypad would be useful... It doesn't sound bad to me.


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 244 Posted: 4/30/13 12:24am

@Mr.Floppy What you might be forgetting is that many are only just learning to type and could not use the numeric keypad at all. There would need to be a separation between normal typing and numeric keypad typing.
Edit:- That's true lets wait and see what happens. :-)


Mr.Floppy "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 156 Posted: 4/30/13 1:08am

@[TP]CarriePirc Well, they could use also the upper row numbers, and they don't have to play if they don't want either. It is just that @[FTW]TheCorndog talked about including more games, and I thought that it could be good idea mixing vielle's idea with something more or less related to typing. Anyway, I don't know how probable is that we see more games here, only TheCorndog knows.


[AOT]~Sebastian "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 59 Posted: 4/30/13 5:20am

I found a weird glitch. I was racing, and after I finished typing the passage, it brought me to the end of the race, right? Well, on the standings board, it said I was only 98% done with the race. Also, my WPM was ever-dropping on the board.


lincoln.burrows "Big Spender"

Level: 8 Posted: 4/30/13 7:27am

i could care less


[TP]MrPirc "God Mode"

Level: 56 Posted: 4/30/13 7:54am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ How do you get the "Shadow MAX Tree" and the "Party sleigh" I can't seem to figure it out...


YOULOOSE. "Sports Coupe Driver"

Level: 8 Posted: 4/30/13 8:39am

I genneraly just play at school but i keep updated with the website.[FTW] TheCorndog, I just want to say thank you for making this website so fun to use. my WPM is up by alot from when I started to go on this website.


minecraft_guy "Unstoppable"

Level: 50 Posted: 4/30/13 8:42am

this is awsome i have the new car


shnawsberrybandit "Race Car Driver"

Level: 40 Posted: 4/30/13 9:07am

I love this game website it helps me type faster than I used to nd im getting faster the more I play this game I love this game


12skpufw100 "Lucky Number 7"

Level: 36 Posted: 4/30/13 9:25am

I love this website ad I just want to say that I sucked at this game when I first started playing, but now I'm moving on up in my (WPM), my money, and my speed average. Thanks for whoever made this website, and I can speak for everyone else at my school when I say that CCMS loves (NITROTYPE).


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 207 Posted: 4/30/13 9:40am

@[TP]MrPirc they are limited edition cars u cant get them now but u got them by doing a 300 session or 700 races.
And scorpion guy you can't get them as of now unless you did something so beneficial to the site corndog gave you one.


HyperTyper40 "The Mad Hatter"

Level: 27 Posted: 4/30/13 10:10am

Speaking of adding cars can you add video game oriented raceable vehicles, like the pelican and warthog or others?


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "God Mode"

Level: 75 Posted: 4/30/13 11:57am

Then why do you have NTM in your name?


laizureboy "I Love Nitros"

Level: 22 Posted: 4/30/13 12:59pm

Why are all of the bots named after robots?

Especially the Decepticons and the Autobots!

Still, epic! xD


TheVoiceGirl "First Trimester"

Level: 28 Posted: 4/30/13 1:20pm

This is so awesome! I luv nitros alot!!!!!!!!!!


Purple_General "Luxury Car Driver"

Level: 21 Posted: 4/30/13 1:59pm

It Wont WORK!!!


PhantomR "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 17 Posted: 4/30/13 2:41pm

Hey whenever I try to join a race it says it is full but when I do a friends race it works fine


whateverhappens "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 32 Posted: 4/30/13 3:06pm

@PhantomR Try either refreshing the page or log out and log back in again might help.


austin8910 "Word Skipper"

Level: 9 Posted: 4/30/13 3:34pm

nitro type is so cool@amazing_guy


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 208 Posted: 4/30/13 4:29pm

@Purple_General Make sure you are typing while not in a race and ur mouse has clicked on the nitrotype page and you type exactly what is said after this destroynitrotype
with no caps or anything! just that lowercase junk! LOL

@PhantomR looks like full race plague has struck again! it means theres little servers and friends racing creates another server so do that for now it affects the lower speeds more.


yb11632 "Luxury Car Driver"

Level: 22 Posted: 4/30/13 4:33pm

Sometimes the website has glitches but over than that this is a pretty cool website and my highest speed is 72 words per minute


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "God Mode"

Level: 75 Posted: 4/30/13 5:06pm

@≾[NTM]≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ Nice


‹‹‹‹Lilgromman›››› "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 30 Posted: 4/30/13 5:20pm

what u mean @amazing_guy


Kevin-the-Pigeon "The ATM Machine"

Level: 14 Posted: 4/30/13 5:28pm

Umm it didn't work when I tried to do it....


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "God Mode"

Level: 75 Posted: 4/30/13 5:32pm

BTW guys its me A®©-∫ip∑r752 you can look at some of the comments above. I though I would let you know I changed my name :D


awesomedmb1 "Filthy Rich"

Level: 17 Posted: 4/30/13 7:42pm

you guys should add the Bugatti veron that would be like a bossss


cderdena10 "Olde School"

Level: 86 Posted: 4/30/13 7:56pm

Nice racing you Vielle! You were amazing, and good luck if you are trying to beat Andrew's new record of 1,080 races.


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 210 Posted: 4/30/13 8:48pm

@cderdena10 nice you too i was slow and if you could come on hte forums that would be great and i will this friday-saturday i promise ;)


≾[NTM]≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "God Mode"

Level: 71 Posted: 4/30/13 8:52pm

@awesomedmb1 they do I even have the bugatti veron I've had it for a long time already


awesomedmb_[mc] "The Practicer"

Level: 17 Posted: 5/01/13 7:18am

cool thanks thats awesome (almost as much as me)


Sweet_\cupake "First Trimester"

Level: 9 Posted: 5/01/13 7:34am

@classen11 You are an awesome driver!


henlymychicken "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 17 Posted: 5/01/13 8:09am

they might go a little faster


IMMAWARRIOR! "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 30 Posted: 5/01/13 8:32am

I typed destroynitrotype in my keyboard and nothing happened? Is this a bug or something?


StarWarsFreak#1 "Millionaire"

Level: 23 Posted: 5/01/13 8:41am

when will you put in a mustang


Queen-of,racing,12 "The Practicer"

Level: 31 Posted: 5/01/13 8:53am

@🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 because he is cool


JAMESBOND#1 "First Trimester"

Level: 20 Posted: 5/01/13 9:24am



♠♣BIG_DADDY♣♠ "Endurance Racer"

Level: 45 Posted: 5/01/13 9:31am

i love the new bikes they are pretty cool and the car is cool too and I've noticed the nt on the back if the helmets also why don't the other roofless cars have people in it. and another thing there should be an update to were you can customize a character and have him/her drive the car just saying.


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "God Mode"

Level: 75 Posted: 5/01/13 9:58am

@Queen-of,racing,12 What? Sorry but I don’t know what you mean…..


WHUSSUP-FU "I Love Nitros"

Level: 27 Posted: 5/01/13 10:21am

Type destroynitrotype to make a little spaceship come use the arrow kes to move it and space bar to shoot


≾[NTM]≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "God Mode"

Level: 71 Posted: 5/01/13 10:30am

@awesomedmb_[mc] If this is to me then your welcome and what do you mean cool ''ALMOST AS MUCH AS ME'' ????


Yo_Bro "Under Achiever"

Level: 21 Posted: 5/01/13 10:38am

@♠♣BIG_DADDY♣♠ Ya I defiantly agree. Hey [FTW]TheCorndog make it happen. Oh and [FTW]TheCorndog, you should make it where on the friends race chat, you have a little slot to type in. But make sure it does not allow curse words, if somebody does well just report them. THANKS!


≾[NTM]≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "God Mode"

Level: 72 Posted: 5/01/13 11:26am

@[TP]CarriePirc hey i seen that you have the lamborghini collection thats pretty cool. I am thinking about getting it but i'm not going to lie,i'm sort of a tight wad with my money right now i have 5 mill and i am saving up but saving for nothing really just saving.


PhantomR "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 17 Posted: 5/01/13 11:34am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ It still did not work


[ANT]♣◘☻CR1TIKAL☻◘♣ "The ATM Machine"

Level: 74 Posted: 5/01/13 11:54am

I hope for the summer update Corndog can put in new achievements.There should also be where if you get 1,00 gold medals you would get a actual Corndog vehicle in the honor of the Cordog's name. When I look at my 3 recent achievements below. I see achievement points what is that really for!


‹‹‹‹Lilgromman›››› "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 30 Posted: 5/01/13 11:58am

*LOLZ i love destroynitrotype!!!!!*


jkh2000 "Mega Winner"

Level: 13 Posted: 5/01/13 12:53pm

i got a bugatti lice future i woke up in a new bugatti nedd new cars nedd new better car like a auddi


gamzeevsfaygo "Muscle Car Driver"

Level: 10 Posted: 5/01/13 1:27pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog my game freezes often what should I do?


Imbetterthanyou! "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 30 Posted: 5/01/13 2:29pm

Do you think I should sell the monster because I have the valent performo the road warrior the lamborgotti Mephisto and the flame rid should I sell it?


eanderson98 "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 17 Posted: 5/01/13 2:51pm

love cars yall have


≾[NTM]≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "God Mode"

Level: 72 Posted: 5/01/13 3:14pm

@Imbetterthanyou! People all said along time ago that you should really change your name i'm pretty sure people have reported you by and if you get to many they will band you. I am just giving you a heads up.....

@jkh2000 they did add an Auddi its at the very bottom of the dealership. The Auddi R11


awesomedmb_[mc] "The Practicer"

Level: 18 Posted: 5/01/13 6:00pm

@≾[NTM]≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ hey thanks man thats aweosme


{NK}Awe$omeBro "Practice Makes Perfect"

Level: 87 Posted: 5/01/13 6:21pm

[FTW]TheCorndog for some reason, whenever I post up a message, it never shows up when I go back to the news a few hours later to look at it. Why is that?


thebigpigman "Sports Coupe Driver"

Level: 8 Posted: 5/01/13 6:39pm

this is so cool that people can type to other people like this, i'm new!


[NTM]andrew1167 "Emperor"

Level: 223 Posted: 5/01/13 6:42pm

@{NK}Awe$omeBro I deleted your last two posts because they were only about your clan, and clans are for the forums only. You can discuss clans freely on , which is the only way to have a successful clan!

@[ANT]♣◘☻CR1TIKAL☻◘♣ A summer event is already planned. There will be limited edition achievements, cars, and maybe even more! Also achievement points do not really have a purpose other than the two achievements that require achievement points. The two are "Under Achiever" and The Gator (a car), which you earn at 1,000 and then 2,000 achievement points. Right now, achievement points are just for bragging, but who knows if they will add some more that you'll have to work for! Clearly 2,000 was too easy for you :)

@everybody It seems that many people are having trouble with the "destroynitrotype" feature, and it is really not hard at all to use it. First of all, make sure you are not typing it into a text box (such as this news comment), and make sure that you are not in a race either. Clicking on the tire tracks at the sides of the screen will get you out of either. Now, just type "destroynitrotype" without the quotation marks and as slow as you need to to be sure that you typed it correctly. If you type it correctly, then the little triangle will show up and you will be ready to destroy!


{NK}Awe$omeBro "Practice Makes Perfect"

Level: 87 Posted: 5/01/13 7:17pm

Gotcha. Thanks for telling me @[NTM]andrew1167


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 211 Posted: 5/01/13 7:38pm

@PhantomR then please report it in support

@gamzeevsfaygo report it or use a differnet browser or intenet or computer

@≾[NTM]≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ That name isint offensive if it was more innapropriate like racist or sexist or mean then thats reasonable names like imbetter or uareslow are unprooveable and thus not innapropriate

@{NK}Awe$omeBro maybe it was unrelevant to discussion or innapropriate or not eligible to be talked about here on the news.


sushrut_borkar "The Practicer"

Level: 27 Posted: 5/01/13 7:45pm

You're awesome, [TP]CarriePirc! How did you win 20 races in a row or get enough time to race 1,000 times in a session? Be sure to tell me how!


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "God Mode"

Level: 75 Posted: 5/01/13 7:51pm

@sushrut_borkar I won 20 races in a row ;) just saying LOL


[TP]Pirc "Olde School"

Level: 97 Posted: 5/01/13 8:13pm

@sushrut_borkar I have not been able to win 20 races in a row, I got to 19 and lost the 20th. However racing 1,000 races in a session only means I have too much free time.
I work but not much. The 1,000 races I have only done on my AnnePirc Account.
On CarriePirc I only have Ntiro Type Master which 800 races in a session.


≾[NTM]≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "God Mode"

Level: 72 Posted: 5/01/13 8:20pm

@🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 I won 20 races in a row two lol just saying also I got god mode to prove it


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "God Mode"

Level: 76 Posted: 5/01/13 8:34pm

@≾[NTM]≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ LoL cool. Its my favorite umm idk what you call it but it’s my favorite of all of them “God Mode” is awesome.


Click_my_profile "Millionaire"

Level: 39 Posted: 5/01/13 9:57pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog Ill miss you :)


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★VielleJR★☯☠ "Celebrity"

Level: 52 Posted: 5/01/13 10:32pm

@[NTF]LegolasG. Well am a Jr not some kid that's like 20 saying am his Jr lol


Slicer11221 "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 31 Posted: 5/01/13 11:41pm

[ftw]thecorndog let me be a moderator or an admin


dollar1 "People Like Me"

Level: 39 Posted: 5/02/13 6:47am

Can i be a moderator or an admin plz????


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "God Mode"

Level: 76 Posted: 5/02/13 8:38am

@dollar1 You have to have good trust not only on here but on [FTW]

@Slicer11221 Same for you lol


pangonia98 "Lucky Number 7"

Level: 35 Posted: 5/02/13 8:40am

That is awesome!


≾[NTM]≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "God Mode"

Level: 72 Posted: 5/02/13 10:14am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ okay..........i guess i'm just saying because people are going to be reporting him trust me i know this stuff.........


dimondiseverywere333 "Unstoppable"

Level: 12 Posted: 5/02/13 10:57am

@Red_Hot_Trow_Riots_ I agree


lilmonkey24/7 "Race Car Driver"

Level: 41 Posted: 5/02/13 11:25am

i got a bike


hello-kitty "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 30 Posted: 5/02/13 12:05pm

wow.... love the lamborgottei! (however you spell it)
and destroy nitro type is the best invention since hello kitty


volleyball1516 "Used Car Salesman"

Level: 29 Posted: 5/02/13 12:08pm

Well, I think that nitro type was fun at first, and almost addictive, but after you do it for a while, it starts to bore me. I am doing this because I have to for school. :( I have gotten slower at typing than when I first started this.....


TheVoiceGirl "First Trimester"

Level: 29 Posted: 5/02/13 12:48pm

I luv this idea!


Anaheim_Ducks_#1_NHL "Filthy Rich"

Level: 37 Posted: 5/02/13 1:12pm

@josiahking yeah, boats and water tracks


🌈mylittledashy🌈 "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 25 Posted: 5/02/13 1:26pm

We should have our own car creator. People would be able to represent their clan, or just make a cool looking car for the fun of it. How many people agree with me?


▲Ohp_Its_Fabri♥;* "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 25 Posted: 5/02/13 2:39pm

@🌈mylittledashy🌈 no , just no.


adrienisawesome "Millionaire"

Level: 24 Posted: 5/02/13 3:36pm

You should really put some more motorcycles in this game for sure!!!


yolobro265 "Race Car Driver"

Level: 42 Posted: 5/02/13 5:03pm

these cars are so freakyn cool.


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "God Mode"

Level: 76 Posted: 5/02/13 6:48pm

@🌈mylittledashy🌈 The idea sounds cool but how could you build your own car? I’m not much of an artist but I guess what I saying is people can make some inappropriate things with that idea.


BigHeff "Sports Car Driver"

Level: 16 Posted: 5/02/13 8:25pm

How do you get so awesome of cars?


coolcat224 "[SKIPWRD]"

Level: 14 Posted: 5/02/13 8:25pm

@_annabanana_ i know that has happened to me


™Ω☣LaxBro☣Ω™ "I Like Friends"

Level: 48 Posted: 5/03/13 6:00am

people told me that the achievement "emperor" only shows up when you get it, but how do you get it?


gymnast02 "Lucky Number 7"

Level: 41 Posted: 5/03/13 7:26am

I'm not sure because I want to get that one too someday.


Awsomeash "Millionaire"

Level: 19 Posted: 5/03/13 7:35am

I want one of those cars but it will take me a while to get there. I've been a member since September 20,2012, so I should have one by now. I guess the time will come when it's right. But yea I guess i'll get one when the time comes.


[N™]XxshiftThePr0xX "People Love Me"

Level: 99 Posted: 5/03/13 8:18am

So lonely with no Corndog :(

But when he gets back we gonna party it up


[TP]Pirc "Olde School"

Level: 100 Posted: 5/03/13 8:33am

@™Ω☣LaxBro☣Ω™ Do a thousand races in a session and you can have Emperor
Edit:- Yep 101 now! Hope your pinky gets better. :-)


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 212 Posted: 5/03/13 9:38am

@[TP]Pirc That reminds me im doing a Emperor today but more quickly and versatile unfortunately my pinky hurts from when i hurt it lately yesterday!

P.S. I see your level 100 ;)


Dylanrocks! "Filthy Rich"

Level: 15 Posted: 5/03/13 9:42am

Whats up guys! tell me some fast racers


E\/A/\/ツ "Mystery Man"

Level: 28 Posted: 5/03/13 9:54am

Who can type some Symbols on here for me?


Thespacekillerguy "First Trimester"

Level: 12 Posted: 5/03/13 10:34am

coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool this is rad!!!!!!!!!!!!!


gymnast02 "Lucky Number 7"

Level: 41 Posted: 5/03/13 11:19am

@E\/A/\/ツ Me, what do you want me to type for you?


noelzt "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 90 Posted: 5/03/13 12:38pm

Why does it always say the race is full when I log on...It will not allow me to race today! No fair.......! :/ Help Please


Hey_cool_story_bro "Millionaire"

Level: 30 Posted: 5/03/13 1:15pm

hey i need help every time i try to race is said this
Race Is Full

The race you are attempting to join is already full. Most likely you were invited to a race with a friend, but unfortunately there are already 5 racers playing.


[MG]+Light+Blue+Boy "Pilot"

Level: 45 Posted: 5/03/13 2:40pm

Hey, are the cars secret acheivement's?


supergirl1101 "Filthy Rich"

Level: 29 Posted: 5/03/13 2:49pm

this is soo coool!!!!


thenextavenger "First Trimester"

Level: 17 Posted: 5/03/13 4:03pm

I don't see these in the dealership. Are they like, a secret achivement or something?


LegolasGreenleaf "Box Collector"

Level: 68 Posted: 5/03/13 4:43pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★VielleJR★☯☠ Who knows. Vielle might end up being the same age.


StMichael "Filthy Rich"

Level: 43 Posted: 5/03/13 5:36pm

Destroying nitro type is great!!!


jeremyc "Pilot"

Level: 49 Posted: 5/03/13 7:32pm



1131 "Mega Winner"

Level: 14 Posted: 5/03/13 7:41pm

@Mr.Floppy I think that is osum


theflash2241 "Sports Car Driver"

Level: 15 Posted: 5/03/13 8:10pm

i think it is a good change to have new cars it keeps me interested, and always wanting to get back on ..... I'm definitely not that good but a good update keeps me in tune with the whole program .


theflash2241 "Sports Car Driver"

Level: 15 Posted: 5/03/13 8:15pm

@Hey_cool_story_bro me too it wont stop did u ever figure out why?


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 215 Posted: 5/04/13 6:15am

Dominating as usual 24 hours scoreboard= mine
7 days scoreboard = mine
30 days scoreboard = mine
all time = mine in 3-6 weeks
No Pirc nor Andrew shall stand in my way ill race cause not cause im too lazy or uneducated or worthless but cause i want to dominate show people just do it its not that your too lazy to do something or not interested you are human do whatever you can be a chef and love typing or corndog and love being a chef either way you can still dominate whichever now to dominate!

I have a suggest for winning and dominating scoreboards how bout instead of just being on there you get cash as well be on top 100 get 10k cash get third place on 24 hour you get like 30k and 40k for next position and 50k for next position and be given to you once you earn and every 12 hours u hold the spot if you rule weekly then 10k cash for each day you hold that position 1 extra k for every 1-3 position and just like monthly its like weekly but instead times 3 everything! (except positions) and for all time 1 mil a month for holding that position (to encourage tight competition!) and on speed scoreboards since people are more bound to keep their positions the rewards such be reduced by 20%

My next suggestion is add biggest session to profile and words typed and get rid of the stupid level system and replace it with races instead!

Next and finally a Lag Efficient NitroType because unfortunately schools cannot afford super fast computers so there should be options to change graphics and to make it easier to use NitroType with LESS lag!


[MG]+Light+Blue+Boy "Pilot"

Level: 45 Posted: 5/04/13 8:41am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ Nice job! Any secret acheviements yet?


[MG]+Light+Blue+Boy "Pilot"

Level: 45 Posted: 5/04/13 8:58am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ How do you get those symbols?


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 217 Posted: 5/04/13 10:54am

@[FTW]TheCorndoggy&Andrew&Corsair Ughh I think i should do sessions not after a a school today but atllesat i got 700 races done no tomorrow ill do 600 and thatll solve the rest!


[JackM103 "Unstoppable"

Level: 19 Posted: 5/04/13 10:55am

Lol. I love the new 'destroynitrotype' feature! :)


¤†‡ĐϋгЇп΄ŝ_Вап准¤ "Celebrity"

Level: 50 Posted: 5/04/13 11:13am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ Can you ever use good grammer? :)


cray "I'm Friendly!"

Level: 82 Posted: 5/04/13 1:04pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog come on old friend when are you going to return


NitroType_Champion "Celebrity"

Level: 54 Posted: 5/04/13 4:04pm

nice lamborgotti @[FTW]thecorndog


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "God Mode"

Level: 77 Posted: 5/04/13 5:25pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog where exactly did he go because he has been gone for a very long time don’t you think. LoL


☠≾ℕɎ♍≿9ʇɐɔplıʍ☠ "Box Collector"

Level: 95 Posted: 5/04/13 7:20pm

@jeremyc WAY more people than just you wanted motorcycles. I just don't understand what is so big about motorcycles.


CRAAAAAAAAZY_PERSON! "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 25 Posted: 5/04/13 9:47pm

Wow. I can get a little destructive and violent sometimes, but if you type "destroynitrotype" will you be able to log back into Nitro Type if you are feeling more typey than frustrated??????? I wanna try it out!


[TP]Pirc "Olde School"

Level: 105 Posted: 5/05/13 6:31am

Today has been a strange day I have typeed in the 50's 60's and 70's all over the place then right before the end of the day I manage 89wpm Wish I could do it more often. :-(


oz_wizard "Lucky Number 7"

Level: 39 Posted: 5/05/13 6:37am

@[MG]+Light+Blue+Boy Google alt codes and go to one of the web pages.


Maradona1982(Callum) "Celebrity"

Level: 64 Posted: 5/05/13 7:28am

hey guys still do you how to get these nice cars and how to use them, thanks!


LegolasGreenleaf "Olde School"

Level: 69 Posted: 5/05/13 7:38am

@cray I heard one to two more weeks.


[NTM]andrew1167 "Emperor"

Level: 227 Posted: 5/05/13 7:53am

I never would have thought that I would say this one day, but...I just passed the famous F4U-Corsair! Back in late 2012 when I started playing NitroType again he was one of the biggest names to look up to, and as I had very few races back then I never thought about passing him. Times have clearly changed, and with the help of my recent Emperor session and I am now #2 most active over all time! It's an amazing feeling knowing that only one person has ever done more races than you, but you have to remember that she is so far away!

@F4U-Corsair It's been great chasing you on the scoreboard the last few months, but I'm definitely not done. My next goal is to achieve The Pirc, and I hope that you are planning on doing the same!

My story really shows how far you can go if you simply don't quit. To everyone out there, just keep racing and who knows where you might be in a few months! I still remember debating back in October over whether my final purchase would be the Outtie R11 or if I would buy the Caterham Racer, Buggati Vyrus, and the Judge instead. Now I have about $21.96 million saved up and am just waiting for the super-expensive Mach 6 to be released! I can only think of one way to end this comment...

See you on the track!!


[TP]Pirc "Olde School"

Level: 105 Posted: 5/05/13 8:22am

@[NTM]andrew1167 Congrats! You have put in a great effort to get where you are.
PS. See you on the track
Edit:- If you don't have something nice to say then it is often better left unsaid!!!!!!!!


#BlackPowerSwag "The Practicer"

Level: 24 Posted: 5/05/13 9:31am

wow those things are EXPENSIVE. i ant wait to savee up this money knaamean?


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "God Mode"

Level: 79 Posted: 5/05/13 10:03am

@[NTM]andrew1167 Congratulations bro. Hopefully I’ll be there soon LOL but watch out for Ville, he is right behind you


[N™]XxshiftThePr0xX "People Love Me"

Level: 100 Posted: 5/05/13 12:24pm

Just achieved level 100! I want to thank all who has helped me, and urging me to go on.

@[TP]Pirc I have been struggling to try and pass that account lol, but you just did a 300 race session so I'm far from it now, lol.


sylvester{COOL} "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 25 Posted: 5/05/13 1:21pm

@yolobro265 is cars r cool


varun123 "Luxury Car Driver"

Level: 23 Posted: 5/05/13 4:24pm

how do you get the rokect science car


timmy88 "Race Car Driver"

Level: 40 Posted: 5/05/13 4:45pm

it seems like corndog has been gone FOREVER


mrdistractions "I Love Nitros"

Level: 30 Posted: 5/05/13 4:46pm

Man I wish I was good at typing but this website helped me a LOT at first when I started this website I typed like 20 wpm now I type like 55 wpm thanks a lot.


timmy88 "Race Car Driver"

Level: 41 Posted: 5/05/13 5:07pm

lol i wonder what is gonna happen with the summer update.... it would be cool if they could make an audi r8 or another new lamborghini.


anonymousman213 "Muscle Car Driver"

Level: 11 Posted: 5/05/13 6:59pm

hey guys . could someone report this bug for me . i don't have a email account . but anyway , i figured out you can change peoples cars for them when you visit someones page . it could cause some frustration . so please report

thank you ! anonymousman213


[ЄƝM]Ñęxüß_Mâçh_5.0 "Pilot"

Level: 47 Posted: 5/05/13 7:34pm

Can't wait till summer break :D


tomtom12 "The ATM Machine"

Level: 27 Posted: 5/05/13 7:59pm

no they will go really slow ok


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 246 Posted: 5/05/13 8:22pm

@anonymousman213 It may appear to you that you can change someone else's cars but it will not change on their account.


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "God Mode"

Level: 79 Posted: 5/05/13 9:44pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ Chill man XD does it really matter how long his posts are? If you don’t want to read it then skip it.


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 218 Posted: 5/05/13 11:20pm

@🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 im not complaining about the post length its about how much of a big deal he makes of it cause it gets really annoying.


FaZe_SharpV "Millionaire"

Level: 12 Posted: 5/06/13 7:50am

@WHUSSUP-FU How do u destroy nitro type


[TP]MrPirc "God Mode"

Level: 58 Posted: 5/06/13 8:12am

@[NTM]andrew1167 There is a guy on the ScoreBoard that has 1300 wpm for his highest and 600 wpm for his average. Without cheating!! Lol kidding. Ban him? I know you can't but report? XP


F4U-Corsair "Astronaut"

Level: 220 Posted: 5/06/13 8:19am


As you can see that when you work at something everyday

and plan to do it, you can achieve anything.

Keep on typing.

See you on the track!!



{NK}Awe$omeBro "Practice Makes Perfect"

Level: 87 Posted: 5/06/13 9:41am

@FaZe_SharpV u type destryonitrotype on your keyboard. u dont have to click any where just type it in.


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 219 Posted: 5/06/13 9:52am

@{NK}Awe$omeBro destroynitrotypeurghhhhhitypeditwowthatwasannoyingicantspacebarcauseitkeepsdestroyingeverythingurghhhhhh


buzkeel "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 35 Posted: 5/06/13 10:25am

I could buy the motorcycles when they first came out. I first just wanted nitros. Then money. Now cars. I have like 127 freinds. I am just so awesome.


luv2374 "I Love Nitros"

Level: 21 Posted: 5/06/13 10:35am

this is good stuff try it and you'll see!


dollar1 "People Love Me"

Level: 39 Posted: 5/06/13 11:14am

@🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 I have good trust in nitro type, Ninja-RefleX and i have good trust in [FTW]


anonymousman213 "Sports Car Driver"

Level: 15 Posted: 5/06/13 11:51am


I don't have a email address so i need 2 bugs reported please

1.) you can still use nitro's even after you have been disqualafied !!! that is realy aggravating because i don't have many nitro's !!!

2.) you can change peoples cars for them . I might have done that a couple of times (sorry)

thank you kind person who at least reads this


gangmanstyle!!!! "Mega Winner"

Level: 28 Posted: 5/06/13 12:01pm

nitro type is so fun. i beat my friends a lot


{ƝϮ♏}☔☕♈J-W-♈☔☕ "God Mode"

Level: 70 Posted: 5/06/13 12:19pm

@anonymousman213 Lol that changing cars thing does not affect the person that you are changing.. Its just so you can get a better look at someones car.


Sonic-theHedgehog "Millionaire"

Level: 31 Posted: 5/06/13 12:48pm

Hi.My name is Shane Doyle my email is nitro type account name is Sonic-TheHedgehog. I would love to talk a lot to the creator about a lot a my ideas to make nitro type better.A lot of people do not know about nitro type.Most make fun of the game,and make their usernames with bad words. If me and you could just get on nitro type and ban or warn other people about what they are doing. Nitro Type would be a whole lot better. We can also talk about new cars. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


whattheHoNk "I Hate Words"

Level: 11 Posted: 5/06/13 12:58pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ Thanks for telling me!:)


whattheHoNk "I Hate Words"

Level: 11 Posted: 5/06/13 1:17pm

@Shane Doyle Hi there is this guy that is hacking he was at the top of the fastest list could you report him? highest speed was1012 or somthing not area snow though


nitrorocker "The Mad Hatter"

Level: 12 Posted: 5/06/13 1:20pm

WOW ''NEW CARS!!'' so like KINDA excided cant wait to c them when I get to it! :P


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "God Mode"

Level: 79 Posted: 5/06/13 1:22pm

@dollar1 Cool man me too.

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ Ok then just skip it :)


[MG]|\|0B0DY$ "Pilot"

Level: 45 Posted: 5/06/13 2:34pm

@oz_wizard Ok Thank you =D


MASTERCHIEF(117) "Mystery Man"

Level: 24 Posted: 5/06/13 2:37pm



fresh_never_dusty♥;* "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 27 Posted: 5/06/13 3:38pm

can you guys please unban my other account 1044957 ?(:


NeonCassieCat:) "Filthy Rich"

Level: 21 Posted: 5/06/13 4:02pm

I love it! destroy


[NTM]Daniel26172 "Filthy Rich"

Level: 45 Posted: 5/06/13 5:01pm

I love to destroy! I also have the new Lamborgotti.


iansunbury "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 31 Posted: 5/06/13 5:25pm

I want to get all these cars
P.S. I am level 31 right now.


awesomedmb_[mc] "I Have Friends"

Level: 19 Posted: 5/06/13 5:45pm

the correct letter s like in typing web should be if you get something wrong you can skip it and then go to the next letter without having to fix the wrong letter WHO AGGREES



vshah2001 "First Trimester"

Level: 17 Posted: 5/06/13 6:10pm

I got 35260 on destroy nitrotype


™Ω☣LaxBro☣Ω™ "Box Collector"

Level: 49 Posted: 5/06/13 8:39pm

i don't know why but certain music on nitro type helps me and others distract me. Can we choose our own music and maybe have achievements to unlock new and exciting music? Thanks in advance:-)


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "God Mode"

Level: 80 Posted: 5/06/13 9:05pm

@sushrut_borkar Ummm I don’t know if you know this but this is a typing game not math class. Just saying.

@™Ω☣LaxBro☣Ω™ That is kinda a good idea :D


[MG]L¡GHT+B!U£+BºY "Pilot"

Level: 46 Posted: 5/07/13 5:35am

@[SMB]₪★Xisco₪★ Yeah I agree I'm going for the achievement cars


[NTM]TimeTraveler "Time Traveler"

Level: 75 Posted: 5/07/13 7:31am

@[SMB]₪★Xisco₪★ well maybe you should get the flux like me :D


deathsname "First Trimester"

Level: 23 Posted: 5/07/13 8:25am



🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "God Mode"

Level: 80 Posted: 5/07/13 10:05am

@deathsname Space your words bro


minecraft1368 "Under Achiever"

Level: 28 Posted: 5/07/13 11:38am

can i be you vice leader hotdog please please pleaseeeeee can i please be your vice leader pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee hotdog can i can i pleaseee


sgonz1357 "The ATM Machine"

Level: 19 Posted: 5/07/13 12:32pm

I really hate you have to be a certain level to get a car! I mean I have the money-_-


buzkeel "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 36 Posted: 5/07/13 12:35pm

No just invite them, if that does not work then just do something else.



Level: 28 Posted: 5/07/13 2:23pm

Wat is the name of the typer that has the fastest


AWESOMENESS998 "I Love Nitros"

Level: 16 Posted: 5/07/13 3:01pm

you need to add characters to drive the cars cuz they look haunted and while youre at it make them custimizable


coolerrocksmancafes "Endurance Racer"

Level: 48 Posted: 5/07/13 3:40pm

i do not know that you should not make a comant


[MG]L¡GHT+B!U£+BºY "Pilot"

Level: 46 Posted: 5/07/13 4:24pm



TheOtherCaptain "Raw Racing Recruit"

Level: 13 Posted: 5/07/13 4:28pm

One thing that can improve is this: Different camera views of the race. That will be more entertaining and distracting to make the game harder!


StealthyNinja "Big Spender"

Level: 28 Posted: 5/07/13 5:13pm

How do you get the Caterham Racer car.


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "God Mode"

Level: 81 Posted: 5/07/13 5:30pm

@LOUISTOMLINSONSGIRL Just go to the scoreboard. It has most active people and most fastest people. It even has all of the stats of Nitro Type :D


™Ω☣LaxBro☣Ω™ "Box Collector"

Level: 49 Posted: 5/07/13 8:26pm

can we have another car or achievement for achievement points. it should be another food car like a hamburger. plse think about the music (see post above by me). It would add a spark to the game just like the daily rewards and mystery boxes. :-)


[TP]Pirc "Olde School"

Level: 108 Posted: 5/07/13 8:27pm

@StealthyNinja You need to reach level 40 then you can buy it in the dealership.


left4dead2025 "Unstoppable"

Level: 34 Posted: 5/07/13 8:59pm

i don't have it and i have luckly 7 but i allmost at 40 i now it at 34


StealthyNinja "Big Spender"

Level: 28 Posted: 5/08/13 6:38am

@[SMB]₪★Xisco₪★ thanks for both of you @[TP]Pirc Thanks


kingshaw99 "[SKIPWRD]"

Level: 15 Posted: 5/08/13 9:06am

can some one help me get more money and a mystery box .


Ugunnagetgot "First Trimester"

Level: 8 Posted: 5/08/13 9:12am

omg those are nice cars i may be a girl but i still love cars


Ari_is_awsome "Epic Nitro User"

Level: 47 Posted: 5/08/13 9:13am

Awsome. Thats all I can say.


buzkeel "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 36 Posted: 5/08/13 9:54am

@LOUISTOMLINSONSGIRL IDK i thik its the person with the pink car. I am in school rightnow. :)


_annabanana_ "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 55 Posted: 5/08/13 10:38am

for me ever since you can see the all time site stats for "words typed" and for "race time completed" it just says data not available.


≾[NTM]≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "God Mode"

Level: 74 Posted: 5/08/13 11:41am

@_annabanana_ Its because there is so much races completed maybe even more than the computer can count...

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ lol It's not that of a secret base ??


🙏brohoof🙏 "First Trimester"

Level: 26 Posted: 5/08/13 11:48am

They should add a bacon car. Sweet deliciousness.


[FTW]KristenSmith "The Friendly Helper"

Level: 25 Posted: 5/08/13 12:08pm

@🙏brohoof🙏 EXCELLENT idea!!! mmmmm bacon....


{NK}Awe$omeBro "Practice Makes Perfect"

Level: 87 Posted: 5/08/13 12:56pm

@🙏brohoof🙏 YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE BACON!!!!!! Make a bacon car please @[FTW]TheCorndog.


Hey_cool_story_bro "Millionaire"

Level: 30 Posted: 5/08/13 1:33pm

yes plz make a bacon car and meke it easy to get it


minecraft1368 "Under Achiever"

Level: 28 Posted: 5/08/13 1:35pm

i agree i wanna have a bacon car and put a pony too


big_killer "The ATM Machine"

Level: 32 Posted: 5/08/13 1:41pm

I like fast cars


silvershine7 "Practice Makes Perfect"

Level: 19 Posted: 5/08/13 1:45pm

bacon cars my brother would eat them


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "God Mode"

Level: 82 Posted: 5/08/13 1:52pm

@🙏brohoof🙏 Dude that sounds awesome! I love bacon and I would love to drive one :D



[SBT]new22 "Pilot"

Level: 45 Posted: 5/08/13 2:40pm

Dude how do you destroy nitro type please tell me man I want to know how to do it.


‹‹‹‹Lilgromman›››› "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 30 Posted: 5/08/13 2:44pm

@ninja-reflex YES BACON!!!!! lolz


SUB-ZERO(12) "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 25 Posted: 5/08/13 2:46pm

I agree. I LOVE BACON :)


gamelife "Raw Racing Recruit"

Level: 8 Posted: 5/08/13 2:59pm

That cool!!!!! He me back Austin


StealthyNinja "Big Spender"

Level: 28 Posted: 5/08/13 3:50pm

I agree for bacon.


mostmostwanted "Millionaire"

Level: 24 Posted: 5/08/13 4:21pm

they should add a a car from that movie cars 2 IS THAT GOOD


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "God Mode"

Level: 84 Posted: 5/08/13 5:03pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ What do you think of the Bacon car idea? Sound good or no?

@[NK]AwesomeNinja No problem bro


BOTAmberDragonSlayer "First Trimester"

Level: 39 Posted: 5/08/13 5:11pm

The "destroynitrotype" doesn't work am I doing something wrong?


Jaker$$$$$$$:) "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 25 Posted: 5/08/13 5:14pm

I personally think we should be able to message people in email, Facebook, twitter,Instagram, but still through the site. Wouldn't that be awesome?


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "God Mode"

Level: 84 Posted: 5/08/13 5:18pm

@™Ω☣LaxBro☣Ω™ Actually I think this post that corn dog made is made for any type of talk. He talked about him for the first month or so now it’s about anything now. The topic has no actual meaning like some of the other might have. If you know at all what I’m talking about lol. Not being rude or anything. :D


$THE_MAN$ "Pilot"

Level: 47 Posted: 5/08/13 7:06pm

Hey, great game i will tell all y friends about it.


moneebmazhar "Olde School"

Level: 29 Posted: 5/08/13 9:14pm

I want more destroying and more cheap cars. I need these by May 13.Thanks


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 85 Posted: 5/08/13 9:24pm

@moneebmazhar LOL no offense but you make me laugh, you can’t just ask for something and expect to get it. Just saying bro, if that were true then everyone would have what they want and the game wouldn’t be fun.


≾ℕɎ♍≿God_of_Typing "God Mode"

Level: 97 Posted: 5/08/13 10:27pm

No, why am i experinecing lag????


swagsands "Big Spender"

Level: 10 Posted: 5/08/13 11:10pm



Sweet_\cupake "First Trimester"

Level: 9 Posted: 5/09/13 7:05am

Keep trying and do your best by the way i have raced against you before and your really a fantastic driver! By the way I really like your car


☠≾ℕɎ♍≿9ʇɐɔplıʍ☠ "God Mode"

Level: 96 Posted: 5/09/13 8:11am

@Admins-HELP I am experiencing a lot of lag lately. When I race, it takes like 3 seconds for a letter to go in, HELP. It is affecting my speed.


PrincessFerret "Olde School"

Level: 22 Posted: 5/09/13 8:15am

I'm working to get all the cars right now I have 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[N™]XxshiftThePr0xX "People Love Me"

Level: 103 Posted: 5/09/13 8:38am

Andy has been hacked by someone who threatened to release his password if he didn't get to join ntm so I'm pretty sure that is not Andy.


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 85 Posted: 5/09/13 8:38am

@☠≾ℕɎ♍≿9ʇɐɔplıʍ☠ Try restarting your computer, clear your trash, and clear your history, that usually helps in this type of situation.


uzimonchito99 "Word Skipper"

Level: 8 Posted: 5/09/13 9:19am

sweet cars!!!!!!!


≾[NTM]≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "Olde School"

Level: 74 Posted: 5/09/13 9:59am

@andy5692 but what if Vielle says not to believe you who do we trust?? and Dude your a moderator cant you like band him or suspend him?


∑ℳI₪3₥_2002 "Millionaire"

Level: 32 Posted: 5/09/13 10:03am

@🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 Hey dude ville is my friend i m good at this game.


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 85 Posted: 5/09/13 10:10am

@BrOoK_02 What’s up


emma1001 "Word Skipper"

Level: 9 Posted: 5/09/13 10:32am

Can't wait to get a brand new car! I am going to get a cool motorcycle when I get to that level! This game is so addicting. Can't wait to get farther in the game!


cambro123 "Big Spender"

Level: 10 Posted: 5/09/13 10:32am

thats pimp


≾[NTM]≿☠☯★XPACO★☯☠ "Olde School"

Level: 74 Posted: 5/09/13 10:35am

@[FTW]KristenSmith yeah bacon!! haha


kaleb921774 "First Trimester"

Level: 24 Posted: 5/09/13 10:37am

@[TP]MrPirc nice car it looks like it took alot of work.


Plasma-Dragon "Millionaire"

Level: 30 Posted: 5/09/13 10:41am

I'm so glad you took my idea on motorcycles.


Domonaitor "Filthy Rich"

Level: 51 Posted: 5/09/13 10:55am

These new cars are awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


☠≾ℕɎ♍≿9ʇɐɔplıʍ☠ "God Mode"

Level: 97 Posted: 5/09/13 11:08am

@Plasma-Dragon THERE WAS WAY MORE PEOPLE THAN JUST YOU WHO WANTED THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


_annabanana_ "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 55 Posted: 5/09/13 12:44pm

dose anybody know what the chances of getting something really cool in you mystery box are?


Mrs.JamyaKaepernick "First Trimester"

Level: 57 Posted: 5/09/13 12:56pm



_annabanana_ "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 55 Posted: 5/09/13 2:00pm

@[FTW]KristenSmith how do you get more points on destroynitrotype?


kindergarten19 "[SKIPWRD]"

Level: 15 Posted: 5/09/13 2:01pm

i love this game!


revenge "Practice Makes Perfect"

Level: 43 Posted: 5/09/13 2:06pm

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE THE MOTORCYCLE AND ITS A AWESOME BIKE> LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):)::):):):


[F_T_W]®⨳Brian⨳® "I Hate Words"

Level: 15 Posted: 5/09/13 2:38pm

@EVERYONE hey, guys i think there is enough of this gossip going on here just talk about the cars not other stuff thank you..


[SMB]***** "Unstoppable"

Level: 67 Posted: 5/09/13 3:05pm

You guys are the best at


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 85 Posted: 5/09/13 3:58pm

@L¡GHT+B!U£+BºY Go to the nitro type forums for that.


deathics77 "I Hate Words"

Level: 11 Posted: 5/09/13 4:10pm

@[FTW]KristenSmith that is awsome


#1_Racer "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 35 Posted: 5/09/13 4:30pm

It's so epic!


Jaker$$$$$$$:) "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 26 Posted: 5/09/13 5:16pm

Try updating your computer @≾ℕɎ♍≿God_of_Typing


mrdistractions "Mega Winner"

Level: 31 Posted: 5/09/13 5:34pm

@anonymousman213 um you can't change other people's cars when you go to their page it just shows it like that for you


oz_wizard "Race Car Driver"

Level: 40 Posted: 5/09/13 6:08pm

@[FTW] I keep losing the races I do. For example I had 469 races and I did one race and then I dropped to 467. I also lost my new highest of 40wpm.


sushrut_borkar "The Practicer"

Level: 28 Posted: 5/09/13 9:48pm







[TP]Pirc "Olde School"

Level: 111 Posted: 5/09/13 11:12pm

@sushrut_borkar Thanks! If he does the work then he deserves to be number 1.
No one can stay number one forever. Though I still will be for a little while yet. :-)


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 219 Posted: 5/09/13 11:32pm

@[TP]Pirc also ill be quick to dominate on the all time ill definitely take the pirc first and i know ive been talking but i like to wait for him to get 1000 races ahead of me then do something its like mybreak time this time i wont break after i get ahead of him this time ill race straight toward the pirc and dominate fastest 24 hours and active 24 hours which may be really hard to do! but ill try tomorrow to do a big session if i can stay up!


[TP]Pirc "Olde School"

Level: 111 Posted: 5/09/13 11:45pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ I Intend to do about 200 tomorrow. I don't like really big sessions I prefer doing a lot of little ones.
Edit:- You'r both amongst the most active Typist on here. You are more like the hare and Andrew is more like the tortoise he is very steady and constant,
Some times the hare wins the race sometimes the tortoise wins. And that metaphor has nothing to do with your typing speeds. :-)


Awsomeash "Luxury Car Driver"

Level: 20 Posted: 5/10/13 7:36am

I cant wait either for the new cars! I want to get the motorcycle one as well! I just cant for them.:)


ultimatebo55 "I Love Nitros"

Level: 22 Posted: 5/10/13 8:19am

good! good!


Gam3rPr0 "Mystery Man"

Level: 36 Posted: 5/10/13 8:43am

Can't wait. Those cars are BEAST!!!!!!!!!!


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 219 Posted: 5/10/13 8:52am

@[TP]Pirc Today Tomorrow and Sunday I'll be racing alot for 3 reasons.

I've been inactive these last 2 months...
I'll show [ENM] that they are just a bunch of all "talk no race" not as good as [NTM]
Next to pass Andrew and race toward The Pirc ;)


buzkeel "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 36 Posted: 5/10/13 9:58am

I do to that means i like myself. Zamo!@big_killer


Hey_cool_story_bro "Millionaire"

Level: 30 Posted: 5/10/13 1:30pm



≾[NTM]≿☆℔®★XPACO★®℔☆ "God Mode"

Level: 75 Posted: 5/10/13 2:00pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ you got like 4,000 more races Vielle you are almost there and congratulations on winning 10,000 times and coming in second like only 1,000 times


[FTW]KristenSmith "The Friendly Helper"

Level: 26 Posted: 5/10/13 2:23pm

@_annabanana_ The best way to get more points is to destroy a page with a lot of elements... because you will have more things to blow up!


≾[NTM]≿☆℔®★XPACO★®℔☆ "God Mode"

Level: 75 Posted: 5/10/13 2:42pm

@[FTW]KristenSmith i heard something with andy and vielle what happened where is andy now ??


⋨Ɏ♍⋩✡☣⋨ENM⋩☣✡⋨D£⋩ "Olde School"

Level: 44 Posted: 5/10/13 3:11pm

My highest score is 154,770


trolledu1 "Big Spender"

Level: 12 Posted: 5/10/13 3:12pm

they should add a corvette and alot more huge trucks please it would definitly make the game better


LegolasGreenleaf "Olde School"

Level: 70 Posted: 5/10/13 3:33pm

@≾[NTM]≿☆℔®★XPACO★®℔☆ yeah, it was the trending now topic on the forums in the four hours it was on. Then it got deleted when the issue was resolved.


Awesomegirl55 "Epic Nitro User"

Level: 39 Posted: 5/10/13 6:01pm

These cars what they just make is awesome:)


[AOT]~Sebastian26 "Time Traveler"

Level: 65 Posted: 5/10/13 7:43pm

@LOUISTOMLINSONSGIRL arenasnow2, he is 173 WPM.


timmy88 "Race Car Driver"

Level: 41 Posted: 5/10/13 8:47pm

what about a car that is a sausage? ill admit the bacon car is a better idea


djsteve101 "Mega Winner"

Level: 35 Posted: 5/11/13 6:52am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ Hey dude, I just want to say congrats on your effort on Nitro Type because you've earned it and just want to give u a head's up n those cars. Nice job!


georgec "God Mode"

Level: 80 Posted: 5/11/13 11:37am

@[FTW]KristenSmith you should add something like a corvette or camaro


cray "I'm Friendly!"

Level: 82 Posted: 5/11/13 12:03pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ 1. I got the hotdog mobile
2. I have followers
3. thanks for the advise


bluedude "I Love Nitros"

Level: 24 Posted: 5/11/13 12:14pm

nitro type is awesome and I will tell everybody about it!


[NTM}??????????????? "I Love Nitros"

Level: 23 Posted: 5/11/13 12:25pm

do you know how to destroy nitro type. I do you just type destroynitrotype no spaces. And hold space.


Bananacakes,Alexis "Pilot"

Level: 45 Posted: 5/11/13 2:53pm

My favorite is the motorcycles! lol:)


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 219 Posted: 5/11/13 3:01pm

@djsteve101 wow my internet was slow yesterday so i couldnt do the session i planned >:( so i guess ill have to make use of my time this week!


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 87 Posted: 5/11/13 3:10pm

@timmy88 Man I like your thinking, but you do have 1 thing right. I do like the bacon idea better :D


0ptimusMaximus "The ATM Machine"

Level: 14 Posted: 5/11/13 3:34pm

@_annabanana_ I got 24,770 points on destroynitotype so ha


☠≾ℕɎ♍≿9ʇɐɔplıʍ[N™]☠ "God Mode"

Level: 99 Posted: 5/11/13 3:50pm

I am pretty sure I am officially the highest I have every been on the all time activeness, I am 57th!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[N™]j3whets® "Olde School"

Level: 97 Posted: 5/11/13 4:56pm

@☠≾ℕɎ♍≿9ʇɐɔplıʍ[N™]☠ same here I am in 49th place


Racemaster "Olde School"

Level: 30 Posted: 5/11/13 9:52pm

About on level 33 want those motorcycles so bad! they are so hard to get!why is it like 23 races to get to the next level


♣TheSwagMaster♣ "Box Collector"

Level: 39 Posted: 5/11/13 10:41pm

@[FTW]KristenSmith do you guys have like a scoring thing for the destronitrotype? Like is there a rank page or something for the most things destroyed? That would be cool :D


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 87 Posted: 5/11/13 11:38pm

@♣TheSwagMaster♣ That would be cool :D


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 220 Posted: 5/12/13 2:19am
yes zonday be mine!!!!!


≾[NTM]≿☆℔®★XPACO★®℔☆ "God Mode"

Level: 75 Posted: 5/12/13 4:50am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ hey vielle I am right behind you on getting the car when u get 20 mistery boxes and also congratulations


║Ñ╬♍║ThisKidIsGΩΦd "Box Collector"

Level: 97 Posted: 5/12/13 5:21am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ Has the zonday thing been going on for 20 weeks already? I will be getting it in less then two weeks but i have been logging on everyday. Is this the thing that John told me about? If so pm it to me on the forums. and CONGRATS ON THE ZONDAY!

@☠≾ℕɎ♍≿9ʇɐɔplıʍ[N™]☠ number one congratulations on being that high on the scoreboard but you didn't even mention getting the Gotham Congrats on that and keep it up BRO!

@Racemaster QUIT COMPLAINING! I do more then 23 races a day and for people that are about my level (97) it takes about 79 races to the next level so i don't want to hear complaining!


djsteve101 "Mega Winner"

Level: 35 Posted: 5/12/13 7:56am

@[F_T_W]®⨳Brian⨳® How are you part of the FTW?


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 88 Posted: 5/12/13 9:31am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ CONGRATULATIONS Vielle! I want that car soooooo bad, gonna get it soon :D


☠≾ℕɎ♍≿9ʇɐɔplıʍ[N™]☠ "God Mode"

Level: 99 Posted: 5/12/13 11:53am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ I AM SO JEALOUS :(
But congrats on getting it :)
I only have 14 3/7 mystery boxes :'(


[NTM}??????????????? "I Love Nitros"

Level: 23 Posted: 5/12/13 12:01pm

do you know how to destroy nitro type. You just type destroy nitro type no spaces. Then you hold space and move the arrow around. If you have a lot of friends go on there and do it the you will get a lot of points. The you press esc and you can do it again.


sushrut_borkar "Under Achiever"

Level: 29 Posted: 5/12/13 12:40pm

How do you get the name "Emperor"

In the achievements, it it only shows up to "Nitro Type Master"


[NTM]andrew1167 "Emperor"

Level: 229 Posted: 5/12/13 1:38pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ So you glitched forward in time and I glitched backward...awesome. I'll be getting it June 3rd as long as the system doesn't mess up again.

@djsteve101 He's not an FTW member. He put the underscores in between all the letters because the system does not allow you to put [FTW] at the front of your name, so he you underscores to get around that. Don't worry about him.

@sushrut_borkar You can't see it because it's a hidden achievement, so only those who have it can see it in their achievement page. To get it you have to do 1,000 races in a single session, which has only been done 4 times as of now.

@║Ñ╬♍║ThisKidIsGΩΦd You can't forget that it takes some people about 170 races just to level up once! And don't forget that Carrie is 18 levels ahead of me, so it probably takes a bit more than 185 races just to level up once...


[TP]Pirc "Olde School"

Level: 112 Posted: 5/12/13 4:34pm

@[NTM]andrew1167 It is 198,000 experience points on my CarriePirc Account.


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 247 Posted: 5/12/13 6:10pm

I just looked at my achievements page and I only have two more weeks for the Zoneday car looking forward to it it has been a very long wait.


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 88 Posted: 5/12/13 10:38pm

@[TP]CarriePirc So you have two accounts?


[TP]Pirc "Olde School"

Level: 113 Posted: 5/13/13 12:04am

@🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 LOL NO! I have a few more they are
1: CarriePirc
2: AnnePirc
3: Pirc
4: 1Carrie1
5: CarrieAnnePirc
All except the last one are in the Alltime most active The first three are in the top 30 alltime


[C_H]Captain_Hybrid "Mystery Man"

Level: 36 Posted: 5/13/13 7:10am

@[FTW]CornDog YES, please make a BACON car!!! So many people would buy it and use it. It would be a real hit!! Plus add some other food cars too
1) Bacon
2) Nachos
3) Hamburger
4) PB&J
(Lol this one isn't food )


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 88 Posted: 5/13/13 8:04am

@[TP]Pirc *face Palm* LOL oh. XD


whoneedsnitros? "Millionaire"

Level: 34 Posted: 5/13/13 9:24am

make a multiplayer on destroynitrotype!


[MSC]®⨳Brian⨳® "Big Spender"

Level: 15 Posted: 5/13/13 9:55am

@djsteve101 i'm not bro haha i was just playing around with you


jd11294 "Big Spender"

Level: 18 Posted: 5/13/13 10:16am

@minecraft1368 same here


bighairykoch "Raw Racing Recruit"

Level: 12 Posted: 5/13/13 10:25am

how do we do destroynitrotpye?


≾[NTM]≿☆℔®★XPACO★®℔☆ "God Mode"

Level: 76 Posted: 5/13/13 10:27am

@[NTM]andrew1167 for me it take's about 111 races to level up the higher you go the more races you need...


Phoenix12345678 "I Love Nitros"

Level: 17 Posted: 5/13/13 10:38am



[MT]Mariotyper "Pilot"

Level: 49 Posted: 5/13/13 11:03am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ congrats


☯☯♒LILGROMMAN♒☯☯ "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 31 Posted: 5/13/13 11:50am

@[NTM]andrew1167 do u know were the [FTW]TheCorndog went???


☯☯♒LILGROMMAN♒☯☯ "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 31 Posted: 5/13/13 12:02pm

who thinks they should add cheatah, BOCON, carrot, ice cream truck.. cars!!


im_your_friend "Mega Winner"

Level: 44 Posted: 5/13/13 12:15pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ Hey nice car you got the Zonday Tricolore and i was wondering a few things: How much does it sell for, how much to paint it. Thanks you


#notanoffeencivename "Filthy Rich"

Level: 18 Posted: 5/13/13 12:35pm

They should add the car from MIB 3 (men in black)


[FTW]KristenSmith "The Friendly Helper"

Level: 26 Posted: 5/13/13 12:40pm

@♣TheSwagMaster♣ That would be cool! However, it's just for fun. We don't see your scores or track them in any way.


☯☯♒LILGROMMAN♒☯☯ "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 31 Posted: 5/13/13 12:43pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ ya great job being the first to get the... Zonday Tricolore...


☯☯♒LILGROMMAN♒☯☯ "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 31 Posted: 5/13/13 12:54pm

i got a score on destroy nitro type of 53130 can any1 beat me (well ya i did it very fast :P)


[HWG]Mr_Azek "I Love Nitros"

Level: 26 Posted: 5/13/13 12:58pm

The "destroynitrotype" thing doesnt work for me. But how do you get cars like the ShadowXmassTree, and the Party Sleigh?



Level: 11 Posted: 5/13/13 1:01pm

@☯☯♒LILGROMMAN♒☯☯ @☯☯♒LILGROMMAN♒☯☯ @Jaker$$$$$$$:) Yeah they should make a lot of other cars to. Like a nascar one or a Iron man car or a lot of others.


☯☯♒LILGROMMAN♒☯☯ "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 31 Posted: 5/13/13 1:02pm

@#notanoffeencivename that would be AWESOME!!


☯☯♒LILGROMMAN♒☯☯ "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 31 Posted: 5/13/13 1:10pm

@1AXEMan ya they should make a super man and iron man and other super heros :)


☣BlackDeath☣ "Under Achiever"

Level: 14 Posted: 5/13/13 1:11pm

Hello I'm kind of leaving nitro type but I want a mystery box. Any advice?


chickenfarmer122 "First Trimester"

Level: 39 Posted: 5/13/13 1:13pm

I think that they should make animal cars like chicken and dog cars it would be cool reply if you thinks so


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 247 Posted: 5/13/13 1:16pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ Yes congrats on the Zoneday how did you manage to get it two weeks before anyone else can?


🌈Rainbow_Rushin🌈 "First Trimester"

Level: 28 Posted: 5/13/13 1:17pm

I wonder when the corndog gets back.


≾[NTM]≿☆℔®★XPACO★®℔☆ "God Mode"

Level: 76 Posted: 5/13/13 1:30pm

@[TP]CarriePirc a bug occured and john and Vielle got them, however the corndog fixed the glitch and said that they both could keep the car since they were honest and told them but people were saying that it's not fair that they could just get it like that and stuff so i think the corndog took it from john but not from vielle....


blackops2_elite "The Mad Hatter"

Level: 13 Posted: 5/13/13 1:34pm

sweet cars :P


Mexicaninja "Under Achiever"

Level: 21 Posted: 5/13/13 2:04pm

When is corndog coming back


[MSC]®⨳Brian⨳® "Big Spender"

Level: 15 Posted: 5/13/13 2:05pm

@[NTM]andrew1167 hey i was just messing around with people lol it was a dare and don't worry i already changed it and man please me tryna act cool you don't even know me in real life


The_Car_Dealer "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 25 Posted: 5/13/13 2:20pm

do you know about any cheats, like destroynitrotype?


STEPHAN+BROOK "Lucky Number 7"

Level: 29 Posted: 5/13/13 2:23pm

Ugh! It keeps disqualifing me during races that I'm winning! What's going on?!


TheBlackVolt "Mega Winner"

Level: 12 Posted: 5/13/13 3:07pm

When I went to my achievements it said I had 14 races this session, but when I came back later and it said I only did 10 races! Whats going on?


☯☯♒LILGROMMAN♒☯☯ "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 31 Posted: 5/13/13 3:17pm

@[MSC]®⨳Brian⨳® what did u do???

@chickenfarmer122 that would be cool

@[NTM]andrew1167 how do u
get to be a mod or admin???


[MSC]®⨳Brian⨳® "Big Spender"

Level: 15 Posted: 5/13/13 3:45pm

@☯☯♒LILGROMMAN♒☯☯ I put an [FTW] in my name and some people believed me lol but i was just messing around


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 89 Posted: 5/13/13 4:50pm

@☯☯♒LILGROMMAN♒☯☯ Be active and have good trust on here and on FTW innovations.

p.s I know I’m not Andrew but I was just helping :)


[ƝϮℱ]☔☕♈J-W-♈☔☕ "God Mode"

Level: 70 Posted: 5/13/13 5:03pm



🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 90 Posted: 5/13/13 5:32pm

@[ƝϮℱ]☔☕♈J-W-♈☔☕ Their ok…..idk I wasn’t a big fan of the cycles :S


☯☯♒LILGROMMAN♒☯☯ "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 31 Posted: 5/13/13 6:40pm

@Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 i am not on a lot :( but im trust worthy! :)


sushrut_borkar "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 30 Posted: 5/13/13 6:53pm

How do you get to be a moderator?

How do you get to be an administrator?


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 90 Posted: 5/13/13 6:58pm

@sushrut_borkar Same thing that I just said to ☯☯♒LILGROMMAN♒☯☯ LOL

@☯☯♒LILGROMMAN♒☯☯ Good


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 220 Posted: 5/13/13 8:51pm

@[TP]CarriePirc The secret is!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't honestly know......


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 220 Posted: 5/13/13 10:53pm

@☯☯♒LILGROMMAN♒☯☯ i got 194074


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 247 Posted: 5/14/13 2:09am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ lol


kimh1 "Box Collector"

Level: 64 Posted: 5/14/13 7:35am

I got 25745 points in the DESTROY NITRO TYPE GAME. I destroy everything EVEN background! when I was finished it was totally blank in the whole site and the only thing is left is the sand paper background and points.


josiahthebrown "Box Collector"

Level: 35 Posted: 5/14/13 9:03am

LOVE THE BIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JOISHAKING


≾[NTM]≿☆℔®★XPACO★®℔☆ "God Mode"

Level: 76 Posted: 5/14/13 9:40am

@[TP]CarriePirc yeah vielle dose he just don't want to say lol


≾[NTM]≿☆℔®★XPACO★®℔☆ "God Mode"

Level: 76 Posted: 5/14/13 10:12am

@josiahthebrown the bikes are okay not all that. the lamborghini is prabably the best one

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ i got 123165 that as high as it let me go how did you get soo high like that ?


stank1234 "I Love Nitros"

Level: 17 Posted: 5/14/13 12:38pm

@≾[NTM]≿☆℔®★XPACO★®℔☆ How high


greifer "Mystery Man"

Level: 9 Posted: 5/14/13 1:09pm

@[C_H]Captain_Hybrid YES! DO IT! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! (I would like a van or a pick_up truck).



Level: 50 Posted: 5/14/13 1:33pm

@stank1234 194074



≾[NTM]≿☆℔®★XPACO★®℔☆ "God Mode"

Level: 77 Posted: 5/14/13 1:33pm

@stank1234 i got to 123,165



Level: 50 Posted: 5/14/13 1:41pm

I think there is a glitch, in the garage my last 6 races all say 86.7 accuracy and i don't think that's true.
@MissionAccomplished Dude u should buy the space shuttle


≾[NTM]≿☆℔®★XPACO★®℔☆ "God Mode"

Level: 77 Posted: 5/14/13 1:44pm

@[MT]I-WANT-TRIFECTA The space shuttle is to expensive and is not cool that much...

@stank1234 i got to 123,165 that is my highest


18509 "Pilot"

Level: 45 Posted: 5/14/13 2:06pm

This game is so awesome!!!!


measmyself "Endurance Racer"

Level: 45 Posted: 5/14/13 2:13pm

I can now post things on the blogs without dying of imbarrsment because I am now a pilot!!!!!!!!!!


charmelo "God Mode"

Level: 87 Posted: 5/14/13 3:04pm

I am so close to getting the Zonday Triclore car for twenty mystery boxes and i got both of the bikes but i don't want to buy the Lamborghotti Adventx. Because im trying to get The Pirc and Zonday Triclore


★Nitr❂pr❂☠☯★darrion "Epic Word Skippage"

Level: 23 Posted: 5/14/13 3:24pm

Thanks for the bikes lol


MR.CRAZY_CLOWN13 "Under Achiever"

Level: 17 Posted: 5/14/13 3:32pm



[AOT]~[]Sebastian[] "Time Traveler"

Level: 67 Posted: 5/14/13 4:28pm

@minecraft1368 It's not ''Hotdog''.


[EVM]█████☯★☠THATGUY "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 63 Posted: 5/14/13 4:33pm

How did xxshifttheproxx get the achievement Holiday Hacker?


[N™]XxshiftThePr0xX "Holiday Hacker"

Level: 105 Posted: 5/14/13 4:51pm

So excited Corndog is probably on his way back from his trip. Can't wait any longer!!


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 91 Posted: 5/14/13 4:58pm

@[N™]XxshiftThePr0xX How did you get the tittle Holiday Hacker?


≶₪ҭጢ≷ ✡☣JΩhn☣✡ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 137 Posted: 5/14/13 5:06pm

@[TP]CarriePirc I haven't been keeping track, but apprently andrew tracks how many "lol" posts you've made. the first one you made was in december... lol

i haven't been active on the news lately just because of the fact that nitrotype is less exciting without corndog ;) i go on the news every day, but recently it seems like all the posts are spam like "cool cars" "yay" and stuff like that. -_- kinda gets annoying

Finally i am catching up the vielle on speed. let's just hope that he doesn't get any faster than he is right now. right now i rank above him on the last 24 hours with 126wpm!

@[N™]XxshiftThePr0xX He's coming back in june... we have a month to wait :( i just wish the other FTW members were as active on the news as him.

@sushrut_borkar You can't just "become" and admin or moderator. Admins like [FTW]Travis, [FTW]TheCorndog and [FTW]KristenSmith are the people that "control" or run nitrotype. Corndog is the founder, and kristen is the person that answers all your reported bugs, or problems on nitrotype. im not EXACTLY sure what travis does though. i think he's kinda like corndog, and does code, gets car ideas, and helps design nitrotype. As for mods, they are people personally chose by the corndog. they are only able to edit & delete things like blogs posts, and forum posts. on the forums, they can warn and ban you. if you're not sure what the forums are, here's a link: you just need to log on with your nitrotype pass.

@vielle i love your zonday. when i get mine im gonna paint my neon green like last time...


[Ⓐ☦Ⓛ]Ⓖⓔⓔ➑➋➍ツ™ "Box Collector"

Level: 75 Posted: 5/14/13 5:10pm

Im so happy because i got the pizza car today and i have 356 nitros my highest ever and im not stoping so yall better watch out!! jk lol


mostmostwanted "Millionaire"

Level: 24 Posted: 5/14/13 5:19pm

hey my computer glitches a lot I just log in I go to race when the race starts that's when all the problems start I can do everything else I can do but not race help me im in a windows 7 ok thank you please respond.


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 248 Posted: 5/14/13 5:23pm

@I_am_the_world_boss You are mistaken Andrew may be a boy but I am just a poor old woman. You are hoping a young boy will beat up on a poor old woman. That's so sad. :-(


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 92 Posted: 5/14/13 5:28pm

@I_am_the_world_boss So you’re saying girls can’t type or what? Messed up bro

@[TP]CarriePirc LOL


mostmostwanted "Millionaire"

Level: 24 Posted: 5/14/13 5:29pm

sorry I don't know if I said windows 8 I mean I half a windows 7 not a 8 also how come I cant see my comet when I post one please help me get rid of that glich and tell me why I cant see my comet also put one of those cars from fast 5


☯☯♒LILGROMMAN♒☯☯ "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 31 Posted: 5/14/13 6:48pm

@[TP]CarriePirc how old r u???????


sushrut_borkar "Lucky Number 7"

Level: 30 Posted: 5/14/13 7:34pm

@[TP]CarriePirc Andrew's catching up...



EPICMAN_864 "The ATM Machine"

Level: 28 Posted: 5/14/13 8:54pm

I love the new cars... although I am a low level or at least 5 levels away from earning them i can get there by trying hard and i can still earn the new achievments that Austin made :D. I cant wait till level 33 and i am level 28 so far... but i know i can get there some day :D. I also got a saying for you guys... "Just try your hardest and most Optimum opinion on things to get where you want in life and to succeed.


🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 92 Posted: 5/14/13 8:57pm

@sushrut_borkar What? >.>???????????????????


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 220 Posted: 5/14/13 9:15pm

@sushrut_borkar ill be the best... andrew is gonig to be outta the competition once i pass him because of my annoying connections lately which will be in most likely 6 days and carrie is really a girl she has her own typeracer profile which has a picture of her! (corndog unfortunately carrie is cheating on nitrotype and secretly dating typeracer D: )


[AOT]~[]Sebastian[] "Time Traveler"

Level: 67 Posted: 5/15/13 5:34am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ Congrats on the Zonday. @F4U-Corsair Nice work on our race.


henlymychicken "Big Spender"

Level: 19 Posted: 5/15/13 8:06am

@georgec @[FTW]KristenSmith no more like a stock car


[N™]XxshiftThePr0xX "Holiday Hacker"

Level: 105 Posted: 5/15/13 8:14am

@🔥💀Ninja-RefleX💀🔥 It's a secret achievement and you can probably guess how to get it. That's all I am saying.


19bhilty "Under Achiever"

Level: 20 Posted: 5/15/13 8:50am

This is a cool game


you-gonna-be-crushed "Olde School"

Level: 53 Posted: 5/15/13 9:21am



≾[NTM]≿☆℔®★XPACO★®℔☆ "God Mode"

Level: 77 Posted: 5/15/13 9:37am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ this is going to be a close competition! haha i hope you the best and and the best and also may the best man win! :) good luck fellas


≾[NTM]≿☆℔®★XPACO★®℔☆ "God Mode"

Level: 77 Posted: 5/15/13 9:53am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ how is carrie cheating? dose she like used a typing bot?