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We are the Champions!

Posted by Austin 5:36pm on 3/6/13 233 Comments

At Nitro Type, we obviously love a little friendly competition... so it's about time our champions strutted their stuff.

Moving forward, our Top 3 champions from each scoreboard group (3 people in 8 different scoreboards) will shine like never before. For every Top 3 champion, while they maintain their place, a beautiful badge will follow them everywhere they go. News comments, player profile, garage, race results popup.

The best part is that ANYONE can be top 3. Are you a fast typists? Go for the Last 24 Hour Fastest Typist slot. Aren't that fast but have a little free time? Show the world who's boss by being a Top 3 Last 24 Hours Most Active typist!

And eventually we might roll out some extra benefits for being on top... Extra race rewards, a temporary Champion car, achievements... who knows.

We are the champions. And we keep on WINNING 'till the end.

233 Comments (Showing last 100 comments. View Last 300 Comments)

johndeeregreen(KyleR "Race Car Driver"

Level: 41 Posted: 3/10/13 6:31pm

Austin, could you please make new cars. I would really appreciate it and I bet some other people would apppreciate it.


☠[lʇɐ]9ʇɐɔplıʍ☠ "First Trimester"

Level: 72 Posted: 3/10/13 6:50pm

A question. I was just scrolling down in blogs and I saw the one with the contest. This was on 4/9/12. You said that there would be other ones that didn't require facebook. Well, it has been more than a year, when is there going to be another one that doesn't require Facebook????????????????


[TP]AnnePirc "Empress"

Level: 120 Posted: 3/10/13 7:04pm

@[NTM]87gronk Thanks! I love The Pirc!!!


[NTF]Luclin "First Trimester"

Level: 37 Posted: 3/10/13 7:38pm

It's amazing how you guys do 50+ races each session. My maximum was 51, and I was panting. Maybe I'm just not cut for it, eh. But I guarantee that if you tried to race me on my threshold, I would prominently win. I set a record for my county :)


[NTF]Luclin "First Trimester"

Level: 37 Posted: 3/10/13 7:49pm

I seem to have a little fame of my own :P My profile has over 100+ views, and I'm not sure the reason is because I'm legitimately famous, the forum, or my paint job.


[NTM]TimeTraveler "Time Traveler"

Level: 70 Posted: 3/10/13 8:09pm

@[NTF]Luclin for some reason i got 652 players that viewed my profile

i didn't know i was that famous! :D


[NTF]Luclin "First Trimester"

Level: 37 Posted: 3/10/13 8:17pm

@[NTM]TimeTraveler ah ha lucky you! Daylight savings, the clock should say 9:09.


[ATL]Impossible "Time Traveler"

Level: 100 Posted: 3/10/13 8:39pm

@☠[lʇɐ]9ʇɐɔplıʍ☠ I was just thinking about that. You see I was here when they did this contest. I don't have a facebook account or anything like that. That would great if there was a free contest for anybody.


LegolasGreenleaf "Endurance Racer"

Level: 48 Posted: 3/10/13 8:50pm

@everybody in a clan or famous: truth is here in my house my younger brothers tomas10 (he has other accounts too) and oz_wizard and my sister Galadriel are nuts for friending clans and famous people. Tomas has over 150 friends. they're at the age when older people who like what they like are role models.

and sadly we're banned from typing and going to the forum till my birthday. :(


LegolasGreenleaf "Endurance Racer"

Level: 48 Posted: 3/10/13 9:19pm

@[NTF]Luclin whats more is that this is central time cuz here in Michigan its already 10:20.


april123 "Olde School"

Level: 117 Posted: 3/10/13 11:15pm

@[TP]AnnePirc so are you the same person or do you have a sister named Anne? All this time I thought Carrie had a sister named Anne. Funny. What do you call a cat that tells jokes? A witty kitty. ha ha ha ha ha.


april123 "Olde School"

Level: 117 Posted: 3/10/13 11:25pm

What do you call a cat that tells jokes? A witty kitty. Ha ha ha ha ha.


[TP]AnnePirc "Empress"

Level: 121 Posted: 3/10/13 11:54pm

@april123 :-) Anne is my middle name.
Carrie is my first name
And Pirc is my chess opening.


≾₪✞♍≿☫☣J❂hn☣☫ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 109 Posted: 3/11/13 1:32am

@[FTW]TheCorndog I have realized that you changed the format of the scoreboard, and you replaced the parts you took away from the table. Thankyou

200th comment.


≾₪✞♍≿☫☣J❂hn☣☫ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 110 Posted: 3/11/13 2:09am

Do i have a top 3 badge by my name? I am in the top 3 for speed :D


LegolasGreenleaf "Endurance Racer"

Level: 48 Posted: 3/11/13 6:19am

@[TP]AnnePirc so who are Mackenzie and Kimberly pirc?


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 236 Posted: 3/11/13 6:54am

@LegolasGreenleaf No idea.They are not mine.


[NTM]TimeTraveler "Time Traveler"

Level: 70 Posted: 3/11/13 8:08am

@[NTM]87gronk uh yes you are...


세라(sarah12taylor) "Millionaire"

Level: 31 Posted: 3/11/13 9:52am

This is pretty neat. Too bad i have to wait 100 years before i can make it 170mph. My highest is 63mph.


logibear "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 18 Posted: 3/11/13 10:43am

looks like a cool drag racing car its super long.but thats going to take a while to get so i'm not realy thinking about geting that car i rather get the back to the futrure car.


[N™]XxshifttheproxX "Olde School"

Level: 86 Posted: 3/11/13 12:42pm

I wish there was like achievements for getting to like lvl 100 instead of it stopping at 50 i want something to look forward to. But by the time that happens i will past lvl 100


ArayaSunshineGoss;) "Luxury Car Driver"

Level: 21 Posted: 3/11/13 2:01pm

we are the champions. bum bum bum di bum bum bum ! lol like that one insurance commercial we are farmers lol say it like that


♣☻☻Lakers-Forever☺☺♣ "Celebrity"

Level: 54 Posted: 3/11/13 2:20pm

@[TP]CarriePirc Could I join [TP] please


supahotcarcensky "Mega Winner"

Level: 24 Posted: 3/11/13 2:39pm

That kid deejayalec guy needs to be respectful to our members on the blog. That's what he gets when he's been disrespectful to others on the blog.


[BANF]NHLNick13 "First Trimester"

Level: 58 Posted: 3/11/13 2:47pm

@䃣ïcôΩ I don't watch it but my sister does. She says its funny. Maybe i will watch it one day i don't know but i will check it out:-) But we'll see.


[BANF]NHLNick13 "First Trimester"

Level: 58 Posted: 3/11/13 2:58pm

hey i have a question for everyone who has a really expensive car and still has over 1,000,000 dollars, how do u do that i mean i may be low on cash but that is because i use it on cars i am saving up to get all the cars. oh and how do u get much races in a session i can't seem to get the hang of it. in two hours i can only get about 100 races in a session. How do you do that!


☠[lʇɐ]9ʇɐɔplıʍ☠ "First Trimester"

Level: 72 Posted: 3/11/13 3:17pm

Please don't ban me,I am just going to say this guys name. I am not saying it
thatis his name


[BANF]NHLNick13 "First Trimester"

Level: 58 Posted: 3/11/13 3:28pm

wow...uh...that guy is probably going to get banned, and if you are talking to corndog i have something to how do you post your own like page or forum on there because it isn't as easy as it looks?


[TP]AnnePirc "Empress"

Level: 122 Posted: 3/11/13 3:46pm

@♣☻☻Lakers-Forever☺☺♣ [TP] Is not a clan it only identifies my Alternate accounts.


≪ℕɎ♍≫¿¥øšíì? "First Trimester"

Level: 88 Posted: 3/11/13 3:56pm

Hey guys Yoshi here and I was just letting you guys know that I am trying to reach 400 profile views. I am almost there! Can you guys help?


[BANF]NHLNick13 "First Trimester"

Level: 59 Posted: 3/11/13 4:01pm

@[TP]AnnePirc wait [TP] isn't a clan and also can people do the same i want my mom to think i am good at this.


[BANF]NHLNick13 "First Trimester"

Level: 59 Posted: 3/11/13 4:09pm

@≪ℕɎ♍≫¿¥øšíì? i have viewed yours can you view mine


[NTM]andrew1167 "Original Gangster"

Level: 192 Posted: 3/11/13 4:09pm

@[BANF]NHLNick13 @☠[lʇɐ]9ʇɐɔplıʍ☠ Come on guys, you know there is a report player feature don't's on their profile page. There's no reason to tell the whole blog, just report it to [FTW]TheCorndog and he will take care of it.

@[BANF]NHLNick13 The fastest you can do 100 races is a little more then 2 hours and 10 minutes. The bigger session achievements end up taking really long, and that's what makes them so hard. As for cash, I have so much cash just because I save it and don't waste it, and only buy cars that I intend to keep. I own the 4 most valuable cars (1 is an achievement car), and have $37 million on the other three. Just keep saving your money, and you will amaze yourself. But first of all, NEVER SELL YOUR MP! That paintjob really makes it stand out; I would say it's one of the 5 most impressive cars I've ever seen :)


[TP]AnnePirc "Empress"

Level: 122 Posted: 3/11/13 4:11pm

@[BANF]NHLNick13 Well it is only a private clan of my accounts:-
[TP] CarriePirc
[TP] 1Carrie1
[TP] Pirc
[TP] AnnePirc
[TP] CarrieAnnePicr
This clan is only my Alt acounts and a way to identify them.


[BANF]NHLNick13 "First Trimester"

Level: 59 Posted: 3/11/13 4:19pm

@[NTM]andrew1167 oh ok that works.Yeah the MP i will never sell in a life time but i am guesing the other cars are NASA Shuttle, the Pirc, F4U-Corsair,Gotham@[TP]AnnePirc that's nice way to identify profiles


[BANF]NHLNick13 "First Trimester"

Level: 59 Posted: 3/11/13 4:31pm

@[NTM]andrew1167 oh and i don't know if you got it but did u get the Wambulance, the Covenent, the Keyboard cat, or the NirtoType Master yet if so then how long does it take to get each one i might try it out but depending on time i don't know. Ok got to get backl to racing just need to try and get god mode achievement almost there 5 of 20 wins


BillyBobZ1st(Owelz) "Mystery Man"

Level: 38 Posted: 3/11/13 4:32pm

carriepirc you are amazingly amazing. I am sure I read more than you, but that's about it . . . .


[BANF]NHLNick13 "First Trimester"

Level: 59 Posted: 3/11/13 5:07pm

Ok and also FYI can someone tell me how to use the forum i don' want to get in trouble by corndog by not using the forum for stuff i need to. Also anyone who responds to the texts can u view me i need views i am trying to get more than 100 by spring break and then sooner enough April 18 please view.


LegolasGreenleaf "Endurance Racer"

Level: 48 Posted: 3/11/13 5:09pm

16 more days of punishment...........................16 more days till my birthday! 16 days till spring break! I guess everything good comes at once.


[TP]AnnePirc "Empress"

Level: 122 Posted: 3/11/13 5:19pm

@[BANF]NHLNick13 Look at the top of this page on the right top corner there is a link to the forums there.


[BANF]NHLNick13 "First Trimester"

Level: 59 Posted: 3/11/13 5:22pm

@LegolasGreenleaf LOL lucky wow they don't have BBcode on here.that stinks


[TP]AnnePirc "Empress"

Level: 123 Posted: 3/11/13 6:22pm

@djstevce101345 Congratulations!! Keep on typing and it will bring you more cars and better typing speeds.
Edit: You will probably be in the 90's by the time I get to the 70's


[BANF]NHLNick13 "First Trimester"

Level: 59 Posted: 3/11/13 7:10pm

I wish i new how to make them like that sorry for spamming:-( @[TP]AnnePirc ok thanks now i can do it gotta go bye.


≪ℕɎ♍≫¿¥øšíì? "First Trimester"

Level: 89 Posted: 3/11/13 9:03pm

@[ATL]Impossible Why yes I am :D


[Tux]DebianWheezyGo "I Have Friends"

Level: 126 Posted: 3/11/13 9:43pm

I have Linux Elise, Flux Capacitor, and The Gotham. I've sold all reward cars including the Mini Sherman tank, which is $10,000,000 for buy back price. I think I made $6,000,000 from it. When you sell cars, you get 60% of its sales price.

I agree with making money is time consuming. I come to NitroType for improving the speed, making money is second priority. One trick I learn about saving money is just typing practice whenever you feel.

Few hundred races per week is easy. Within a half year, anybody can get high end cars. The cash and nitro bonus feature is helpful. Sometimes I log in just to get the reward and leave. Is it good or bad? ^^


≾₪✞♍≿☫☣J❂hn☣☫ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 110 Posted: 3/12/13 3:22am

@[Tux]DebianWheezyGo are you a adult???


oz_wizard "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 36 Posted: 3/12/13 6:23am

@jesusistheone If you do a lot of races in 24 hours, you can get into the top 3.


≾₪✞♍≿☫☣J❂hn☣☫ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 110 Posted: 3/12/13 7:01am

250th comment?


[BANF]NHLNick13 "First Trimester"

Level: 59 Posted: 3/12/13 8:16am

@≾₪✞♍≿☫☣J❂hn☣☫ hey thanks for the friend request and 250? is right people are posting a lot of comments around this time like me i am posting a lot i want to post a least till we hit 300 posts but still uh i am finally earning money:-)


killer54 "Muscle Car Driver"

Level: 12 Posted: 3/12/13 9:44am

cool how are u a level 70 (NTM)time traveler


[ņL]IMMABIGNOOB "Mystery Man"

Level: 63 Posted: 3/12/13 11:34am

I want to report [ENT]JKid for hacking into my account and selling all my cars and changing my name.


TheFraz "People Like Me"

Level: 72 Posted: 3/12/13 12:05pm

No love for the person in 4th place. haha


_annabanana_ "Olde School"

Level: 48 Posted: 3/12/13 12:28pm

@[FTW]KristenSmith thanks.


madia "I Hate Words"

Level: 14 Posted: 3/12/13 1:15pm

That pretty cool that your doing that (TO HELP YOUR FRIEND OUT SHINE YOU!


[BANF]NHLNick13 "First Trimester"

Level: 59 Posted: 3/12/13 1:51pm

hey does rooner10 look at the news at all speaking of that rooner10 sup its me nhlnick


boobear_(loisgirl) "Epic Word Skippage"

Level: 21 Posted: 3/12/13 2:26pm

I no this is not what this is for but I really need some friends so can somebody plz add me? Oh I think this idea is good, but it can make ppl feel bad too.


FIREXY "Used Car Salesman"

Level: 17 Posted: 3/12/13 2:35pm

to all of my friends i will not be on nitrotype any longer.i get on nitro type at school but now im switching related arts so the next time i get on may be next year. i will be having my last races today. im really going to miss nitro type.


tyger102 "Race Car Driver"

Level: 40 Posted: 3/12/13 3:24pm

great job i have a sugjestion for the site. i think that people should be able to pick the colors of their cars as in diferent color schemes and decals to personalize theri vehicle


maximus7226 "Sports Coupe Driver"

Level: 8 Posted: 3/12/13 3:36pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog are you the creator of nitro type because you seem to know almost everything?


≾₪✞♍≿☫☣J❂hn☣☫ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 110 Posted: 3/12/13 3:42pm

@maximus7226 He is, and as you can see, his posts are in blue, which means he is a admin on this website.


☠[lʇɐ]9ʇɐɔplıʍ☠ "First Trimester"

Level: 73 Posted: 3/12/13 3:49pm

@maximus7226 Yes he is


≾₪✞♍≿☫☣J❂hn☣☫ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 110 Posted: 3/12/13 3:51pm

@[NTM]andrew1167 I see that you are searching for the other person with the gotham. It is Mr.Strickland... Also, im gonna lower my WPM so i can race you when your on :D


djstevce101345 "Mega Winner"

Level: 34 Posted: 3/12/13 4:06pm

@≾₪✞♍≿☫☣J❂hn☣☫ I have like $400,000 in cash right now. I will be able to afford a car later, I guess.


≾₪✞♍≿☫☣J❂hn☣☫ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 110 Posted: 3/12/13 4:10pm

@[NTM]Maggot_Merchant actually, there are a few imposters.... i don't know how they got [FTW] in there name though.


≾₪✞♍≿☫☣J❂hn☣☫ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 110 Posted: 3/12/13 4:18pm

@djstevce101345 ok.... i have 9mil in cash :D


LegolasGreenleaf "Endurance Racer"

Level: 49 Posted: 3/12/13 4:39pm

@everyone When do you guys get out for break? It's the 28th for us.


≪ℕɎ♍≫¿¥øšíì? "First Trimester"

Level: 90 Posted: 3/12/13 6:27pm

Yay I am now officially ranked #39 on the all time Leaderboards! After I get 3000 races done I will do a story of my time in NTM and how I got there and the whole 9 yards. Just wait and find out the surprise!


☠[lʇɐ]9ʇɐɔplıʍ☠ "First Trimester"

Level: 74 Posted: 3/12/13 7:20pm

@[ņL]IMMABIGNOOBHow do you know it was him?


≪ℕɎ♍≫¿¥øšíì? "First Trimester"

Level: 90 Posted: 3/12/13 8:01pm

270th Comment!! Yaya


ArayaSunshineGoss;) "Used Car Salesman"

Level: 22 Posted: 3/12/13 8:30pm

@LegolasGreenleaf i absoloutely love ur name btw......just sayin....O.o


kiiltheman "Filthy Rich"

Level: 28 Posted: 3/12/13 8:55pm

i'm afraid that my account will be deleted because i made the word kill in it. Do you get second chances? i hope so


[ņL]˚♣☻☺Å∏G€L☺☻♣˚ "Mystery Man"

Level: 63 Posted: 3/12/13 9:07pm

@☠[lʇɐ]9ʇɐɔplıʍ☠ Yes He told me in my computer class that it was him and that he was just having FUN. I don't care if it was fun he sold my trifecta my macro my and some other good cars i had earned.


lautus "Filthy Rich"

Level: 22 Posted: 3/12/13 10:26pm

I think there should be races for averages of typing like
10-20s race
20-30s race
30-40s race
40-50s race
and you shouldnt be able to race if you havent done at least 50 races...


Mr.Floppy "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 134 Posted: 3/13/13 12:35am

@LegolasGreenleaf I have the same question


≾₪✞♍≿☫☣J❂hn☣☫ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 111 Posted: 3/13/13 2:24am

@Mr.Floppy r u frenzten?


Mr.Floppy "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 134 Posted: 3/13/13 3:27am

@≾₪✞♍≿☫☣J❂hn☣☫ Yes I am Frentzen, but please stop posting so many comments in a row, unless someone has commented after you, you should edit your previous post and add there what you forgot. What you are doing is considered spam in many places.


LegolasGreenleaf "Endurance Racer"

Level: 49 Posted: 3/13/13 6:13am

@ArayaSunshineGoss;) thanks. Cant wait till December!


≾₪✞♍≿☫☣J❂hn☣☫ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 111 Posted: 3/13/13 7:08am

@Mr.Floppy I only post different things in a row when i need to say something that is completely different from the previous post. But will spot since you don't like me doing it. why did you change your name to Mr.Floppy any way? I like frenzten better :D that name is unique "Frenzten"...

@≪ℕɎ♍≫¿¥øšíì? Im am going to do my story about nitrotype like andrew did, when i get my tank... even though he did it when he got the corsaire. I guess you could do it once you get 2 k races. I never though of it though. I always thought it would be better if i posted a big story about my history with nitrotype and NTM after i get a huge achievement such as the tank. I should have made a time line- story thing after i got keyboard cat, because it took me 3 tries to get it,with 2 tries ending with 390 races in a session.

@[ATL] Ok... your cl*n is way to confusing. There are still people with the name [Zio] and [NTN]. I though you guys combined... anyway YOU NEED TO STOP CHANGING YOUR NAME JACK... IT'S CONFUSING PEOPLE!!! A COUPLE WEEKS AGO I TOLD VIELLE THAT YOU WERE INCERNATOR (JACk) AND HE WAS LIKE "I DIDN'T KNOW THAT JACK WAS INCERNATOR"


DuckDynasty77 "Luxury Car Driver"

Level: 22 Posted: 3/13/13 10:57am

@[NTF]Luclin @[NTF]Luclin I know right I still can't shake the loss of sleep.!:})


[NTNG]The_Reporter "Olde School"

Level: 11 Posted: 3/13/13 11:27am

The_Reporter here...I wish the champs the greatest "YA-HOO!" for being the best at what they do! And i want to look back into the past...I've been here since the site was at full throttle and only getting better than a normal site! I realy enjoy nitro-type and how great it has made my typing speed...I want to thank Sir, Mod Tank! He's been with us through it all! and I myself have not been here for as long as some of these crazy racers have (the craziest so far being the Royal Family of Emperors/Empresses or as i like to call them the RFE) this site is realy great...there were the imposters when the groups first came out but...we ran past them...we have so much to thank nitrotype and it's grand moderators for so next time you see them in the posts...pass a thank you! It's the least you could do for all they've done for Nitrotype...Sir Mod Tank....Thank You. You are the best moderator on a site i've ever! and so are the champs the great racers of Nitrotype and any other guys are the blood of Nitrotype...vital for its survival...The moderators are very vital as the white blood cells for they keep "bacteria and viruses" off the site!

Remember, The Moderators...are awesome.

Todays Riddle: Who fiddles in criminals ways,who dashes in and saves,who owns a tank and drives around to the sound...of race cars about!


beastMODE[ON] "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 17 Posted: 3/13/13 11:27am

i agree with u man we need new cars don't get me wrong i do love the other cars just we need cooler and better cars @johndeeregreen(KyleR


[ATL]TheOriginalBond "Olde School"

Level: 42 Posted: 3/13/13 11:44am

I have been busy the last few days, and haven't been nearly as active as i could. :( But I am back. And I have a new thing going in the off topic, link below.

I am asking what is on your Bucket List?


GossBagsRule:D--Raya "Filthy Rich"

Level: 22 Posted: 3/13/13 11:48am

why cant u wait till december LegolasGreenleaf? and on my bucketlist is pantsing manicens in the mall XD lol


GossBagsRule:D--Raya "Filthy Rich"

Level: 22 Posted: 3/13/13 12:00pm

@LegolasGreenleaf we get out the 18th and why can u not wait til December? oh and thanks for accepting my request, deary:)



Level: 21 Posted: 3/13/13 1:02pm

@tyger102 that's a good idea. It gives ppl options.


Mac_and_cheese_lover "Filthy Rich"

Level: 22 Posted: 3/13/13 2:14pm

@LOISTOMLINSONSGIRL I think it is a great idea


LegolasGreenleaf "Endurance Racer"

Level: 49 Posted: 3/13/13 2:43pm

@GossBagsRule:D--Raya ? That's when the next Hobbit movies comes out.


[NTF]j-w-Willoughby "Olde School"

Level: 64 Posted: 3/13/13 2:53pm

@killer54 Carrie is like a level 200


[BANF]NHLNick13 "First Trimester"

Level: 59 Posted: 3/13/13 3:10pm

@[NTF]j-w-Willoughby how do people get to high levels i am at like 61 or something


[NTF]j-w-Willoughby "Olde School"

Level: 64 Posted: 3/13/13 3:14pm

How does someone have 10 mystery boxes already???


Chicken_Noodle_Soup "Epic Word Skippage"

Level: 24 Posted: 3/13/13 4:08pm

@[NTF]j-w-Willoughby @[FTW]TheCorndog LOL I don't even have 1 yet, I got suuuuuper close one day and then I went and got my braces and lost it!!!!! Oh well, we'll see what happens.... xD


HUNNYBEE "Used Car Salesman"

Level: 10 Posted: 3/13/13 4:09pm

YO DAWG!!!! lol hi guys first thing my user name is pronounced nikki not nissy, second i luv nitrotype it is a good typing enviroment for kids and adults, it helps u learn to type and have fun competeing with ur friends trying to win the race. I will continue to luv it until it goes away, I encourage others to try it and enjoy it as much as I do. SO LETS GO HAVE A RACE ARITE!!! HOMESLICE!!!! :) have fun peoples, and last thing if u like what I have to say friend request me.

Happy racing, Nici1261


☢☠ƉØⱮⒾȵȺȾⓔ☠☢ "Pilot"

Level: 48 Posted: 3/13/13 5:08pm

almost 300 and wow haven't been on for a while


☠[lʇɐ]9ʇɐɔplıʍ☠ "Olde School"

Level: 74 Posted: 3/13/13 6:14pm

@≾₪✞♍≿☫☣J❂hn☣☫ Be active on the forum and you would know all of what is happening. But anyways, some people hardly play nitro type or don't blog. That is why some people still have it in their name, others, they just didn't want to merge and they kept Zio in their name


≾₪✞♍≿☫☣J❂hn☣☫ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 111 Posted: 3/14/13 12:38am

@☠[lʇɐ]9ʇɐɔplıʍ☠ I wouldn't have said something unless i was active on the forums and blogs. But that clears it up, there are people that aren't active on the blogs in [ATL], and still have [NTN] or [Zio] in ther ename.


HappyGilmore1 "Big Spender"

Level: 21 Posted: 3/14/13 9:27am

Who has every car?


QRECHK23 "Lucky Number 7"

Level: 31 Posted: 3/14/13 10:01am

Hey guys I just heard of this and I think I have a chance and anyone might beat me but i am pretty good.


Purple_Dinosaur_Love "Race Car Driver"

Level: 41 Posted: 3/14/13 11:57am

Can you make it so even if your not in the top 100 you can still see yourself on the scoreboard I really want to show all my friends all my stats without giving them the link to my page cause they will mess
around and be stupid and probably report me


[ATL]TheOriginalBond "Olde School"

Level: 42 Posted: 3/14/13 1:40pm

The sad thing about this is that I will probably never get one of those things. I can't do NT at my house because we have no internet. Disappointing, but I'll have to deal with it. If I did have internet, I would defiantly be one of the top 3. I would be on the active scoreboard though not the fastest.


[LF]Lakers-Forever♀☼ "Celebrity"

Level: 54 Posted: 3/14/13 1:54pm

If you are a Lakers Fan then join my clan [LF]


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