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Congrats CarriePirc!

Posted by Austin 7:03pm on 3/4/13 141 Comments

Australia is known for a lot of great things... Christmas in the summer time, boxing kangaroos, Crocodile Dundee... But here at FTW Innovations headquarters, one thing definitely tops our list - [TP]CarriePirc.

You all know Carrie and her entire clan's worth of alternate accounts... She dominates the scoreboards, smashing everyone like Vegemite on toast, yet always has a kind word for the crazies in the News section.

Carrie, in appreciation of your truly mind boggling love of our fine typing website, and your stunning accomplishment of completing 20,000 races, we have created a brand new car and achievement just for you (view it under King of the Race). And of course, for anyone else who dreams to be a Pirc themselves. Looking forward to seeing your account armed with this new sweet ride.

So everyone, please give a round of applause to [TP]CarriePirc and her many alt accounts!

141 Comments (Showing last 100 comments. View All)

✈φ両♚☠CORBIN✯✄☤☢❅♋✠✜ "Millionaire"

Level: 57 Posted: 3/05/13 10:20am

@[FTW]TheCorndog sure it can


b-ballforeva "I Love Nitros"

Level: 34 Posted: 3/05/13 10:22am

I just requested you as a friend Carrie! I am really proud of you and I am cheering for you in the US!!!! :)


Jazzy-loves-u143 "Luxury Car Driver"

Level: 20 Posted: 3/05/13 10:39am

Wow! That's great good job you should sent me and friend request!
I wish I were in your shoes> :0 ;) :)


[ENT]♫#JKid™ "Mystery Man"

Level: 42 Posted: 3/05/13 11:06am

OK OK OK. 1ST Let me congratulate the hottest girl(ON THE TRACK) racer on nitrotype Carrie Pirc. 2nd im mad. i wiated all week to get a mystery box and i got the same thing i got yesterday! come on guys.


[FTW]KristenSmith "The Friendly Helper"

Level: 24 Posted: 3/05/13 11:06am

AMAZING! You rock! I'm a little jealous of the sweet new ride you're about to own :-)


♦♠☻♥♠►Tim◄◘○☺♥♣ "Celebrity"

Level: 52 Posted: 3/05/13 11:08am

Bravo Carrie Pirc, you sure have dominated the scoreboard of being the most active player. Its awesome the way when you complete thousands of races in order to get a sweet ride in your honor just like F4U Corsair. Keep it up Carrie, because I believe in you. Can't wait to see who will get to race 30,000 races with a new car. :)


≫speedy≫ "I Like Friends"

Level: 56 Posted: 3/05/13 11:09am

i want to see you race in it@[TP]CarriePirc


{Mr.STEAL_YOUR_GIRl} "Celebrity"

Level: 51 Posted: 3/05/13 11:13am

they need to put the Lamborghini aventator on this game or like a corvette or something cool instead of these lame cars


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 234 Posted: 3/05/13 11:40am

@[FTW]KristenSmith And it will be the only car I will use for some time. I don't know how FTW comes up with these great ideas!!!!
Still 300 to go seems to be taking forever to get there. :-(


Tabitha-is#1 "Luxury Car Driver"

Level: 20 Posted: 3/05/13 11:55am

cool car
i wish i had one
: - )


Cooperr4018 "The ATM Machine"

Level: 13 Posted: 3/05/13 11:55am

OMG!!!!!!! That car looks so fricken awsome! Dudes, my cosin has the car right now and he's boming every one that gets in his path.Also [TP]CarriePirc has a gooooood and exelent point.PLEASE REPLY!!!



Forced_To_Type_Help "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 36 Posted: 3/05/13 11:57am

Why is it 20000 races how about level 45 2000000 dollars i will probably get bored at this gamne be fore i get that cara it is soooooo cool though i wish i could just buy it 20000 races takes away like over 3-4 months of your life you'll never get back!

SWEET CAR THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!


chanetopher12 "Olde School"

Level: 21 Posted: 3/05/13 1:26pm

nice car but I hate typing mabey I will type engough though.


Brohoof/) "Mystery Man"

Level: 26 Posted: 3/05/13 1:53pm

We need new Famous Vehicles.


☣😈♛☠Ⓠⓤⓔⓝⓣⓘⓝ☠♛😈☣ "Epic Nitro User"

Level: 55 Posted: 3/05/13 2:30pm

Nice job Carrie. but is there a way to maybe make it to where we can the cars a bit easier? (takes a LONG time to get those cars :s)


≾₪✞♍≿☫☣J❂hn☣☫ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 108 Posted: 3/05/13 2:31pm

@Brohoof/) a new vehicle just came out -_-


[BEATU]Did-U-Beat-Me "Olde School"

Level: 80 Posted: 3/05/13 2:31pm

Congrats Carrie! Hope to see you on the track driving that sweet car. And at FTW It will be hard enough for me to get the Corsair but now I have to go for 20,000 races! It never gets any easier tsk tsk


≾₪✞♍≿☫☣J❂hn☣☫ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 108 Posted: 3/05/13 2:48pm



[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 234 Posted: 3/05/13 3:29pm

Looks like I can't finish this today just got a call for work. Perhaps tomorrow.


girlsarecool "Practice Makes Perfect"

Level: 43 Posted: 3/05/13 3:39pm

Wow, Carrie. I'm your biggest fan. You are so fast in typing!! (By the way,this is from girls are cool, aka Iman Dashti.


_Millionaire_CLUB}{ "Millionaire"

Level: 52 Posted: 3/05/13 3:41pm

congrats carrie man i think i only got just like 1,500 races i still got like 10 months to go


♣TheSwagMaster♣ "Filthy Rich"

Level: 34 Posted: 3/05/13 3:52pm

ya looks like i was the 13th comment not the 11th :) haha


shianna12345 "The ATM Machine"

Level: 10 Posted: 3/05/13 4:20pm

Shanna 12345 my car is so hot i can race with it whenever i want



classen11 "Unstoppable"

Level: 63 Posted: 3/05/13 4:48pm

I would say 20,000 races.


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 182 Posted: 3/05/13 5:16pm

@[TP]CarriePirc ok carrie i love to see new cars before "The (Awesome) Pirc" Car i had nothing to earn but waiting acihvements but seeing this sweet new ride motivates me to get out their and race like it was december (which i will do this spring break ;) and i plan on getting the pirc spring break and doing INSANE SESSIONS) but good job carrie now i plan on passing corsair on the scoreboard and beating him to pirc! so we get some competition in here! now that i got to beat andrew (you little co-owning rascal!) because he wants to be third place on all time!!! i must be third!

@[FTW]KristenSmith aww kristen you know you can give it to yourself any time you want! your kristen smith the spy for the russians and fidel castros secret cookie baker!


[FTW]TheCorndog "The Founder"

Level: 23 Posted: 3/05/13 5:34pm

@≾₪✞♍≿☫☣J❂hn☣☫ Please stop posting about random things that happen on your account like your speed, friend requests, and so forth. That sort of stuff should go in the forum.

@Vielle @Andrew Keep the competition for 3rd going... In just a few days you are both going to want that spot even more. Hint hint hint.


[ENT]ChronicDeath "God Mode"

Level: 83 Posted: 3/05/13 5:53pm

Great job, you really earned that car, I mean 20,000 races; :O Great Job!!!!!!!!!!

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ I just wanted to know if you wanted to race any time; I know
I have a really low chance of winning because you type 20 WPM above me but I would love to try. Can we please schedule a race time?? :'( Thanks!!!


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 182 Posted: 3/05/13 5:55pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog oh i know heeh u mentioned some time ago rewards for top 3 positions you gave yourself away! NOW EVERYONE KNOWS MWHAHAHA!
well atleast i got pirc car to work for! but this new feature hehe i will get!


LilLondon "Filthy Rich"

Level: 36 Posted: 3/05/13 5:58pm

NIce job Carrie keep up the work


yo-yo?7 "Lucky Number 7"

Level: 39 Posted: 3/05/13 6:09pm

good job keep on trying to get that awesome car


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 183 Posted: 3/05/13 6:43pm

@[ENT]ChornicDeath can u plz schedule any races on forums plz


☠[lʇɐ]9ʇɐɔplıʍ☠ "First Trimester"

Level: 67 Posted: 3/05/13 6:51pm

FINALLY! I have been wanted this to happen forever


uolo:) "Mystery Man"

Level: 26 Posted: 3/05/13 6:57pm

man u r really good own this :D


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 183 Posted: 3/05/13 7:00pm

ive chosen a temporary car the 8 bit! who doesnt love it!


sushrut_borkar "Mystery Man"

Level: 14 Posted: 3/05/13 7:15pm



≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 183 Posted: 3/05/13 7:30pm

@xxslaypunx that thing is they wont know me unless i race and 8 bit is classic and cool! its actually the most unique car! so dont blame me for liking retro games! im a super good f-zero player you know! i had a atv so now i have a 8 bit now you complaining hmmm you have a diffrent look on vehicles dont you?

EDIT: the scoreboard its soooo cool and i can see levels on peoples profiles what else is there to see!


[NTM]andy5692 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 108 Posted: 3/05/13 8:00pm

Nice work carrie! And it wasnt even a few days, it was a few hours xD IM #1 WITH A COOL NEW DESIGN! :D or is there more to come? :D


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 183 Posted: 3/05/13 8:14pm

@[NTM]andy5692 oh wel what happen to 60 races a day huh?


[FTW]TheCorndog "The Founder"

Level: 23 Posted: 3/05/13 8:32pm

@[NTM]andy5692 More to come. After Carrie wins her car :) Then new feature, new blog post.


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 183 Posted: 3/05/13 8:33pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog i know what it is sneaky corndog


[FTW]TheCorndog "The Founder"

Level: 23 Posted: 3/05/13 8:47pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ If you REALLY know then you'll keep your mouth shut. Or feel the Wrath of the Corndog.


[NTM]andy5692 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 108 Posted: 3/05/13 8:51pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog i got an idea about what it is cuz u mentioned something about this on forum a while back :D


♣TheSwagMaster♣ "Filthy Rich"

Level: 34 Posted: 3/05/13 9:00pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ @[FTW]TheCorndog What are you guys talking about?!? and vielle how do you know what the next thing is gonna be? I'm not asking what (don't worry corndog :) ) but how do you know?


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 183 Posted: 3/05/13 9:08pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog what will happen you will hack into my account and waste my money on nitros D:


♣TheSwagMaster♣ "Filthy Rich"

Level: 34 Posted: 3/05/13 9:15pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ haha thats funny :D that would stink though :D


☣😈♛☠Ⓠⓤⓔⓝⓣⓘⓝ☠♛😈☣ "Epic Nitro User"

Level: 56 Posted: 3/05/13 9:47pm

@♣TheSwagMaster♣Im not so sure that would be funny, it would stink more than anything.

and guys, I know this is a little off topic but how do you become an Admin in here??? :) (I would like to be one)


♣TheSwagMaster♣ "Filthy Rich"

Level: 34 Posted: 3/05/13 9:50pm

oh ya it would definitely stink im just saying that his idea was funny. Its only funny if it doesn't happen to you :)


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 183 Posted: 3/05/13 10:11pm

@☣😈♛☠Ⓠⓤⓔⓝⓣⓘⓝ☠♛😈☣ work for ftw and have heavy trust like andrew the chat mod on teh forums and ntms co owner


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 183 Posted: 3/05/13 10:50pm

how come you like honor pirc and australia but when u honored corsair u didnt talk about canada D:


≾₪✞♍≿☫☣J❂hn☣☫ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 108 Posted: 3/06/13 12:35am

YES!!! NEW RECORD OF 126WPM! is it bad to announce this conrdog??? just asking


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 234 Posted: 3/06/13 1:32am

@[FTW]TheCorndog I just got home from work will get 3 or 4 hours sleep the do the last 200 races So about 8 to 10 hours from now I will have it. Too tired just now.
Wow!!! Just looked at the leader boards. Now that really stands out!!!!!!!!


[NTF]j-w-Willoughby "God Mode"

Level: 63 Posted: 3/06/13 5:27am

What happened to putting easy cars to earn!!!! Jk i could care less.... And only 200 more races!!!!! Go Carrie!!!!!


≾₪✞♍≿☫☣J❂hn☣☫ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 108 Posted: 3/06/13 5:58am

100th comment.


jacob734837483 "Lucky Number 7"

Level: 8 Posted: 3/06/13 6:02am

And shes off!!!! 25 out of 200 keep going Carrie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 234 Posted: 3/06/13 6:05am

@[NTF]j-w-Willoughby Thanks and that's 175 now! :-) There will be easier cars coming as well as harder cars. The FTW team try to cater to every level of player so just be a little patient.


PlayerofDoom "Millionaire"

Level: 39 Posted: 3/06/13 6:08am

Nice job


Frentzen "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 130 Posted: 3/06/13 6:27am

That thing of the top 3 is not bad, but removing them from the table is somehow uncomfotable to read. They could appear in both in the medals and the table...


䃣ïcôΩ☣☼☯♣☺ "Mystery Man"

Level: 34 Posted: 3/06/13 7:28am

Thats awesome that you guys would make a car just for her!!!! I wil be happier when she gets this car. I love this game, keep making it awesome!!!!



Level: 31 Posted: 3/06/13 7:52am

She Is my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...i hope I get a car like that SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad I would loveit


Bone-Thug "Filthy Rich"

Level: 22 Posted: 3/06/13 8:35am

So cool!!! but wat we need is a SPIDERMAN-MOBILE or a SKATE BOARD CAR! that wuld be so cooool!!!!!


♣TheSwagMaster♣ "Filthy Rich"

Level: 34 Posted: 3/06/13 8:46am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ Maybe he's Australian? That or he has a thing with Canadians. Or he just didn't think of it.


[ATL]AwesomeNinja "First Trimester"

Level: 64 Posted: 3/06/13 9:19am

@Zombiex1999 That is a lot of accounts.


VINYLSCRATCH! "Muscle Car Driver"

Level: 10 Posted: 3/06/13 9:36am

On the top it said " 20,000 RACES!?!?" do u have to do 20,000 races?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?



Level: 31 Posted: 3/06/13 9:50am

I wish I had that car......They should really sell it in the dealership...Anyway congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


beastly13f "Mega Winner"

Level: 12 Posted: 3/06/13 10:15am

@≾₪✞♍≿☫☣J❂hn☣☫ wow thats kewl!!! i guess idk y i even play this game i stink at typing but im good at this game!!!!!


Jazzy-loves-u143 "Luxury Car Driver"

Level: 20 Posted: 3/06/13 11:11am

Finally! I'm so jealous of your car and about how much money you got. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR RACE! :) ;0


HaloArbiter "First Trimester"

Level: 31 Posted: 3/06/13 11:24am

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ hey i miss talking to you Emperor is there an Empress yet


[FTW]TheCorndog "The Founder"

Level: 23 Posted: 3/06/13 11:28am

@Frentzen Interesting point about the top 3.... I'll think about that.

@≾₪✞♍≿☫☣J❂hn☣☫ Yes John, stop using the news comments as a forum or I will start moderation you.


ILUVMY_BACON "Olde School"

Level: 86 Posted: 3/06/13 11:30am

congrats and it will take me forever to get i have only done like almmost 3000 races


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 235 Posted: 3/06/13 11:30am

@Jazzy-loves-u143 Thanks


that_guy21_ "The ATM Machine"

Level: 29 Posted: 3/06/13 11:56am



mayaarun "Muscle Car Driver"

Level: 10 Posted: 3/06/13 12:01pm

@[TP]CarriePirc hello


HaloArbiter "First Trimester"

Level: 31 Posted: 3/06/13 12:25pm

@[TP]CarriePirc you are a great racer


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 235 Posted: 3/06/13 1:05pm

Finally it's done!!! Thank you for such a sweet ride. Also thank you to all those who helped me get through the last 200 races there was almost no bots there at all.
Well I'm off got to try out my new wheels!!


[NTM]andrew1167 "Original Gangster"

Level: 188 Posted: 3/06/13 1:16pm

Congrats Carrie! It's really an amazing mark; 20,000 races takes an insane amount of dedication. I will definitely look forward to seeing that on the track soon!

It will be a very long time before someone else gets that car, so be proud of being its only owner! F4U-Corsair's signature car became the Corsair, so will the Pirc become your signature car?


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 235 Posted: 3/06/13 1:20pm

@[NTM]andrew1167 Yes it will be the only car I will use for some time and as far as I know I have the only care ever named after a chess Opening. :-)


[BEATU]Did-U-Beat-Me "God Mode"

Level: 80 Posted: 3/06/13 1:21pm

I was viewing people's profiles and I viewed CarriePric and she got the car! I can't believe that. she said it would take her 2 days but i didn't and amazingly it is awesome.


typexxiuboat "Word Skipper"

Level: 8 Posted: 3/06/13 1:30pm

Congratulations Carrie for typing 20,000 + races Amazing!!!

A great inspiration.


☣😈♛☠Ⓠⓤⓔⓝⓣⓘⓝ☠♛😈☣ "Epic Nitro User"

Level: 56 Posted: 3/06/13 1:37pm

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ok thanks :]


[FTW]TheCorndog "The Founder"

Level: 23 Posted: 3/06/13 1:46pm

@[TP]CarriePirc Congrats!!!! :D


Plasma-Dragon "Unstoppable"

Level: 30 Posted: 3/06/13 1:53pm



[BEATU]Did-U-Beat-Me "God Mode"

Level: 80 Posted: 3/06/13 2:05pm

@[FTW]Travis I sent a friend request like 1 month ago and you still havnen't accepted me yet =_= PLease accept my friend request.


[ATL]Awe$omeBro "First Trimester"

Level: 80 Posted: 3/06/13 2:05pm

@[TP]CarriePirc congrats! u really earned it!


MINE-CRAFT-ROCKS!!!! "I Love Nitros"

Level: 17 Posted: 3/06/13 2:21pm

Thats cool and all but when can you by a new car


[TP]CarriePirc "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 235 Posted: 3/06/13 2:21pm

@[BEATU]Did-U-Beat-Me Then I didn't get it as I accepted all those that I had.
I just checked and you are on my friends list.


Czortkow,Russia "Endurance Racer"

Level: 48 Posted: 3/06/13 2:42pm

Congrats Carrie you should be very proud of yourself I don't have alot of races


[BEATU]Did-U-Beat-Me "God Mode"

Level: 80 Posted: 3/06/13 2:58pm

@[TP]CarriePirc I was talking to [FTW]Travis =_= he he he ha ha ha flashback..... =)


LegolasGreenleaf "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 48 Posted: 3/06/13 3:00pm

@[TP]CarriePirc I think he meant Travis. Don't worry mine wasn't accepted either. He must be busy. ?


♣TheSwagMaster♣ "Filthy Rich"

Level: 34 Posted: 3/06/13 3:01pm

@[TP]CarriePirc how many friends do you have?


NHLNick13 "First Trimester"

Level: 55 Posted: 3/06/13 3:21pm

Congrats Carrie never thought that anyone would get to 20,000 races!!!


april172001 "The Mad Hatter"

Level: 12 Posted: 3/06/13 3:49pm

Can u make holiday specals on these cars?


april172001 "The Mad Hatter"

Level: 12 Posted: 3/06/13 3:56pm

will there be holiday cars??????????????????????????????????


mostmostwanted "Big Spender"

Level: 11 Posted: 3/06/13 4:12pm

there will be nice cars p.s. like a pumpkin car


sʞɔoɹıƃınl "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 29 Posted: 3/06/13 4:47pm

Congrats [TP] Carrie Pirc who is my friend on Nitro Type!!!!!!!!!!!!!!☻☻☻☻


georgec "Celebrity"

Level: 72 Posted: 3/06/13 4:52pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog are there any new cars coming out???


≤π≥☼G☻☻dDogs☼™ "Celebrity"

Level: 63 Posted: 3/06/13 4:59pm

good job Carrie!


nitroman102 "The Mad Hatter"

Level: 9 Posted: 3/06/13 5:02pm

that looks EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 183 Posted: 3/06/13 5:18pm

@[NTM]andrew1167 guess who plans on getting that??? i plan on getting it near end of spring break


[NTF]j-w-Willoughby "God Mode"

Level: 63 Posted: 3/06/13 5:21pm

How muh does it sell for??????


≾₪✞♍≿☫☣J❂hn☣☫ "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 109 Posted: 3/06/13 5:35pm

Carrie, feel free to keep the value a secret! I know that you don't care about the selling price because you're obviously going to keep it, but the paint price might come into play. I see a pink Pirc car somewhere in the near future...

@≾ℕɎ♍≿☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ Not for a while. Spring break? That is super crazy, good luck if you actually want to try to get it by then.

@[BEATU]Did-U-Beat-Me Travis doesn't accept friend requests (yet) because his account is often used to test new features, so he has to "stay under the radar" as he said somewhere on the forum. He did say that he would start accepting them when his account isn't needed for that purpose, but who knows when that will happen.


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