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The Latest on Nitro Type

Let's Get Social!

Posted by Austin 4:17pm on 1/24/13 292 Comments

We're excited to announce two new features - comment voting and the official Nitro Type forums!

Comment Voting

The News section's comments are very popular, and we think we need to start rewarding (not literally rewarding) you loyal Nitro Type users for your insightful and helpful posts. Moving forward, logged in users level 8 and above are able to vote comments up or down. Eventually we may even bury comments with very low votes, or highlight comments with very high votes.

Official Nitro Type Forums

The Nitro Type community is vibrant and expansive, and we know you want to discuss all things Nitro Type & typing related. So we're excited to officially announce the Nitro Type Forums at!

Now, since we have forums in place, please keep all off-topic discussions (such as clan discussions and clan wars) off the News section. Moving forward we will aggressively delete and warn users who do not follow this policy.

Remember, be respectful and keep discussions appropriate for all ages... Or we will ban you!

Teachers & School Administrators - READ THIS

We realize that a forum is not necessarily appropriate or allowed in your classroom. That's why we've made the forums on their own separate website "". This will allow you to easily block this website from your classroom while still allowing


≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 77 Posted: 1/24/13 4:25pm

First comment


[NTM]¿¥øšíì? "Mystery Man"

Level: 70 Posted: 1/24/13 4:27pm

I like this idea! Sounds like it will fit for Nitrotype at schools.


§∞Raptor∞§ "Unstoppable"

Level: 39 Posted: 1/24/13 4:32pm

You guys who run this never stop running out of brilliant updates and changes! I approve this site.


≪ℕɎ♍≫[][]Thomas◘○☺☻ "Mystery Man"

Level: 76 Posted: 1/24/13 4:37pm

i love this idea! this sounds like the best thing ever! and corndog may i suggest the most like comments should get a car like if u get 10+ that would be so cool so now my friends can vote on what i say this is awesome


≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 77 Posted: 1/24/13 4:37pm

░█▄▄ █░█░▀▄░█▄▄░░░░ █░░█░█░█░▄▄▀░

im not spamming... im just excited that theres a new blog.

also i noticed something. i got the last comment on the other blog!!


[FTW]TheCorndog "The Founder"

Level: 22 Posted: 1/24/13 4:43pm

@≪ℕɎ♍≫[][]Thomas◘○☺☻ No, I will never give actual rewards for positive comments, because it will just promote people commenting for the purpose of getting rewards.


≪ℕɎ♍≫☼qwerty91994☼ "Mystery Man"

Level: 64 Posted: 1/24/13 4:44pm

nice, i thought they didn't do it that fast...


【NTM】Roberto "Astronaut"

Level: 99 Posted: 1/24/13 4:46pm

@≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠 i see your first...want a cookie?


[NTM]andrew1167 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 159 Posted: 1/24/13 4:47pm

Well this is pretty cool, might take a while to get used to the post number being on the right but still it's a cool feature!

I wonder what feature is next...

EDIT: @[FTW]TheCorndog I just realized that you now have to click a person's name to go to their profile, but in the past you could click on the car. I liked being able to click the car, do you think that could come back? Also when you click Edit Post, the text box looks kinda weird. Anything you could do about that?


≪ℕɎ♍≫[][]Thomas◘○☺☻ "Mystery Man"

Level: 76 Posted: 1/24/13 4:56pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog thanks for replying so soon u are so fast at replying i mean that was literally.........well according to the blog where i am everyone has posted at 4:01 so u must have replyed in a minute =_= u should really make something for like people who post everyday for a week but it has to be interesting stuff well.......nitrotype is awesome keep upp the good work

I wonder what feature will come next...... cant wait to find out



【NTM】Roberto "Astronaut"

Level: 99 Posted: 1/24/13 5:02pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog let me get this straight...if you have to many 'thumbs down' your comment will get deleted?


≪ℕɎ♍≫☼qwerty91994☼ "Mystery Man"

Level: 64 Posted: 1/24/13 5:02pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog i just noticed that we can't "thumb ups" your blog post.


§∞Raptor∞§ "God Mode"

Level: 39 Posted: 1/24/13 5:15pm

More and more advancements. The world just never stops evolving. What's next, I wonder.


[NTM]andrew1167 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 159 Posted: 1/24/13 5:15pm

@≪ℕɎ♍≫☼qwerty91994☼ It's intended to be like that; it would look bad if all his posts saying "mrblabla is banned for posting too much" got dozens of thumb downs. I wonder how many thumbs up the bests posts will get, only time will tell...

And I also reached 1000+ profile views today! I have 625 friends for those wondering.


§∞Raptor∞§ "God Mode"

Level: 39 Posted: 1/24/13 5:18pm

When my school first found this out in typing class, we loved it. I think everyone in the class got an account. Now this idea is making even more friendly for schools. I'd give a thumbs up to this update if I could.

P.S. I know I've made a lot of comments, but no, I am not trying to butter people up to get likes. I actually really like this update

P.P.S. What's up with the 5:01s and the 4:01s? I didn't send my post at that time. I sent it at 6:20. Is this a bug?


§∞Raptor∞§ "God Mode"

Level: 39 Posted: 1/24/13 5:26pm

Quick question, how you see ow many people have viewed your profile?

Sorry people, I have the 20th comment. Sorry!


Lady_Alyss "Millionaire"

Level: 28 Posted: 1/24/13 5:31pm

I really love how you make updates.


inzanedriver77 "Mystery Man"

Level: 33 Posted: 1/24/13 5:32pm

20th comment yes! omg omg omg vielle asked to be my friend!!!! im noticed!!!!!!!!

but hey seriously people b nice or forever hold your hate.

infact, really, hold your hate FOREVER (by drake)

oh and for all of the questions; yes, my name is zane lemott


≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 77 Posted: 1/24/13 5:36pm

@inzanedriver77 It could have been the real vielle, but the likely his is low. Vielle usually excepts requests, and doesn't send them. It could be a imposter. There are over 5 vielle imposters as of now. But it is possible that he sent you a request. and if he did, congrats!!


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 169 Posted: 1/24/13 5:41pm

Its nice i didn't see this coming!


[NTM]¿¥øšíì? "Mystery Man"

Level: 71 Posted: 1/24/13 5:44pm

Anybody wanna friend race??


[NTM]¿¥øšíì? "Mystery Man"

Level: 71 Posted: 1/24/13 6:33pm

@≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ Wanna race together sometime? Even though you would wipe me off the map.


Showjumping_Trigger "Millionaire"

Level: 50 Posted: 1/24/13 6:35pm

This is really cool! Haha, I love how nitrotype keeps on getting better and better ideas! And it hepled me get froma 30 gwam to 50! :D


【NTM】NeedsMedicine "Astronaut"

Level: 95 Posted: 1/24/13 6:45pm

That clan stuff (wars) was gettting REALLY annoying... even though I said some things back... :D. Also this is very and I mean Very good update, I give it a thumbs up!


inzanedriver77 "Mystery Man"

Level: 33 Posted: 1/24/13 7:07pm

yoshi lets race

you are probably gonna beat me but still c'mon


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 169 Posted: 1/24/13 8:10pm

@≪ℕɎ♍≫☼qwerty91994☼ yup!


【NTM】Roberto "Astronaut"

Level: 100 Posted: 1/24/13 8:24pm

Reached level 100! :D


[NTN]»Gee824«{®A©E} "Mystery Man"

Level: 54 Posted: 1/24/13 8:37pm

40th comment! by the way I like the new feature where u can like or dislike peoples comments


[NTN]»Gee824«{®A©E} "Mystery Man"

Level: 54 Posted: 1/24/13 8:40pm

@≪ℕɎ♍≫¿¥øšíì? Im not trying to spam the blog or anything I just wanted to say congrats on getting into NTM!!! I must have missed it when you asked to join NTM?


inzanedriver77 "Mystery Man"

Level: 34 Posted: 1/24/13 8:54pm

wow this site got me from like 11wpm to like 40wpm

my highest is 63wpm

im pretty good in school, but hey aint nobody got time for that sometimes


TheSpeedyTypist "Unstoppable"

Level: 41 Posted: 1/24/13 10:01pm

I would think that this is better, otherwise there would be useless comments here.


[NTM]XxshifttheproxX "Heri za Kwanzaa!"

Level: 83 Posted: 1/24/13 11:02pm

@§∞Raptor∞§ You can make another account and view your profile. Or what I do is I go to the score board and click my name and it shows me.


harishd "Mystery Man"

Level: 49 Posted: 1/24/13 11:49pm

It is wonderful . I cannot believe it. It is the best thing I have known in nitro type . It is the coolest of the coolest.


≪ℕɎ♍≫☼qwerty91994☼ "Mystery Man"

Level: 64 Posted: 1/25/13 7:04am

@ELMO_BRO! sorry, but i think you can't be an admin because this site is run by a professional company with adults. it is unlikely they'll accept you unless you get a job and join them


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 170 Posted: 1/25/13 7:21am

@ELMO_BRO! its not a server like minecraft theres no way you'll be able to be an admin cause i don't think that you've even played long enough to evens show that.


[NTM]XxshifttheproxX "Heri za Kwanzaa!"

Level: 83 Posted: 1/25/13 8:25am

@【NTM】Roberto Dude don't cuss he said keep appropriate in blog. Lol he might warn you.

I like how the link to the forums Is now on the top corner if the blog. I used to have to ask people.


akamaru135 "The ATM Machine"

Level: 12 Posted: 1/25/13 8:40am



The_God_of_Typing "People Love Me"

Level: 63 Posted: 1/25/13 8:50am

Awesome game.. best typing game i ever had.


pashkhan "Nitro Type Master"

Level: 56 Posted: 1/25/13 8:51am

I log in using facebook. How do I get the password for the forum?


[NTM]andrew1167 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 160 Posted: 1/25/13 9:08am

@pashkhan Welcome! You are already famous around here for getting the achievement "Nitro Type Master", because only 2 other people have ever gotten it. I plan to attempt it someday, but I know it will be very hard.

Sadly, @[FTW]TheCorndog has said that those who log in through Facebook are unable to log into the forum. We would really love to have you over there, so here's my suggestion: create an account (but not on Facebook) and name it something similar to pashkhan, maybe something like pashkhan1. You don't need to do any races on that account, you only would need to use it to log into the forum. In fact, you could make the second account have the exact same name as your first if you are good with that kind of thing. If you're not, there are some people on here who can help you.

EDIT: I like how @username tags appear in white again; when they were blue they were confusing because they looked like profiles. Thanks [FTW]TheCorndog


Isaacisabeast "Original Gangster"

Level: 36 Posted: 1/25/13 9:09am

Okay so this is soooo awesome I think it is a great idea keep typing. LOL John3:16


madmonstermax22 "Mystery Man"

Level: 37 Posted: 1/25/13 10:05am

Yay I got a mystery box it had 20 nitros.


[3GS]F3U-Corsair "Olde School"

Level: 43 Posted: 1/25/13 11:18am

I love the way you'll made so many updates to nitro type. P.S This is my favorite website!!!! :)


[3GS]#JKid "First Trimester"

Level: 36 Posted: 1/25/13 11:26am

Hey guys add me im Jkid i love to race i only use nitros once in a race join 3GS ps I love the updates keep them coming i would really love a chat that isnt computerized like a free chat but still safe you know no cussing or anyrhing but you guys are awesome this game really boosted my wpm in class and i am currently the 4th fastest typer in my classroom so thank you and keep up the updates NITROTYPE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


[3GS]F3U-Corsair "Olde School"

Level: 43 Posted: 1/25/13 11:41am

@[3GS]#JKid why were you messing with my races bro.


[3GS]#JKid "First Trimester"

Level: 37 Posted: 1/25/13 11:49am

@[3GS]F3U-Corsair dude like seriously you made a fake knock off to a really good player and you dont even have the plane dude so calm down it was just a joke you take stuff way to seriously


[FTW]TheCorndog "The Founder"

Level: 22 Posted: 1/25/13 12:03pm

@everyone I've gone through and deleted many comments that were completely off topic. If you want to go off topic, go to the forums.

And keep in mind that if you ever have a comment deleted here, then moving forward your comments will require approval from FTW staff before they show, until we choose that your account is allowed to post comments.


TheOriginalBond "First Trimester"

Level: 39 Posted: 1/25/13 12:21pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog I think that on the forum sign in screen should tell you that even if you have an existing Nitro Type account that you have to still press create account the first time you ever go to the site. Hope that isn't too off topic.


_annabanana_ "Race Car Driver"

Level: 42 Posted: 1/25/13 12:22pm

this is neat! y'all always come up with new stuff.


[FTW]TheCorndog "The Founder"

Level: 22 Posted: 1/25/13 12:32pm

@TheOriginalBond That's a good point. When I get around to modifying the forum design, adding the terms of use and such, I'll try to remember to add that in. And you are most definitely ON topic!


TheOriginalBond "First Trimester"

Level: 39 Posted: 1/25/13 12:34pm

@[3GS]F3U-Corsair What is 3GS supposed to be?


[FTW]TheCorndog "The Founder"

Level: 22 Posted: 1/25/13 12:47pm

A little head's up, next week I plan on releasing a couple new purchasable cars. Probably expensive cars. Very expensive.


KeikoOchoa "Original Gangster"

Level: 16 Posted: 1/25/13 1:07pm

Well this is fun.


[NTM]andy5692 "Mystery Man"

Level: 92 Posted: 1/25/13 1:11pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog Expensive for the average person?? or like.. vielle expensive? xD


[FTW]TheCorndog "The Founder"

Level: 22 Posted: 1/25/13 1:52pm

@[NTM]andy5692 Vielle expensive... But probably I'll toss in some other new stuff too... We'll see.


kyro_kenny "Merry Christmas!"

Level: 26 Posted: 1/25/13 1:55pm

like that idea brillant love this site


Lakers_are_awesome "Olde School"

Level: 36 Posted: 1/25/13 1:56pm

I will join your clan


[NTM]I_will_win "Olde School"

Level: 36 Posted: 1/25/13 2:13pm

@≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠 Het I saw how good you are so could you please add me


[NTM]Africon "Mystery Man"

Level: 29 Posted: 1/25/13 2:14pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog Vielle expensive??????????? and can you make some cheaper ones like (maybe) around my level? i have friends and we play at school and we are hoping for these new cars.


≪ℕɎ♍≫EVO "People Love Me"

Level: 36 Posted: 1/25/13 2:28pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog You should add the car the Koenigsegg CCXR. It would be amazing and love the forums


aqem "The Practicer"

Level: 31 Posted: 1/25/13 2:28pm

Ithink this is an awesome idea for all the racers that have joined. I think this will help people thatdon't go out with friends and be social but now they can be social while plying or racing.


Linux "Practice Makes Perfect"

Level: 35 Posted: 1/25/13 2:49pm

@[NTM]I_will_win @[NTM]Africon Are you guys in NTM? Vielle, are they in NTM?


Linux "Practice Makes Perfect"

Level: 35 Posted: 1/25/13 2:50pm

@≪ℕɎ♍≫EVO @[NTM]I_will_win @[NTM]Africon Are you guys in NTM? Vielle, are they in NTM? I notice that I_will_win doesn't meet the requirements for NTM, and neither does Africon and EVO.


georgec "God Mode"

Level: 63 Posted: 1/25/13 2:56pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog i WILL SAVE UP


≪ℕɎ♍≫EVO "People Love Me"

Level: 37 Posted: 1/25/13 2:57pm

@Linux Yes I am I am the Clan Designer ask Vielle


≪ℕɎ♍≫EVO "People Love Me"

Level: 37 Posted: 1/25/13 2:58pm

@Linux I will win and Africon are not though sorry


darrionfranks "Under Achiever"

Level: 18 Posted: 1/25/13 3:25pm

good idea i love nitro type keep up the good work


Hailey-Spahiu-:P "I Hate Words"

Level: 19 Posted: 1/25/13 3:48pm

@≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠 WOAH how did you do that AWESOME!


wildcat6[NTN] "People Like Me"

Level: 61 Posted: 1/25/13 4:10pm

i dont get it


F3UCorsair "Olde School"

Level: 43 Posted: 1/25/13 4:18pm

@TheOriginalBond Third generation something I forgot the last part.


Linux "Practice Makes Perfect"

Level: 35 Posted: 1/25/13 4:36pm

@≪ℕɎ♍≫EVO Ok, sorry.


Linux "Practice Makes Perfect"

Level: 35 Posted: 1/25/13 4:37pm

Try to thumbs down mine!


[NTM]XxshifttheproxX "Heri za Kwanzaa!"

Level: 83 Posted: 1/25/13 4:56pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog like 10 million dollar expensive or 5mill? Lol I an so mad I new this would happen ok so I Thot to my self If I buy the Mp I will be broke and now I am -.- lol but I'm still excited.

Hmm maybe ill sell mp and outtie if I reall like the car.

You can report ursrlf if u click ur name in the scoreboard


bookworm:) "Unstoppable"

Level: 27 Posted: 1/25/13 5:18pm

I think so too, because the only reason I know about Nitrotype is because my Computer Lab teacher let us all log on to Nitrotype to help us learn type better!


kittycats "Muscle Car Driver"

Level: 10 Posted: 1/25/13 5:21pm

So when the kids in my class first found out about Nitro Type, almost everyone got an account.



≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 170 Posted: 1/25/13 5:35pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog you know my tastes hmmm what you talkin here? 7 mil? 11 mil? 17 mil? 20 mil? or possibly 30 mil?


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 170 Posted: 1/25/13 5:47pm

im the most richest person in nitrotype!


gagster "Mystery Man"

Level: 45 Posted: 1/25/13 6:07pm

This is awesome. I am very excited that new cars will come out i have been waiting for this for a long time. Thank you Nitro Type


§∞Raptor∞§ "God Mode"

Level: 39 Posted: 1/25/13 6:13pm

Thank you for the new cars and heads up!


rkynaston1 "Unstoppable"

Level: 22 Posted: 1/25/13 6:32pm

I WANT SPIECIAL CARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 170 Posted: 1/25/13 6:43pm



inzanedriver77 "Mystery Man"

Level: 34 Posted: 1/25/13 6:54pm

no offence FTW but i didnt really like it when you erase my comments. but keep up the good work with making these nice features. this is one of the best typing sites evah!and pls hold yall hate also you guys never answered my Q about getting the [NTM] in your name how do you reach that?!


Plasma-Dragon "Unstoppable"

Level: 28 Posted: 1/25/13 7:53pm

okay bug tester here, Austin/Corndogger guy found a bug if youm click on yourself after a race you can report yourself not that anyone would do that but.....


~Mars-Rocket~ "Millionaire"

Level: 33 Posted: 1/25/13 8:21pm

This sounds like a great idea!


[NTM]XxshifttheproxX "Heri za Kwanzaa!"

Level: 83 Posted: 1/25/13 8:40pm

@Plasma-Dragon oh let me try it I new it if u clicked ur name in the scoreboard but not that. I reported it so it can taken care of.


[NTM]XxshifttheproxX "Heri za Kwanzaa!"

Level: 83 Posted: 1/25/13 8:40pm

@Plasma-Dragon oh let me try it I new it if u clicked ur name in the scoreboard but not that. I reported it, so be can take of it anyways.


≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 77 Posted: 1/25/13 8:47pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog This is really not that relavant to the new blog, but i just wanted to know... will you be releasing holiday achievments every year? Also, is there going to be valentines day achievements? Thanks. Also, i was trying to do a race with you, andy, thomas, and andrew, but it wouldn't let me invite people.


lionsfan "Sports Coupe Driver"

Level: 9 Posted: 1/25/13 8:52pm

Huh? I don't get this at all!!!


[NTN]☯叙事詩Jack79叙事詩☯ "I'm Friendly!"

Level: 93 Posted: 1/25/13 9:02pm

Awesome update! I love this new idea of thumbs up and thumbs down.


[NTN]☯叙事詩Jack79叙事詩☯ "I'm Friendly!"

Level: 93 Posted: 1/25/13 9:36pm

Sorry to double post but I got an epic paint job!


novatyper3000 "Used Car Salesman"

Level: 16 Posted: 1/25/13 10:00pm

This blog is tight!
we get to rate peoples blogs that's cool.


≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 77 Posted: 1/25/13 11:19pm

@everybody 2000 races!!! finally...(hope this isn't to off topic)


≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 77 Posted: 1/25/13 11:40pm

Somebody is impostering me.


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 170 Posted: 1/26/13 2:08am

90 comments 1 day. so 10 days? 900 comments OMG nitrotype just keeps growing! PROMOTE TEH EPIK FORUM!!!!! and how come my earlier comments werent showing? anyways TO THE EPIK FORUM


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 170 Posted: 1/26/13 3:38am

I am here to become the most popular nitrotypist and become nitrotypes biggest player and the symbol of nitrotype as i have a history of ruling [NTM] and transforming it into the greatest clan in nitrotype! and becoming one of the fastest/activest typers in the game as i am 3rd on the all time and and an average 100-115 average person and has a highest of 132 which is pretty impressive and i plan on becoming an important figure so you could help me at and view it and friend me if you would and soon enough hopefully i will become the figure of nitrotype! and i as well did 1005 races in one session one day it was the day that i prooved that 1005 in 22 hours was possible!


Frentzen "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 110 Posted: 1/26/13 9:34am

I don't know why sometimes the track takes forever to load


aquaman81696 "Filthy Rich"

Level: 22 Posted: 1/26/13 9:44am

Like the update what about new achivemants for the game???


≪ℕɎ♍≫¿¥øšíì? "Mystery Man"

Level: 71 Posted: 1/26/13 11:15am

Hey has anybody else notice that this kid lulz has hacked nitrotype and made his fasest time 1000000 look on the scoreboard. They need to fix this, this is ridiculous!


【NTM】Roberto "Astronaut"

Level: 100 Posted: 1/26/13 11:19am

am i under moderation?


Frentzen "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 110 Posted: 1/26/13 12:52pm

@klutch11s_smoove it does not work for me, I reloged and it is still having problems to load.


Frentzen "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 110 Posted: 1/26/13 1:46pm

@klutch11s_smoove lol, I know way more than my parents. It's not fail on my computer, it's either my internet provider or nitrotype. I just comment so that other people can confirm or not, and if it's confirmed probably de admins want to take a look.


cts11 "Word Skipper"

Level: 8 Posted: 1/26/13 2:01pm

there should be a nitro type competition!


djsteve101 "Olde School"

Level: 33 Posted: 1/26/13 2:29pm

@[NTM]¿¥øšíì? I agree, nitro type is fun.


[NTM]andrew1167 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 161 Posted: 1/26/13 2:42pm

100th comment!

From what I've experienced, these race problems come and go. Frentzen, have you ever had these issues before or is this the first time?

Also @klutch11s_smoove , you really need to stop posting 3 or 4 times in a row. From now on, edit your posts and never post even 2 in a row again. We don't need you clogging up the blog.


【NTM】Roberto "Astronaut"

Level: 100 Posted: 1/26/13 2:49pm

awesome update!


Frentzen "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 111 Posted: 1/26/13 3:03pm

@[NTM]andrew1167 i've had experienced in other ways, but not the same as now. Now it stucks on the loading clock (circle). It seems to happen after about 30 minutes of racing or so. Then I give up and when I come back it is working again... until next time. Sometimes it will load a race after one/two minutes seeing the clock but not always.


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 170 Posted: 1/26/13 3:59pm this hacker is modifiying the scoreboard and why arent my comments showing up earlier?


classen11 "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 36 Posted: 1/26/13 4:21pm

These new features are sweet!!


[NTN]gangnam/style "Olde School"

Level: 54 Posted: 1/26/13 4:23pm



wildcat6[NTN] "People Like Me"

Level: 61 Posted: 1/26/13 6:13pm

hey, how about if you get like 10 likes or something, you get a reward. Not just for making a nice comment


[NTM]XxshifttheproxX "Heri za Kwanzaa!"

Level: 83 Posted: 1/26/13 6:29pm

@wildcat6[NTN] Austin said that would never happen because that would motivate people to try and post a lot to get 10 likes.

I havent gotten daily reward yet I didn't yesterday either?


classen11 "Super Sport Driver"

Level: 36 Posted: 1/26/13 6:31pm

In case you haven't noticed lulz has a million mpg. That's really normal am I right. ( It's not). Just look at the score board.


soryforpartying "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 28 Posted: 1/26/13 8:17pm

i really want the wambulance


georgec "God Mode"

Level: 64 Posted: 1/26/13 8:39pm

This game is addicting


georgec "God Mode"

Level: 64 Posted: 1/26/13 8:45pm

how do you become a [NTM]


≪ℕɎ♍≫☼qwerty91994☼ "Mystery Man"

Level: 64 Posted: 1/26/13 9:18pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog there's a hacker on the scoreboards. his's screen name is lulz. he has an average of 1000000 wpm. could you give a warning or something?


[NTM]XxshifttheproxX "Heri za Kwanzaa!"

Level: 83 Posted: 1/26/13 9:42pm

@klutch11s_smoove Why did u say us and we give them a choice if they get nitro type master there not in automatically it depends on them.

Umm i havent gotten my award for two days? What is going on Corndog.

There is a hacker corn dog his speed is like 1000000wpm or something crazy like that. and he is now past arena snow

bann him please i don't like seeing someone above arenasnow it just feels wrong lol here is the link.


[NTM]andrew1167 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 161 Posted: 1/26/13 9:54pm

@georgec Please post questions related to clans on the official NitroType Forum, at . But to answer your question, we are a clan that will accept you if you meet our (high) requirements. Getting the achievement "Nitro Type Master" does however admit you into the clan immediately. And just so you know, it actually takes about 19-21 hours, depending on how many breaks you take. In theory, the fastest possible time you could do it in would be about 17 hours 46.7 minutes, but that isn't really feasible.

@everybody I just reached $5 million cash, so including my 3400+ nitros I have over $6.7 million. By the end of this weekend I will have at least $7 million, enough to buy the MP-427. Should I buy it or wait to see what new cars come out next week? I really like the MP-427, but say one of the new cars costs $10 million. Slowly earning the money for it will be painful, but if I saved and bought the $10 million car, then earning $7 million for the MP won't be as bad.

What do you think I should do? Buy the MP-427 in a day or two when I get enough money, or wait and save up for the cars coming out next week?

@[FTW]TheCorndog Do you have a certain day of next week decided to release them, or is there not really a timetable yet? I'm definitely not the only person wondering this...

EDIT: @[NTM]XxshifttheproxX When alec said "one of us" he meant us as in the people not in NTM, so its okay. Also what's weird about the hacker is that if you look at his profile, his average/best race is 115 WPM and 131 WPM! So it's not actually an in-race hack, just a scoreboard display hack.


[NTM]XxshifttheproxX "Heri za Kwanzaa!"

Level: 83 Posted: 1/26/13 10:18pm

@[NTM]andrew1167 Yea I no when i reported him thats what i told corn dog! Lol well he will get banned eventually. Definitely wait for the new cars lol i would anyways.

I keep checking every while to see if the new cars are yet lol so excited

Ugh there is so many noobs that say control+w +free nitros or instant win or something all stupid don't try it any1 it exits the internet.


≪ℕɎ♍≫EVO "People Love Me"

Level: 37 Posted: 1/27/13 12:24am

I found a glitcher with like 1000000 word a minute check the leader board


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 171 Posted: 1/27/13 12:52am

i know that hes been there for a while nothing done :/


i_love_pizza "[SKIPWRD]"

Level: 12 Posted: 1/27/13 1:59am

how is that even posible????? but tell u the truth.... thats actually kinda funny :)


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 171 Posted: 1/27/13 2:42am

wow keiko and coolguysunny sold theiir cars! im suprised but justr remember it will be worth it for these new vehicles!


The_God_of_Typing "People Love Me"

Level: 63 Posted: 1/27/13 6:14am

@≪ℕɎ♍≫EVO yes me too.. i just noticed that
and i don't think you are in NTM.


georgec "God Mode"

Level: 65 Posted: 1/27/13 8:06am

I'll try


^^MR^^DogsAlwaysWin! "Mystery Man"

Level: 59 Posted: 1/27/13 11:13am

Hello this sounds great


≪ℕɎ♍≫☼qwerty91994☼ "Mystery Man"

Level: 65 Posted: 1/27/13 11:27am

@[NTM]XxshifttheproxX great. another nitro type master impostor:


team_meteorites "Muscle Car Driver"

Level: 11 Posted: 1/27/13 11:55am

who keeps un-liking everything?


madmonstermax22 "Mystery Man"

Level: 39 Posted: 1/27/13 12:03pm

Um did anyone notice a guy with 100000 wpm?


≪ℕɎ♍≫☼qwerty91994☼ "Mystery Man"

Level: 65 Posted: 1/27/13 12:17pm

@madmonstermax22 yes, he is a hacker and austin will ban him when he comes back on this site.

EDIT: 150th comment!


[NTN]☯叙事詩Jack79叙事詩☯ "I'm Friendly!"

Level: 93 Posted: 1/27/13 1:00pm

I wanted to give a little more credit to these people.

Go4Gold!!: Winning over 90% of his races!
coldbones: Getting on both all-time scoreboards! (with arena and andy)
F4U-Corsair (already well-known): winning the most races of all-time with a WPM of 41!
mr. strickland: has the 2nd most current money! (after Vielle)

You guys deserve a little more credit!


[NTN]☯叙事詩Jack79叙事詩☯ "I'm Friendly!"

Level: 93 Posted: 1/27/13 1:12pm

3000 RACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 171 Posted: 1/27/13 1:59pm

@[NTN]☯叙事詩Jack79叙事詩☯ awww i remember when i got 3000 races when it was december 2 and the holiday update was around and i had pretty much everything in the event in the first 2 days.


[NTN]☯叙事詩Jack79叙事詩☯ "I'm Friendly!"

Level: 93 Posted: 1/27/13 2:11pm

You first log out of your account, then you type your custom race link at the top. After this a screen should appear and you'll figure out the rest from there.



Level: 20 Posted: 1/27/13 2:28pm

this is awsome


classen11 "Millionaire"

Level: 37 Posted: 1/27/13 2:38pm

These new updates are sweet you guys have out done your selfs!


1stPlaceWinnerALWAYS "Epic Word Skippage"

Level: 31 Posted: 1/27/13 4:21pm

yay love it!!!!


georgec "God Mode"

Level: 65 Posted: 1/27/13 4:32pm

The hacker has shown that their is a way to hack if the founders don't find it more people may also hack it to cheat.

The hacker should be kick off without a warning to prove as a lesson to not cheat.


【NTM】Roberto "Astronaut"

Level: 100 Posted: 1/27/13 4:58pm

hello. I like pie. Mmmm pie pie pie. Oh no droped soda on my keyboard. My screen froze and computer exploded.



1stPlaceWinnerALWAYS "Epic Word Skippage"

Level: 31 Posted: 1/27/13 5:05pm

why can't we put spaces in our display names? :(


^^MR^^MinnieMouse1 "Olde School"

Level: 23 Posted: 1/27/13 5:26pm

@【NTM】Roberto is this supposed to be funny or be not good?


≪ℕɎ♍≫☼qwerty91994☼ "Mystery Man"

Level: 65 Posted: 1/27/13 5:31pm

@^^MR^^MinnieMouse1 no, he's just using chat messages to combine them all in a complete sentence

@【NTM】Roberto i just noticed that now there are 8 impostors using ≪ℕɎ♍≫ in their name.


≪ℕɎ♍≫¿¥øšíì? "Mystery Man"

Level: 71 Posted: 1/27/13 6:06pm

@[NTN]gangnam/style Be active fast and social.


zane311 "Raw Racing Recruit"

Level: 14 Posted: 1/27/13 6:07pm

@≪ℕɎ♍≫EVO u got a cool car ima get that


≪ℕɎ♍≫☼qwerty91994☼ "Mystery Man"

Level: 65 Posted: 1/27/13 6:54pm

@klutch11s_smoove you spelled stalker wrong... its stalker, not stocker...


≪ℕɎ♍≫☼qwerty91994☼ "Mystery Man"

Level: 65 Posted: 1/27/13 6:55pm

@【NTM】Roberto what the heck is that guy?

he got a NASA shuttle!


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 171 Posted: 1/27/13 7:34pm

@klutch11s_smoove ok >:D


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 171 Posted: 1/27/13 7:47pm



[NTM]andy5692 "Mystery Man"

Level: 93 Posted: 1/27/13 9:01pm

@vielle austin hasnt been on this weekend thats y


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 171 Posted: 1/27/13 10:04pm

@[NTM]andy5692 >:--( we need weekend admins!


sorry-for-your-loss "I'm Friendly!"

Level: 47 Posted: 1/27/13 11:41pm

Hey I wnat to save up for new cars should I sell the marco for eight hundred thousand and save up or just keep saving and keep the marco?

Ps love the updadtes!


【NTM】Roberto "Astronaut"

Level: 100 Posted: 1/28/13 12:33am

i just typed that to see if i was of moderation.


≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 78 Posted: 1/28/13 1:35am

@[NTM]andrew1167 i got 6 mil... :)


≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 78 Posted: 1/28/13 3:40am

how does have the shuttle? he only has 1,888 races, but has the shuttle, and has earned over 16 million dollars. i have over 2000 races and i still have not earned over 10 mil... fail

I have officially decided on this. Even though Andrew would not approve of this... i am going to sell all my cars besides the covenant if i like the new cars that come out very much.


≪ҊɎ♍≫〠☬☣J҉hn☣☬〠 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 78 Posted: 1/28/13 4:25am

@[NTM] i changed my display name, and now it really looks ugly... :-(


[NTM]andrew1167 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 163 Posted: 1/28/13 5:14am

@≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠 That guy got the Shuttle by what you said you might do: selling. And I'm willing to bet he also got the $3 million holiday bonus for doing 350 races in a session back when it was achievable. And what I say about selling is don't sell a car unless you are going to use the money right away, so if you bought a car immediately then it wouldn't be as bad as what Vielle did, just selling everything before he saw a single new car. So don't sell all your cars if the new car you want is more than $11.5 million! Don't sell them until they would actually get you the car. Or challenge yourself to earn enough money to "earn back" one of the cars, doing that is how I got my Shuttle without selling anything :)

Seems like more and more people are getting carried away with these symbols nowadays, I know how to do them but prefer my name as it is.

I'm also waiting for the new cars, and won't be selling anything to get them as always. Right now my 3800+ nitros mean I have just over $7.4 million dollars! My goal was to get $7 million by the end of the weekend, and that wasn't going to be easy, so I'm very surprised at how well this weekend went. I think Friday to Sunday I did about 360 races!


Heavenlyreality "Mega Winner"

Level: 33 Posted: 1/28/13 7:50am

Wow this game rocks. Hey I was wondering why cant I see my graph numbers on my garage screen. Anyone else feel me it is just a dark blue blob!!!! Thanks , Heavenly Reality!! I love the cars and the friends you can make. Cyber Hugs hahaha.


sethjacoby1 "God Mode"

Level: 32 Posted: 1/28/13 7:52am

I agree nitro type is really fun


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 171 Posted: 1/28/13 8:27am

@[NTM]andrew1167 i will challenge myself to earn the money back and make it a longer nitrotype challenge ;)


ninetailshokage "[SKIPWRD]"

Level: 13 Posted: 1/28/13 8:45am



≪ℕɎ♍≫Adam "People Love Me"

Level: 38 Posted: 1/28/13 9:38am

@The_God_of_Typing Thats your opinion ask Vielle he will see it


≪ℕɎ♍≫Adam "People Love Me"

Level: 38 Posted: 1/28/13 9:44am

I am so pumped, I am in the best clan on NitroType and I earned the 8 bit racer. Hope this isnt to off topic


[NTM]andrew1167 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 163 Posted: 1/28/13 10:12am

@≪ℕɎ♍≫Adam Congrats on the 8-bit Racer, and that paintjob looks completely awesome :)

@≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ You will regret that...the challenge of every car is already nearly impossible for real people, making it harder is not what you want to do. But 1,000 races in a session is also nearly impossible for real people :O

Can't wait for the cars to come out, and I hope that the prices are not too depressing...


≪ℕɎ♍≫Adam "People Love Me"

Level: 39 Posted: 1/28/13 10:35am

@[NTM]andrew1167 Thank You Very Much


[NTM]XxshifttheproxX "Heri za Kwanzaa!"

Level: 83 Posted: 1/28/13 10:41am

@≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ I reported him and kristen emailed me back saying t hat they are looking into his account and they will take care of it as soon as they gather enough info.

I know the new cars are going to be awesome i check everyday as soon as i get on the dealership to see if they are there yet.


TheOriginalBond "First Trimester"

Level: 39 Posted: 1/28/13 10:53am

I am so excited about the Bikes!!! Haven't figured out which car I like best yet. I have a couple of ideas like a joke contest on the way, for the forum. It is so that you can share the best jokes you have heard around the web (Clean Jokes Only!!! Please!) Here is the link.

Like I said, Keep it clean.


[NTM]XxshifttheproxX "Heri za Kwanzaa!"

Level: 83 Posted: 1/28/13 11:51am

Hey you guys want me to give you a sneak preview of the new cars? Its A link.


[3GS]divageek11 "Olde School"

Level: 59 Posted: 1/28/13 11:58am

he y im divageek11
i wanted to know how do u get in ntm
i have a lot of cars and races
i win a lot of races
and i have a lot of money
peice out


TheOriginalBond "First Trimester"

Level: 39 Posted: 1/28/13 12:06pm

This is something I don not understand. What is with the friend or foe thing? How does that word and I have tried adding people to friend, but keep getting a message like username is invalid.


[NTM]XxshifttheproxX "Heri za Kwanzaa!"

Level: 83 Posted: 1/28/13 12:11pm

Those are some of the new cars that might come out they are awesome.

@[3GS]divageek11 You need to be more active and you need to increase you speed.

@TheOriginalBond You have to get the exact letters in the name right or it will say invalid username so what i usually do is enter the first four letters of their name and then press enter and then look for there name. If there is to many people with the beginning four letters that your friend has, enter the next few characters.

I hope this helped you both.


avengersforever "The Practicer"

Level: 10 Posted: 1/28/13 12:49pm

I love racing against friend but since their are more ways then one its even more fun.


[FTW]TheCorndog "Mystery Man"

Level: 23 Posted: 1/28/13 1:19pm

@≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠 Your imitator has been banned for blog trolling.

And the lulz player has been banned... Sadly, I believe it was an actual fast nitro type player who's account was hacked. Keep strong passwords people!


≪ℕɎ♍≫Adam "Race Car Driver"

Level: 40 Posted: 1/28/13 1:30pm

@≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠. Not to be rude but your a fanboy


[FTW]TheCorndog "Mystery Man"

Level: 23 Posted: 1/28/13 1:35pm

@≪ℕɎ♍≫Adam ≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠. was a fake account that was trolling the blog. The dot on the end was what the player did to not be exactly the same as the real @≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠 account. As mentioned in the post above, that account has now been banned.


[NTM]Africon★☯☠〠☬☣☼ "Mystery Man"

Level: 29 Posted: 1/28/13 2:10pm

@≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ hey i changed my name for the clan but i looked at the requirements and i dont qualify. :( do i need to change my name?? or can i stay?? plz reply


≪ℕɎ♍≫Adam "Race Car Driver"

Level: 40 Posted: 1/28/13 2:11pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog I know lol a fanboy is an imposter


[NTM]Lakers-Forever "Olde School"

Level: 36 Posted: 1/28/13 2:16pm

@≪ҊɎ♍≫〠☬☣J҉hn☣☬〠 I saw you race could you please add me


【NTM】Roberto "Astronaut"

Level: 100 Posted: 1/28/13 2:45pm

@[NTM]Africon★☯☠〠☬☣☼ if you dont qualify you cant stay therefore take [NTM] of you name after the 8 hour period has passesd


≪ℕɎ♍≫Adam "Race Car Driver"

Level: 40 Posted: 1/28/13 3:03pm

I left NTM, Im kind of sad sorry but I have always been a leader not a follower


mrs_ninja "Big Spender"

Level: 13 Posted: 1/28/13 3:21pm

you have a tiny car


massdcreep "God Mode"

Level: 9 Posted: 1/28/13 3:33pm

I didn't even know there were clans in NitroType. I just thought this was a learning game...


ʢ₪Ɏ♍ʡ〠☬☣John☣☬〠 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 78 Posted: 1/28/13 4:04pm

@[NTM] I changed my display name, tell me whthat you think about, because if you don't like it i will changed it back to the original .


JESUS-IS-LORD "Olde School"

Level: 54 Posted: 1/28/13 4:05pm

It may sound silly, but I do not see an option to sign up for the forum. Where do we go to sign up?


≪ℕɎ♍≫pjcrowley½• "First Trimester"

Level: 119 Posted: 1/28/13 4:24pm

FInally, I am aloud back on nitrotype. I hope the cars come out soon. Thanks.


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 171 Posted: 1/28/13 5:06pm

@≪ℕɎ♍≫Adam Then Please take the NTM out of your name ;) thanks!


[NTM]Lakers-Forever "Olde School"

Level: 37 Posted: 1/28/13 7:14pm

@klutch11s_smoove Could I join your clan


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 171 Posted: 1/28/13 7:30pm

@[NTM]Lakers-Forever please take that ntm out of your name as many people are offended that you are impostering ntm
@[NTM]Africon★☯☠〠☬☣☼ no we need high people like lvl 60 and NO NOT THAT KINDA HIGH!


WHATHEHAY:) "Lucky Number 7"

Level: 29 Posted: 1/28/13 7:35pm

we need something cooler like Awesome levels like level 100,000,000

WHATHEHAY:) { Signature


[Zio]Relay "Race Car Driver"

Level: 40 Posted: 1/28/13 8:08pm

@≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ Sorry I left, but I just wanna make up my own clan. And Thomas was getting on my nerves sorry


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 171 Posted: 1/28/13 8:35pm

@[Zio]Relay what do youy mean on your nerves?


[Zio]Relay "Race Car Driver"

Level: 40 Posted: 1/28/13 8:44pm

@≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ He said he wanted me to die and he threatened me that if I left he would change my password. I just don't want you to get mad at him though, so please dont


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 171 Posted: 1/28/13 8:44pm

@==N==Alec====$ hes removed now


【NTM】NeedsMedicine "Astronaut"

Level: 95 Posted: 1/28/13 8:55pm

What did I miss I took a little break from the game!


【NTM】NeedsMedicine "Astronaut"

Level: 95 Posted: 1/28/13 8:55pm

@≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ And Ya see its always Thomas :D jkjk


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 171 Posted: 1/28/13 9:00pm

@[Zio]Relay now im really mad at thomas!


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 171 Posted: 1/28/13 9:01pm

@[Zio]Relay i am sorry for anything that he offended you with but he was joking but i am really mad for what thomas has done and sorry for the insults he has told you


[NTN]☯叙事詩Jack79叙事詩☯ "I'm Friendly!"

Level: 93 Posted: 1/28/13 9:17pm

@ashtonbme Save the smacktalk for the forums mr. i_ditch_my_clan_and_then_make_fun_of_them. Even if NTM is better you don't need the shove it in our FACES!!!!!


【NTM】Roberto "Astronaut"

Level: 100 Posted: 1/28/13 9:36pm

xD @ashtonbme


[FTW]TheCorndog "Mystery Man"

Level: 23 Posted: 1/28/13 10:24pm

@ashtonbme As this news post specifically states, keep whiney clan talk on the forum. Nobody viewing the Nitro Type news cares that you left a clan.


ʢ₪Ɏ♍ʡ〠☬☣John☣☬〠 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 78 Posted: 1/29/13 12:56am

@[FTW]TheCorndog For some reason, today i have not gotten my daily rewards. I have so far not had a problem with this. If it is possible, please give me my reward. I do not know why haven't gotten it. PLEASE RESPOND.



[NTM]andrew1167 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 164 Posted: 1/29/13 1:16am

Come on guys, just drop the clan talk and save it for the forum. Almost all recent posts have been about clans or the lulz hacker, and this news is showing off the comment voting feature anyway. Lots more comments will get deleted if we keep following this path...

@all_forum_members Check your PM inbox every time you log onto the forum. For those who don't know where it is, it is in the blue bar at the top of the page and will say "X new messages". PMs are private messages that are useful for contacting people about clans and other stuff, so please know they're there!

Just 1,000 more races to the Corsair now! It's hard to believe that I've done 9,000 races since joining, and back when the Corsair was introduced I never saw myself getting it! My 3rd mystery box and maybe even new cars are coming tomorrow!


O-Pan-Gang-Nam-Style "Lucky Number 7"

Level: 40 Posted: 1/29/13 2:45am

I love Nitro type and I love this people.


【NTM】Roberto "Astronaut"

Level: 100 Posted: 1/29/13 3:39am

got 35k from the mystery box.


ʢ₪Ɏ♍ʡ〠☬☣John☣☬〠 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 78 Posted: 1/29/13 5:23am

@【NTM】Roberto i was going to get the zonday at the same time as you, but now it looks like im not. i didn't get my daily reward today for some reason, even though i logged on and off many times...


zombie_slayer8 "Mystery Man"

Level: 74 Posted: 1/29/13 6:47am

its okay it only takes like 20 millions years to get it


[FMS]Africon★☯☠〠☬☣☼ "Mystery Man"

Level: 29 Posted: 1/29/13 7:12am

@[FTW]TheCorndog Hey, may i create a clan??


≪ℕɎ♍≫☼qwerty91994☼ "Mystery Man"

Level: 65 Posted: 1/29/13 7:29am

@[FMS]Africon★☯☠〠☬☣☼ he's not in charge of the clans, so you can freely make one.


dakotabarrett "Used Car Salesman"

Level: 13 Posted: 1/29/13 7:47am

This game is AWESOME!!!


[NTM]Maggot_Merchant "Mystery Man"

Level: 60 Posted: 1/29/13 7:49am

@Everyone If you do not get your daily reward for one day then most likely you left your account logged in through modnight. If that happens then it will show up like you got the previous days reward the next day.

@[FMS]Africon★☯☠〠☬☣☼. Corndog does not control the clans. If you would like to make a clan you just need to add a tag to the beginning of your name or change yours and announce the new clan on the forums..

Edit: The clan section of the Nitrotype Forums is at


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 171 Posted: 1/29/13 7:55am

@[NTM]Africon★☯☠〠☬☣☼ first of all you cant join if your an IMPOSTER! view this topic if you need to know what clan is and how to get into one and only the most elite get into ntm.


TheOriginalBond "First Trimester"

Level: 39 Posted: 1/29/13 8:06am

Hey everyone, I would like you all to participate in this joke contest. I posted something about it yesterday, and It hasn't picked up steam. Do all of us a favor and share your best, clean, and funny jokes. Link below. Thanks for your participation!


ninetailshokage "[SKIPWRD]"

Level: 14 Posted: 1/29/13 8:11am

@madmonstermax22 @[FTW]TheCorndog I dought that


Heavenlyreality "Mega Winner"

Level: 34 Posted: 1/29/13 8:12am

Hey there folks. So who here watches Duck Dynasty? Anyway sorry that was a little off topic. I love this game anyone else feel me. LOVE IT. Like me if you feel me LOL Love Heavenly Reality Hope to see you on the track.


emily0930 "Mega Winner"

Level: 12 Posted: 1/29/13 8:15am

Nitro is amazingg!


britton1 "Used Car Salesman"

Level: 13 Posted: 1/29/13 8:17am

cant wait to use some nitros


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 171 Posted: 1/29/13 8:18am

@Heavenlyreality discuss this stuff in hte forums not here


britton1 "Used Car Salesman"

Level: 13 Posted: 1/29/13 8:18am

@≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠 cool


lisslelay "Big Spender"

Level: 14 Posted: 1/29/13 9:33am

What is in the mystery box????? i havent got one yet :)


TheOriginalBond "First Trimester"

Level: 39 Posted: 1/29/13 10:30am

@ninetailshokage Naruto fan? I love that Manga!


Yannabooluvs "Word Skipper"

Level: 8 Posted: 1/29/13 11:35am

This game is fun!!!!! but my freinds claim i'm cheating wen i used nitro anybody feel the same way? thank you to the creator. it's just like facebook :)


Yannabooluvs "Word Skipper"

Level: 8 Posted: 1/29/13 11:46am

@[FMS]Africon★☯☠〠☬☣☼ can ppl really do that if so how can i?


TheOriginalBond "Epic Word Skippage"

Level: 39 Posted: 1/29/13 12:11pm

@Yannabooluvs I use this site more than Facebook. This is one of the best typing skill building games on the app market. Have you tried out It is made by the same developer as this website, and I like it a lot. It is also on the Google app store.


[Zio]Relay "I Have Friends"

Level: 41 Posted: 1/29/13 1:40pm

Everyone check to forums and read my post and let me know if your intested in joining Zio!!


[FMS]Africon★☯☠〠☬☣☼ "Mystery Man"

Level: 29 Posted: 1/29/13 2:16pm

@Yannabooluvs you can make a clan when-ever you want. but if you would, pls join my new clan. I just created it.


Dr.WhoLoki&Sherlock "Olde School"

Level: 22 Posted: 1/29/13 2:45pm

@lisslelay Well there can be anything in the mystery boxes. From what I've heard, it can be nitros, money, even new cars!


ʢ₪Ɏ♍ʡ〠☬☣John☣☬〠 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 78 Posted: 1/29/13 2:58pm

I don't know why, but my wpm dropped from the high ninetys to the high eighties. i am very upset, and am trying to get my average back up...


ʢ₪Ɏ♍ʡ〠☬☣John☣☬〠 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 79 Posted: 1/29/13 3:24pm

@[FMS]Africon★☯☠〠☬☣☼ Corndog is eventually going to get tired of you talking about clans, and might ban you. i would be careful. take all your clan stuff to the forum. IT ISN'T SMART TALKING ABOUT CLANS HERE. oh and... all your symbols you are using in your name, come form NTM memberes... three of them are from my name -----__________-----


[Zio]Luclin "Practice Makes Perfect"

Level: 35 Posted: 1/29/13 3:24pm

Hey guys, Relay (former NTM member) has created a clan called Zio. If you would like to join, you can go to the clan section in the forum, or pm me and relay. The requiements are 35+ levels and I think an average speed of 45+. Not going to talk anymore. Clan site is


WheredYouGo "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 31 Posted: 1/29/13 4:23pm

This game should have actual music. Just saying.


WheredYouGo "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 31 Posted: 1/29/13 4:26pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog why ban people?


[FMS]Africon★☯☠〠☬☣☼ "Mystery Man"

Level: 29 Posted: 1/29/13 4:30pm

@≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ wow what kind of person do you think i am?????? i am a good lind of person just wandering some stuff.!!


[NTN]»Gee824« "Mystery Man"

Level: 55 Posted: 1/29/13 4:45pm

If you get the 8 bit racer and you sell it how much will it cost?


like-my-hotdog? "Endurance Racer"

Level: 48 Posted: 1/29/13 5:06pm

im sure over 1,000,000 because the achievement before that one gives you 1,000,000


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 171 Posted: 1/29/13 5:06pm

@[FMS]Africon★☯☠〠☬☣☼ we are looking for elite people! not lvl 30s more like levels 80s and all timers.
@[NTN]»Gee824« sells for 600k and costs 1 mil to buy back


georgec "God Mode"

Level: 66 Posted: 1/29/13 5:57pm

When are the new cars coming out


≪ℕɎ♍≫¿¥øšíì? "Mystery Man"

Level: 72 Posted: 1/29/13 6:43pm

I can't wait till the new cars are out... I think I might be the first to buy one. Haha not. -_-
But what ever as long as I get one I'm good.


massdcreep "God Mode"

Level: 9 Posted: 1/29/13 6:43pm

HI GUYS! I'M NEW TO THIS GAME. I'm just wondering... how come you can't chat to friends on here?


Lakers-Forever "Olde School"

Level: 38 Posted: 1/29/13 6:47pm

@[FMS]Africon★☯☠〠☬☣☼ Could I join your clan


giraffelady "Muscle Car Driver"

Level: 11 Posted: 1/29/13 6:58pm

i will join i will be happy to participate and i think you should be able to chat freely with friends like with your keyboard many people would find this a reason to participate so more people will join


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 172 Posted: 1/29/13 7:02pm



≪ℕɎ♍≫¿¥øšíì? "Mystery Man"

Level: 72 Posted: 1/29/13 7:03pm

@massdcreep You can?? You can talk on the news together as long as it is related to the topic. Or you can go to the Nitro Type forums. And talk and make your own convo. As long as it is appropriate.


≪ℕɎ♍≫☼qwerty91994☼ "Mystery Man"

Level: 65 Posted: 1/29/13 8:41pm

@≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ there's a hacker on the scoreboards once again.​tmfwarfare


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 172 Posted: 1/29/13 8:50pm

@≪ℕɎ♍≫☼qwerty91994☼ OMG U KIDDING BAN HIM!!!!!! LOZER!


[NTN]»Gee824« "Mystery Man"

Level: 55 Posted: 1/29/13 9:03pm

@≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ I'm tired of tired of these Hackers that keep getting on the scoreboard. Please do something about this Corndog. They are just lazy fools that wont to get there name out there but really their getting their out of there (if u know what I mean).They just don't want to do the work that's all.


F3UCorsair "Olde School"

Level: 43 Posted: 1/29/13 9:05pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog In the future updates I hope you can finnaly let us customize the cars besides the color of it. THAT WOULD BE FREAKING AMAZING!!!!


[NTN]»Gee824« "Mystery Man"

Level: 55 Posted: 1/29/13 9:11pm

@F3UCorsair ikr we could make the car faster even though it depends on your speed but still I like that idea.


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 172 Posted: 1/29/13 9:33pm



[NTM]XxshifttheproxX "Heri za Kwanzaa!"

Level: 84 Posted: 1/29/13 10:56pm

@[NTN]»Gee824« Sorry both of u he will probably do those ideas but definitely not make ur car faster that would be unfair and how would that work would it just automatically type for u. U can't just make ur car avatar go faster when ur avatar moves on how fast ur typing. Kind if confusing but I think you'll get it.


【NTM】NeedsMedicine "Astronaut"

Level: 96 Posted: 1/30/13 5:46am

12 nitros again :(


[NTN]»Gee824« "Mystery Man"

Level: 55 Posted: 1/30/13 6:48am

@【NTM】NeedsMedicine I got 60,000 dollars. He needs to switch the mystery boxes every 2 weeks.


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 172 Posted: 1/30/13 7:53am

@[NTN]»Gee824« GEE do you think he would do that!!! the rewars are rare! are u trying to make them even more RARE!

60k again.


Heavenlyreality "Mega Winner"

Level: 34 Posted: 1/30/13 8:27am

Hey it's me again no one responded to my question. {Even though it wasn't in question form LOL} How do I see my graph where my wpm is and it has the date also? IF anyone knows or is having the same problem please respond. CYBER HUGS Thanks Heavenly Reality SEE YOU ON THE TRACK. OH yeah and like me to.


Heavenlyreality "Mega Winner"

Level: 34 Posted: 1/30/13 8:39am

@WheredYouGo Hey there you want to know why they are banning people!! Well I have an answer Think about this Nitro type is a privilege in a way... so if you have a privilege like NITRO TYPE you should respect the rules. Anyway glad you ask. KEEP TYPING!!!


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 172 Posted: 1/30/13 8:41am

@Heavenlyreality Then you have an outdated flash player or you either have some browser problems (try switching to another browser) or maybe its something else. be sure to troubleshoot thats what fixes stuff is by trying to fix it!


TheSwagMaster00 "Mystery Man"

Level: 32 Posted: 1/30/13 11:50am

How many likes can this comment get??


TheAnonymousTyper "Olde School"

Level: 43 Posted: 1/30/13 11:52am

Just found another idea, how about for putting in another car it could be a corndog mobile just like the pizza and hotdog ones.


TheOriginalBond "Epic Word Skippage"

Level: 39 Posted: 1/30/13 12:12pm

@TheAnonymousTyper Why do you post twice? It is the same thing both posts. 286 and 287 respectively.


[Zio]TheOriginalBond "Race Car Driver"

Level: 40 Posted: 1/30/13 12:42pm

Hey everyone, You will have till Monday to give us your best joke. I guess I should be more specific. It does't have to be original. Just so long as it is clean, it goes. Link below.

And I am soo glad that I got to level 40!!!


sportsfan1 "Epic Word Skippage"

Level: 29 Posted: 1/30/13 12:55pm

Can't wait for new cars. Especially around level 25. Add some cycles maybe.


sportsfan1 "Epic Word Skippage"

Level: 29 Posted: 1/30/13 1:07pm

How do you get the trifecta? I raced against a guy who had one. I think it looks very sick.


[NTNG]The_Reporter "First Trimester"

Level: 11 Posted: 1/30/13 1:18pm

Hello the reporter here (sorry havent been active my friends BUT my tech class got bus load of new students and the computers are usually taken BUT today i got one!)
so i've heard we can up the comments SWEEET now all the news will be RIGHT THERE IN MY FACE! And easier for me to spot and i heard theres a "news" section of the forums ALRIGHT TIME TO MOVE MY STATION! Though if the news forum isnt literally were NEWS is handled i guess i'll stay here (more on that subject later) so news fans and nitrotype fans alike if you want to reply to my question of the day...or maybe week...or month IDK yet but for now i'll try to make it daily (oh your prize for answering correctly FIRST is a sweeeet shoutout towards you!) i tried to make it a better but theres nothing a guy with no high-rights can do...but its the best i can do! soooo woooo! and to finish off my broadcast -if the news forum is a legit news forum then ill be moving there so remember to visit fans!-
And remember
Sir,Admin Tank is watching >:)
(edited but anyways figured out they meant THIS PLACE WAS THE NEWS XD im just hoping they make a news forum now!)


NTK-SACRAMENTObandit "Pilot"

Level: 45 Posted: 1/30/13 2:58pm

NTK-nirto type kings only level 20 or above can join!!!!! come join the squad!!!!!!!!!


[Zio]Relay™ "Mystery Man"

Level: 42 Posted: 1/30/13 3:10pm

Lets see how many thumbs down I can get


georgec "Mystery Man"

Level: 67 Posted: 1/30/13 3:28pm

@[FTW]TheCorndog When are the new cars coming out


I-love-puppies-:3 "Lord of the Practice"

Level: 60 Posted: 1/30/13 3:50pm

@sportsfan1 If you are still wondering how to get the trifecta, you have to race 1000 times.


wildcat6[NTN] "People Like Me"

Level: 61 Posted: 1/30/13 3:53pm

177 friends. Sorry to the people who think it is really irratating that people do what I just did but I was excited because I had gained like 20-10 friends overnight! Almost my new record


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 172 Posted: 1/30/13 4:14pm

@☯Ɏ☼★Xisco★☼Ɏ☯ this week


Solas23 "Filthy Rich"

Level: 23 Posted: 1/30/13 4:21pm

I think that we shold keep on topic and I like the idea


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 172 Posted: 1/30/13 6:32pm

thanks maggot for revoking it!


Showjumping_Trigger "Millionaire"

Level: 51 Posted: 1/30/13 6:44pm

friend me guys? :) lol


[THO]Billionaire™ "I'm Friendly!"

Level: 36 Posted: 1/30/13 6:59pm

Yeah what if he gets banned just because his name is "i am funkey"?


[THO]Billionaire™ "I'm Friendly!"

Level: 36 Posted: 1/30/13 7:01pm

I bet I can get the most thumbs down :)


[NTM]XxshifttheproxX "Heri za Kwanzaa!"

Level: 84 Posted: 1/30/13 7:04pm

Well i got something pretty cool today. I got 35k, this is pretty cool. I see they have gotten better every time.

1st mystery box= 16,650 exp.
2nd 20 nitros.
3rd 35k.

The get better every time.


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 172 Posted: 1/30/13 7:33pm

on spring break all ntm will dominate with super sessions ill do 1337 in one session.


≪ℕɎ♍≫¿¥øšíì? "Mystery Man"

Level: 73 Posted: 1/30/13 7:47pm

I can't wait for the new cars to come out


≪ℕɎ♍≫¿¥øšíì? "Mystery Man"

Level: 73 Posted: 1/30/13 7:59pm

Ranked #98 on the all time active boards.


[NTM]andrew1167 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 165 Posted: 1/30/13 11:55pm

Did this really just happen? Did I really read that right? I'm sure I did...

I JUST GOT A 160 WPM START!!!!!!!!!

This is so surprising because I rarely even get starts over 130 WPM, and my previous best start of 151 WPM was already unbelievable for me. I get high 120 WPM starts relatively often, but I've only topped 130 WPM five times before which is weird. The list of my best 5 starts looks so weird right now:

1: 160 WPM
2: 151 WPM
3: 144 WPM
4: 140 WPM
5: 131 WPM

Such a huge gap in between #1 and #5 is really weird. Even weirder, the 131 WPM came the race right after the 140 WPM!

So is this a sign that I will smash my record soon? Only time will tell...


The_God_of_Typing "People Love Me"

Level: 66 Posted: 1/31/13 3:45am

slow typer, i am- must improve my accuracy.


O-Pan-Gang-Nam-Style "Lucky Number 7"

Level: 40 Posted: 1/31/13 4:53am

I just love these people there so nice and friendly.I think I can just be friends with these people when I meet them.


[3GS]divageek11 "Olde School"

Level: 59 Posted: 1/31/13 7:40am

yall just need to bequiet about this clan stuff
jus have fun with nitrotype
divageek11 out


TheAnonymousTyper "Olde School"

Level: 43 Posted: 1/31/13 7:53am

@TheOriginalBond I dont know how it did it twice but it should've done it once.


TheAnonymousTyper "Olde School"

Level: 43 Posted: 1/31/13 7:57am

Let's see how many likes I can get.


Heavenlyreality "Mega Winner"

Level: 34 Posted: 1/31/13 7:57am

@≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ How do I get there ? Is it the forums link on the right of my screen?


Heavenlyreality "Mega Winner"

Level: 34 Posted: 1/31/13 8:14am

The link is on the right of your screen it is the link to the official nitro typing website. Super easy just log in like you log in hear. Anyway I LOVE TYPING I also play piano and love acting. anyone else got some other hobbies. Oh yeah Avengers 2 is being filmed in Conyers Covington and some other place I cant think of it but LIKE ME IF YOU LOVE AVENGERS AND TYPING


≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ "Emperor"

Level: 172 Posted: 1/31/13 8:23am

plz people dont ask for likes earn it... asking for likes will just turn this blog into a big spam place.


≪ℕɎ♍≫[][]Thomas◘○☺☻ "People Like Me"

Level: 77 Posted: 1/31/13 10:08am

@≪ℕɎ♍≫☠☯★Vielle★☯☠ vielle u r right at spring break i plan to do a 1000 race session to earn emperor wish me luck but i still have plenty of time to practice!


[Zio]TheOriginalBond "Race Car Driver"

Level: 40 Posted: 1/31/13 10:49am

@Heavenlyreality There is a link in the thing above the comment section.

And everyone, remember to submit your best jokes to my joke contest. I have been plugging this since Monday, and the contest will be closed on February 3rd. It don't have to be an original joke, just as long as it is a clean joke, and not a dirty one. I will try to have weekly contests and also surveys weekly. Link below.

If you are an avid reader, and would like to tell us who your favorit book series or author is, go to this link.

Thank you for participating. Like this if you were born on your birthday. :)


[Zio]TheOriginalBond "Race Car Driver"

Level: 40 Posted: 1/31/13 10:58am

@[FTW]TheCorndog I thought you were going to give us the new cars this week. Are you trying to see how patient we are? :)


J.J. "Lucky Number 7"

Level: 22 Posted: 1/31/13 11:08am

This game is awesome i highly recommend it i think i have like 4 accounts


Yannabooluvs "Word Skipper"

Level: 8 Posted: 1/31/13 11:46am

@sportsfan1 what's tirfeacta?


goldlox1 "The Mad Hatter"

Level: 8 Posted: 1/31/13 11:58am

can you help me with the forum i do eveything i should, but it wont let me in@[FTW]TheCorndog


jl0317 "Sports Car Driver"

Level: 15 Posted: 1/31/13 12:05pm

this game is challenging


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