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Daily Nitro Rewards!

Posted by Austin 3:51pm on 1/10/13 601 Comments

There's a new reason to check back each day... Daily Nitro Rewards!

We are proud to announce our latest feature, Daily Nitro Rewards, a killer way to earn extra money, and you don't even need to race!!! All you have to do is come back each day to earn bigger and bigger rewards. And who knows what you might get with the mystery box! We'll be adding crazy unique cars, unknown titles, and other amazing prizes. Keep in mind, you'll probably just get something normal... but maybe not??

On top of all that, there are a set of new achievements based around how many mystery boxes you've attained. Earning mystery boxes take discipline, so be sure to check back and log into Nitro Type every day!


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[TP]CarriePirc "Olde School"

Level: 207 Posted: 1/22/13 1:41am

@[NTM]andrew1167 If you don't get one day you will find that you will get two the next. The first time I collected I got two at once.


The_God_of_Typing "God Mode"

Level: 61 Posted: 1/22/13 2:29am

@wildcat6[NTN] got more than you :)
EDIT: Yes! I just hit 1300 races. I will soon get my mystery box ( second one) too


【NTM】Roberto "Astronaut"

Level: 99 Posted: 1/22/13 4:56am

@[NTM]andrew1167 same thing is happening to me. i havent gotten mines in the past two days, today im getting my 2nd mystery box so im going to wait untill i get on the computer to claim.


krowt "Under Achiever"

Level: 19 Posted: 1/22/13 8:03am

I want to try the mystery box but the schools computer won't let me.


Frentzen "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 109 Posted: 1/22/13 8:10am

@[FTW]TheCorndog I started to take touch-typing seriously like 2 months ago, with around of 25 in my first "" tests, and here I entered with an average near to 35, that now is almost 70wpm :)


[NTM]XxshifttheproxX "Heri za Kwanzaa!"

Level: 83 Posted: 1/22/13 8:22am

Umm I haven't gotton my daily reward and its already 7:30 >:(


kimberly1010 "Muscle Car Driver"

Level: 15 Posted: 1/22/13 11:25am

you did huh well i got mine today hahaha from kimberly @[NTM]XxshifttheproxX @alec1792


arabic "Olde School"

Level: 18 Posted: 1/22/13 11:57am

Awesome!!!Sweet!!!I love my daily rewards!!



Level: 37 Posted: 1/22/13 12:20pm

I love this thing it gives you free thing like nitros free money and others



Level: 37 Posted: 1/22/13 12:24pm

I love playing nitro type because is the best one of all it increased my typing skills now i'm faster than my sister and she is 10 years older than me



[NTM]¿¥øšíì? "Mystery Man"

Level: 70 Posted: 1/22/13 12:49pm

@[NTM]andrew1167 I will and don't worry I know :D


_annabanana_ "Race Car Driver"

Level: 41 Posted: 1/22/13 1:34pm

i love the way you can get XP points!


_annabanana_ "Race Car Driver"

Level: 41 Posted: 1/22/13 1:49pm



jovanialvarez "Sports Car Driver"

Level: 16 Posted: 1/22/13 2:33pm

@[NTM]XxshifttheproxX @_annabanana you are awsome.


DEA-W(Eagles#23) "Endurance Racer"

Level: 48 Posted: 1/22/13 2:51pm

@LETMESEEYOURTEST its true, just started tyoing this year, went from low 20 WPM to low 50 in 4 months


≪ℕɎ♍≫〠 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 77 Posted: 1/22/13 4:08pm

today i got my 2nd mystery box... 12 nitros


timetalk "I Love Nitros"

Level: 24 Posted: 1/22/13 4:43pm

@[NTM]XxshifttheproxX I like your car! Can you invite me to race you?


[NTM]¿¥øšíì? "Mystery Man"

Level: 70 Posted: 1/22/13 4:57pm

Almost 2,000 races done! :D Just need 300 more! Wohh!
I need 7 more to get to 1,700 lol :3


Frentzen "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 109 Posted: 1/22/13 5:30pm

@b_N_d_DogsforWar I see spaces too but I think it's because of the O.S. (Win vs Mac and things like that)


Linux "Practice Makes Perfect"

Level: 35 Posted: 1/22/13 5:32pm

For some of you who are confused, I am Elisse, I just changed my name.


[NTM]andy5692 "Mystery Man"

Level: 92 Posted: 1/22/13 6:34pm

@Linux Thats a nice paintjob there ^_^


[NTN]☯真棒Jack79真棒☯ "I'm Friendly!"

Level: 92 Posted: 1/22/13 7:15pm

For those who are interested here are the people with the most current money right now.

1. mr. strickland: $14,513,515
2. coldbones: $13,416,390
3. slimjim797: $11,627,380
4. Frentzen: $10,596,645
5. Deer-Rifle: $10,436,710
6. ME!


[NTM]andrew1167 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 159 Posted: 1/22/13 7:26pm

@[NTN]☯真棒Jack79真棒☯ Well I'm pretty impressed that you were able to find that many people with so much, although ironically you missed whom I mentioned earlier. I do remember coldbones though, that guy has been slowly slowly increasing and might eventually get the shuttle. Is that what you're going for also? Good luck if you do! One hint: get the Covenant, it's not worth too much but 300 races really help your stats! Or if you do Keyboard Cat you can do 400 races...


[NTN]☯真棒Jack79真棒☯ "I'm Friendly!"

Level: 92 Posted: 1/22/13 8:51pm

@[NTM]andrew1167 I forgot about him!

@[FTW]TheCorndog Why does ChronicDeath have the tank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????


[NTN]☯真棒Jack79真棒☯ "I'm Friendly!"

Level: 92 Posted: 1/22/13 10:09pm

@goldlox Don't talk about the "c-word" on the blog. Talk about it on the forums.

@[NTM]andrew1167 No way I can do 300 races in a session. I don't have the free time. I am going for the the record for most current money. I will probably buy the shuttle if I can get 20 million dollars. It is going to be a long time till I get 20 million dollars though! After that I'll sell the shuttle to make some more money!


[NTM]andrew1167 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 159 Posted: 1/23/13 12:47am

@[NTN]☯真棒Jack79真棒☯ He (ChronicDeath) won a Facebook drawing, set up by [FTW], where the one winner would receive the car of their choice. I'm very happy that the winner was not some random guy with a couple hundred races, the fact that he still has decent stats makes it less unfair. As for getting to $20 million, good luck! But seriously, selling the Shuttle is NOT how to make money. Buying then selling it will result in a $6 million loss, just ask F4U-Corsair who is currently the only person to ever have sold a Shuttle. And also the Covenant may seem impossible, but as your stats keep improving you will find that you really need the bigger session achievements. I know finding time is hard, but you can get the Covenant on a weekend if you just focus on NitroType. If you don't take too many breaks, you should be able to do it in 8 hours.

@[FTW]TheCorndog Okay my mystery box for today appeared, so the problem might be fixed. I'll see whether it appears tomorrow. And for those wondering, 20 nitros :/ I feel like there's going to be something big at mystery box #5 or something...


≪ℕɎ♍≫〠 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 77 Posted: 1/23/13 1:13am

@[NTM]andrew1167 You're lucky... I only got 16 nitrous. Last time i got 60k.


[Tux]DebianWheezyGo "Pilot"

Level: 87 Posted: 1/23/13 1:33am

The estimate number of racing per hour is around 40 to 45 based on my experiences. Seven to eight hours of racing would achieve 300 races for sure provided good internet connection for the whole session.

A fast typist whose average speed is over 100 wpm probably can do 50 to 55 races per hour. Upper 30s gives 90+ wpm.

What is maximum idle before session expiration? I'm uncertain. Five minutes of break is definitely safe.


Frentzen "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 109 Posted: 1/23/13 3:24am

@[Tux]DebianWheezyGo It's not as simple as that, corndog said once that the races where programmed to be around 45sec for everyone, if you are a little bit slower than calculated you end with more than that being a normal thing about 46-51, then you have to add the waiting for the new race, in the best cases (rare) 10s, in the worst (most usual) 30s. That rounded with some distractions makes it little less than 1:30 minutes per race.

Although the waiting to fill the race is needed I would prefer to wait less even if I had to race more bots, probably I would engage in more races in a row. But then is other people sick of bots, that are the opposite, sigh*...


Linux "Practice Makes Perfect"

Level: 35 Posted: 1/23/13 4:05am

I'm just really tired of nitros.. *sigh


The_God_of_Typing "God Mode"

Level: 61 Posted: 1/23/13 4:34am

just got my second mystery box- got the same as ntm andrew's reward: 12 nitros. :( i wanted cash


【NTM】NeedsMedicine "Astronaut"

Level: 95 Posted: 1/23/13 5:55am

Is everybody getting 12 nitros for their second mystery box?


≪ℕɎ♍≫☼qwerty91994☼ "Mystery Man"

Level: 64 Posted: 1/23/13 7:06am

@【NTM】NeedsMedicine no, i got 20 nitros :( that's even worse.


ps3_master "I Have Friends"

Level: 31 Posted: 1/23/13 7:19am

I only got $35,000 dollars on my last my mystery box.


josiahking "Mega Winner"

Level: 27 Posted: 1/23/13 7:49am

I LOVEE THE REWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;0


[NTM]XxshifttheproxX "Heri za Kwanzaa!"

Level: 83 Posted: 1/23/13 8:27am

@【NTM】NeedsMedicine Not me i got "20 nitros" lol I wonder if thats what corn dog meant when he said they would probably be something normal like 12 intros or maybe something bigger like 20 intros idk lol. No one is getting good stuff so far unless these are the only prizes which i don't think so if you read the blog over again. Hmmmm


JohnnyT "Unstoppable"

Level: 17 Posted: 1/23/13 9:23am

these things are awesome


lorenna13 "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 17 Posted: 1/23/13 9:30am

This is a GREAT idea !!!!


Mincraft127 "Holiday Winner"

Level: 24 Posted: 1/23/13 9:30am

I think this was a great idea because i can get money faster! :)


damagingstarman "In the Spirit"

Level: 36 Posted: 1/23/13 9:35am



[NTN]RadiantClown "I'm Friendly!"

Level: 58 Posted: 1/23/13 9:51am

@[NTN]☯真棒Jack79真棒☯ I know this isn't relevant but I cahnged my name from AngryTeddyBear to RadiantClown, just to let you know just in case it may seem like a random person not in the clan


StaijaHuggins "I Love Nitros"

Level: 29 Posted: 1/23/13 10:21am

I'm so glad that now we can finally race our friends and get prizes for it!!!!!! :P


TheOriginalBond "First Trimester"

Level: 39 Posted: 1/23/13 10:29am

@LETMESEEYOURTEST You are demanding that we leave a comment? Isn't that rude? JK


[NTM]¿¥øšíì? "Mystery Man"

Level: 70 Posted: 1/23/13 10:30am

Blah. I don't feel good so I might not be on today. I have school off and I don't feel good. Big whoop. Sorry. Bye


_annabanana_ "Race Car Driver"

Level: 42 Posted: 1/23/13 10:39am

i think you should put more typing content because it is unfair to people who just sign on. that is because like in my case, i have a lot of the typing content memorized so it is easier for me to type them than some one who just sign on.


milkdud3 "Word Skipper"

Level: 9 Posted: 1/23/13 10:59am

@~:)stepitup~:) Interesting......


godeatgod5 "Unstoppable"

Level: 12 Posted: 1/23/13 11:20am

did anyone get any good stuff yet


Lonewolf100 "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 31 Posted: 1/23/13 11:24am

who knows what is on the new minecraft pc update tomorrow


TheOriginalBond "First Trimester"

Level: 39 Posted: 1/23/13 11:46am

@Lonewolf100 Wow, didn't know that there is gonna be another update. I have the offline version. I have the update that just added the endermen.


_annabanana_ "Race Car Driver"

Level: 42 Posted: 1/23/13 12:00pm

@AlUrBaseRBelong2Us what are you talking about?


TheOriginalBond "First Trimester"

Level: 39 Posted: 1/23/13 12:05pm

What happened to the reporter? Did he run away to find more scoops?


Lonewolf100 "Exotic Car Driver"

Level: 31 Posted: 1/23/13 12:13pm

@TheOriginalBond no he ran away because of me


≪ℕɎ♍≫pjcrowley½• "First Trimester"

Level: 119 Posted: 1/23/13 12:15pm

All of NTM, somebody, I think, is hacking the NTM members' accounts. You must be carefull. Corndog, if you are reading this, you have to try and figure out what is wrong please!


r5-lover-go-rydel "Crazy About Typing"

Level: 16 Posted: 1/23/13 12:27pm

I wonder waht is in the mystery box? Can't wait to find out!


millssk "I Hate Words"

Level: 14 Posted: 1/23/13 12:41pm



MacyC "Word Skipper"

Level: 11 Posted: 1/23/13 12:51pm

wow you guys rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lightningtypist "The ATM Machine"

Level: 12 Posted: 1/23/13 1:26pm

I love nitrotype! One of my favorite websites. AWESOME!


lovergirl999 "The Practicer"

Level: 9 Posted: 1/23/13 1:38pm

i love some of the cars


beargrylls "[SKIPWRD]"

Level: 17 Posted: 1/23/13 1:42pm

This Going To be AWESOME!


_annabanana_ "Race Car Driver"

Level: 42 Posted: 1/23/13 1:59pm

sorry AlUrBaseRBelong2Us i hit reply on the wrong comment.


[TP]CarrieAnnePirc "Pilot"

Level: 45 Posted: 1/23/13 3:02pm

@[NTM]andrew1167 Congrats on getting past RacerX. And Corndog changed things so that if you get back on in less than half an hour your session would still be going.


MrGuy "Joyous Festivus!"

Level: 48 Posted: 1/23/13 3:08pm

Wow it feel so good to be back to NT i felt a little rusty over the holidays and i love the new updates its nice to come back after a break and have all this cool stuff done thanks so much for your work!


DEA-W(Eagles#23) "Endurance Racer"

Level: 48 Posted: 1/23/13 3:35pm

Just got back from the 2013 auto show baby!!!!!!!!!!!


DEA-W(Eagles#23) "Endurance Racer"

Level: 48 Posted: 1/23/13 3:35pm

can there please be a car for having 50+ friends or 80+ achievements


Linux "Practice Makes Perfect"

Level: 35 Posted: 1/23/13 3:35pm

I have improved my typing wpm from 35 (highest) to 62 ( highest so far) I doubled my speed in the last 2-3 months. Probably not very impressive to viselike and the other people, but I'm expanding my wpm at an excessive rate. Just think about it...3 more months and I might go 90-100 wpm! Also, I'm haunt trouble with my box. Either it's not appearing or I didn't receive my reward.


[NTM]andy5692 "Mystery Man"

Level: 92 Posted: 1/23/13 5:22pm

hmm my post didnt show up??? well ill just type it again.. ... I HAVE REGAINED MY RIGHTFUL POSITION AS MOST FAMOUS PERSON ON NITROTYPE!!! I HAVE PASSED VIELLE IN PROFILE VIEWS AND HAVE TAKEN MY RIGHTFUL SPOT BACK! WOOOHOOOO!!! Thank you to all my fans for making this possible :D


【NTM】Roberto "Astronaut"

Level: 99 Posted: 1/23/13 5:24pm

i looked at my racing logs and i started my first race with 35 wpm and after exactly a month later i was typing mid 50' im typing high 70's mid 80's here and there


L3GiTxSPRAYz "Sports Car Driver"

Level: 15 Posted: 1/23/13 6:40pm

hey people this is my first time commenting. for the high lvls (what i count as high lvls is 50+) how long does it take you to get lvled up in one day. (estimate and say what your lvl is)


inzanedriver77 "Mystery Man"

Level: 33 Posted: 1/23/13 7:20pm

How do you get an [NTM] in your name?

I have like 80 friends already thanks all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

race me! im really bad


inzanedriver77 "Mystery Man"

Level: 33 Posted: 1/23/13 7:28pm

OMG i found a hacker

his username is CRACKEN his name kept popping up as my username for like a really long time!!!!!! HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also i really like this system of the mystery boxes i got to a new level with it!!!!!

im different yeah im different

i got 80 flippin friends WOOHOO


≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 77 Posted: 1/24/13 12:15am

my future car:

███۞███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃


[Tux]DebianWheezyGo "Pilot"

Level: 87 Posted: 1/24/13 2:39am

@[NTM]andrew1167 You have impressive record.

My personal goal is to reach average 100 wpm. I try not to be driven by the desire though. I limit typing practice one hour per day. I use another site to improve accuracy too. What I learned is when the mind start wondering, speed improve is stopped.

@L3GiTxSPRAYz Take endurance races few times. One hundred races per session, then two hundreds, etc. You will level up fast within few weeks.


≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 77 Posted: 1/24/13 3:25am

tell me if you like this!!!

░█▄▄ █░█░▀▄░█▄▄░░░░ █░░█░█░█░▄▄▀░


≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 77 Posted: 1/24/13 4:02am

AVERAGE OF 100WPM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO ME!!


≪ℕɎ♍≫☼qwerty91994☼ "Mystery Man"

Level: 64 Posted: 1/24/13 7:29am

@≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠 you're catching up to me! ACCK!


topgear1 "The ATM Machine"

Level: 14 Posted: 1/24/13 7:59am

I love this new feature, it is so exciting to come onto Nitro Type and then get something free! It makes it hard not to come back each day and practice!


GuddaGuddaD "In the Spirit"

Level: 24 Posted: 1/24/13 8:32am

@_annabanana_ well its still no call of duty lol


vasquezclaudia "Sports Coupe Driver"

Level: 8 Posted: 1/24/13 8:34am

@LETMESEEYOURTEST me too! jk juut a little bit


Female "Under Achiever"

Level: 23 Posted: 1/24/13 8:43am

woo nitrotype :)


_annabanana_ "Race Car Driver"

Level: 42 Posted: 1/24/13 10:36am

@≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠 what is that supposed to be?


TheOriginalBond "First Trimester"

Level: 39 Posted: 1/24/13 10:43am

@Lonewolf100 Typical. I kinda liked not having to scroll through everything. But it is for the better.

@goldlox What do you mean by help with the forum? Are you talking about Nitro Type Forums the website or something else? This is a link to the site.

If you are talking about something else, I have no clue.

All Forum readers, I put an article in the Off Topic section that I would really appreciate if I had your input. It is a kinda lengthy read, but please help out, because I really need advice from people who are not in the situation. That is all I am going to say about that. The link is


josiah13 "Super Luxury Driver"

Level: 25 Posted: 1/24/13 10:54am

i didnt get it today


TheOriginalBond "First Trimester"

Level: 39 Posted: 1/24/13 10:56am

@≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠 What kind of sorcery is that? Are you Dumbledore or Gandalf? Seriously, that must take time to make, or just someone else did it and that is a result of copy and paste. Either way, That is cool. I like the tank also.


gagster "Mystery Man"

Level: 45 Posted: 1/24/13 11:24am



TheOriginalBond "First Trimester"

Level: 39 Posted: 1/24/13 11:43am

@goldlox Hmm, Don't know how to help you.


TheOriginalBond "First Trimester"

Level: 39 Posted: 1/24/13 11:50am

@goldlox Sorry about trying to race with you, right now this site is acting weird. I think it might be a connection problem. But I will try to race with you later. :)


TheOriginalBond "First Trimester"

Level: 39 Posted: 1/24/13 12:14pm

@goldlox Not trying to be rude, But that kinda sounds awkward. And if you have something to say about the article, comment on that website and not on this one. We don't want people yelling at us for clogging up the blog. :)


[NTM]Maggot_Merchant "Mystery Man"

Level: 60 Posted: 1/24/13 12:25pm

@goldlox You are going to get banned if you keep on saying stuff like that.


ThatRandomBox "Millionaire"

Level: 57 Posted: 1/24/13 12:37pm

1000th comment


boxheadbountyhunter "Unstoppable"

Level: 26 Posted: 1/24/13 1:36pm

Want are in the Mystery Box Pleze tell me? @The_God_of_Typing


WIfey__Taylor1 "First Trimester"

Level: 22 Posted: 1/24/13 1:36pm

I think this is a great way for people to strive for something. I mean come on now if you reward them for there hard work thats job well done. Me personal I think that, these people are perfect hardworkers......etc:)!........Have a greay day :)!LOVE THA MINDLESS CHICK


WIfey__Taylor1 "The Practicer"

Level: 22 Posted: 1/24/13 1:51pm

yalll really do need to watch what you say i mean like they are jsut giveing their opinions you don't have to ummmm geet ugly with them back thats just rude aned you wouldn't want it done to you so i am just saying please be nice to others as you want to be nice to you.


Billionaire "Epic Word Skippage"

Level: 23 Posted: 1/24/13 2:07pm

I love this it really brings back the old rich feeling :)


[NTM]Maggot_Merchant "Mystery Man"

Level: 60 Posted: 1/24/13 2:10pm

1000th comment


≪ℕɎ♍≫EVO "Filthy Rich"

Level: 33 Posted: 1/24/13 2:25pm

I finally made the 24 hour leaderboard!!! YES!!


South-Side-Head "Lucky Number 7"

Level: 43 Posted: 1/24/13 2:40pm

I Got A Motorcycle out of my 4th mystery box


hyper_typer "First Trimester"

Level: 9 Posted: 1/24/13 3:34pm

@≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠 :0
That is awsome. Did you make the picture?


seafishe "Muscle Car Driver"

Level: 10 Posted: 1/24/13 3:56pm

@[NTM]andrew1 i'm not very good at typing what about you guys are you good at it?


≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 77 Posted: 1/24/13 4:11pm

@[NTM]Maggot_Merchant DUDE!! you are way off that was comment 993


≪ℕɎ♍≫〠☬☣John☣☬〠 "Keyboard Cat"

Level: 77 Posted: 1/24/13 4:21pm

@[NTM]maggot_merchant sorry about that, it was actually comment 997. When i posted my post above, it said that your comment was number 993. There must have been people posting while i was posting.

@hyper_typer Yeah, there is something similar to that online, but i actually made that. i took me 8 hours to actually perfect it.


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